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Clap Your Hands If You Believe by Elle2

Ben Edlund microwaves Tinkerbell, this on top of last week’s outing which will cause many to think twice when Fido curls up as his master is disrobing…sheesh, peeping pups abound; truly nothing is sacred in Supernatural.
Clap Your Hands If You Believe is vintage Ben Edlund with a touch of Sera Gamble thrown in (as in in the past Sera was the writer most likely to have naked Sam, this season it’s all Ben).  I really liked Sam here and all the references to Pinocchio…I’m a real boy!  While this isn’t the brotherly dynamic we’re used to, this one was a lot of fun to watch unfold and while much of it bodes well for the future there is that final look from Sam at the end that says not so fast.
Soulless Sam – or Pinocchio Winchester:
I know soulless Sam is not popular with many but I am enjoying him, mostly because I’m aware that at some point his soul will be returned (I’m eternally hopeful) and do believe that it will be sooner rather than later.  I base my hope/prediction on some interview tidbits and what I know from press releases regarding what is yet to come.  It seems that of all the multiple threads opened up this season the thread with Sam’s soul attached to it is front and center right now which is definitely a good thing.
The best reason to return Sam’s soul sooner rather than later is not because the brotherly dynamic is the heart and soul of the show (and it is) but more because the writers have been a bit fast and loose with how Sam is written without his soul.  I can’t blame the writers and producers for having fun with their new toy (ie. soulless Sam)   However, we fans are pretty tough and have an eye for continuity, something that isn’t exactly there when it comes to Sam without a soul; case in point:  In Family Matters Sam reacted instantly to the danger presented to Dean.  When Dean went to disarm Samuel and Christian tried to intervene, Sam immediately slammed Christian up against the wall protecting Dean.  
Soul or not Sam logically knows that protecting Dean is the right thing to do.  In this episode we get Sam all but laughing at Dean while he is being chased by ‘aliens’, orders another beer and shows no urgency in his actions to react to Dean’s panicked call nor the abrupt termination of the call; rather he calmly turns off his phone and finishes his new beer and then tracks down Dean’s cell phone and begins his investigation.  Feelings or not, action is still necessary.  Granted Sam was not panicked at Dean’s vampire encounter (as his heartbeat could attest) but he still took action in getting Dean back to their motel room and calling Samuel which we never saw happen but know that it did, in fact, happen.  
From a purely escapist point of view this new Sam is a lot of fun.  We’ve never seen Sam as sarcastic, snarky, lustful, self-absorbed with his primal needs and the writers have never written Sam this way.  It makes sense that many want a crack at writing for this Sam.  Usually it’s Dean who gets all the snarky, zippy one-liners but this season it’s been mostly Sam having those moments and six seasons in I can’t blame Sera for wanting a chance at writing him that way or Ben after five season or Dabb and Loflin after three seasons and even the new writers are getting a shot at it.  (To me though the line of the night belongs to Dean (and it’s mostly the delivery that makes it) “They were grabby, incandescent douche bags, good night”.)
So while Sam teasing Dean and ordering another beer and then having sex with a random chick is all ‘fun’ in an purely escapist entertainment way (or if you choose to look at the episode from the writers’ point of view of ‘hey, we have a new toy let’s show you what it can do’) from a continuity of character standpoint it has issues and falls apart faster than a house of cards in a wind tunnel.
Dean, Jiminy Cricket, bada** fairy killer…wuss:
For the first time in his writing history with Supernatural I feel that Ben Edlund wrote Dean out of character…at least at one notable place…and while I think I understand the whys and hows of it I have to say I’m a bit disappointed.  I expect that from Dabb and Loflin, not from Edlund.
Dean is Dean in the opening scenes of the episode; he’s in investigative mode, as well as playing Jiminy to Sam’s Pinocchio which is fun and fine.  His abduction and then surprising return and exasperated disbelief at finding Sam in bed with a girl is very Dean, even the ‘heart to head’ talk he has with Sam about his abduction is all very Dean.  Then follows the bada** part as he nukes Tinkerbell.  I love vintage Dean, so thrilled with himself at having lured her into his ‘trap’ and then his glee as he turns on the microwave, grabs it to keep it on the shelf and then is triumphant as she splats…followed by the delightful ‘ding’ as the scene has gone to black. (Thank you, sound department, for that call back to It’s a Terrible Life.)
In fact, all of Dean in this episode works for me except for the scene where he is being followed by the man only he can see.  Sure Dean has been abducted but he fought his way back and was quite proud of himself for that.  Also, he killed off little Tink as well as worked with Sam to figure out what they’re up against and potentially how to kill the little critters.  The first time he sees the man who gives him the stink eye he’s not overly alarmed, clearly exasperated with Sam but that has little to do with the current case.  After discovering the elves in the watch shop (and apparently the sun set very, very, very quickly that day) he gave Sam the information and all is well until he sees the man again and then almost immediately slips into panicky, incapable Dean that we haven’t seen since Yellow Fever.
Since there is no ghost sickness or anything else causing Dean to act out of character I put it down to a choice of the writer or director and perhaps even the actor to have Dean be somewhat panicked.  I don’t understand the whys of that. While the whole line of “Fight the fairies” is funny unfortunately it all played for laughs and didn’t really fit, at least not the character.  Dean has been known to concoct a lie to cover a situation many a time so why did he go with “I was just kidding” after he tackled the DA?  Further, the man following Dean was full-sized and he tackled a midget, surely in his split second of launching himself he could have seen the difference and not made the move at all, especially since the split second before Dean attacks he actually looks down to get a ‘visual’ on his pursuer.  
I get that the episode was trying to have fun by bringing in all aspects of leprechauns and fairies and what have you (and apparently some in the homosexual community are quite offended by the whole Fight the Fairies but they’re incorrect in their anger for never once is this said as a slight against homosexuals) but they would have done better had it been a midget following Dean and giving him the stink eye or better yet, have it be a regular sized man that he tackled.  I think there was a bit too much fun being had at writing this episode rather than giving it a careful look at how it would play in the end. 
Set up, execution and final thoughts:
For all of my critiques above I did enjoy this episode quite a bit.  First off, there were plenty of moments of fun to be had as well as the brothers trying to figure out their dynamic.  Sam’s independence remains strong and that is one of the things I’ve always liked about the character.  While Sam is willing to listen to Dean’s admonishments he also maintains that his brain is fully intact and that he was able to handle himself for a whole year before Dean joined up with him again.  
I enjoy the tension of give and take between the brothers as Dean takes the role of Sam’s conscience yet at the same time they split up the roles of investigating the case.  I enjoy Sam asking questions and trying to integrate the information into his actions, notably by his response to the girl at the UFO ‘camp’ as he states that he’s fine with his brother being abducted and then quickly covers with “I mean, I’ve had time to adjust.” Of course that unravels as she asks him if it happened when they were children and he reveals it was only a half hour ago.  Sam may not feel but he is trying to adapt his behavior and it is fun watching him work the process.
The episode moved briskly along with plenty of exposition and nothing to drag down the pace.  The opening used all the usual scare tactics without being tired, the camera angle through the corn back to the characters, her calling for Patrick and then following him in.  It reminded me of Asylum when Dean told the young girl to stay out of places that are haunted, this time it’s a cornfield.  (Hey, if you think something is in the cornfield, don’t go in!)
As a former X-Files fan I loved the opening title sequence, excellent.
John Showalter did a great job with the opening shot that slowly revealed the various circles and was a throwback to Kim Manners’ sweeping shot that opened Lazarus Rising.  I swear the music playing behind it was the same score.  Beautiful.
The use of a montage of interviews to lay the groundwork for the episode as well as introduce us to the cast of characters was excellent and gave us lots of information all done with interesting characters which kept the pace brisk.
Dean and Sam’s motel room was Number 9, the number of this episode.  Fun.  Also, the set design in that room was excellent and John Showalter showed off every inch of it.  From the two brothers sitting in front of the forest mural to the scene on the bed so that the corn-eared room divider got its moment to the placement of the microwave was great.  I love this room and that scene in front of the mural calls back to A Very Supernatural Christmas.
Unlike last week’s episode where I felt the skinwalker was revealed too early this one kept us guessing all the way up to Robert Picardo’s reveal as the leprechaun.  I applaud that, for while we knew there were fairies afoot we didn’t know who the master manipulator was, so it was that much more fun to enjoy.  Also, Picardo was great in his role as UFO investigator/devotee and then his nasty self as the leprechaun who could kick Sam’s butt around only to be felled (disgustedly as well, brilliant choice) by a spilled shotgun round of salt.  He made the most of that last moment and I enjoyed his resigned and disgusted tossing of his shillelagh to his calling Sam an a** as Sam invokes the spell to send him away.
I give high marks to the editors who put together that fight scene at the end.  It really is well done and I know I’ll be watching that again to get all the excellent cuts.
I’m sure I’ll be in the minority on this point but I’m glad Sam did not drink a beer with Dean at the end and here’s why:  We (the fans) have always seen the moments between the two brothers leaning against the Impala as special bonding, brotherly moments.  From Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things to Fresh Blood to Heaven and Hell to Swan Song these have been moments where the two brothers are connected emotionally, either confessing or supporting or letting go, these are special moments.  To have soulless Sam drinking a beer leaning on the hood of the Impala would be wrong for me as a fan, as well as wrong for the character.  
Granted they have drunk coffee, sodas and now tea (hah!) together, Sam has poured Dean two hefty shots of whiskey, Dean has drunk a beer in front of Sam (The Third Man) and Sam has drunk plenty of beers (Clap Your Hands) and they even sat at a bar and had beers in front of them in Live Free or Twi-Hard (although I’m not sure Sam actually drank his but they definitely weren’t on the same page.  Dean even verbalized the question…when’s the last time we had a beer together?  I think it was Swan Song, Dean.) but the brothers are not connected, not emotionally, so to have them drinking beers leaning against the Impala would have diminished what has become an iconic moment of brotherly bonding (at least for me).  It was brilliant to have Sam refuse the beer.  
In the end, I enjoyed this episode immensely.  It is a fun outing that gives the brothers a chance to try to forge a new dynamic picking up from the final scene of All Dogs Go to Heaven as well as quickly shows us that Sam is not simply a robot in that he can be programmed in a specific direction.  The tension inside of Sam is with what he is now and what he was before.  He knows there is something ‘wrong’ with him and yet he is still confronted with the reality of the present in which he has hunted fearlessly and without any of the struggles (sufferings) of a conscience.  Having realized that Dean is suffering over Lisa must add to Sam’s internal struggle of should he or shouldn’t he fight to get his soul back.  
Looking back at earlier seasons of Sam it isn’t that hard to understand why being soulless might hold some allure for him.  Granted he can’t remember his guilt or emotional burdens other than the presence of them but he surely can replay the conversations in his mind when he wondered about who or what he was (think Nightmares, Simon Said and even Malleus Maleficarum as he pondered that he was fated to be a murderer and then reconciled himself that he had to be tougher, harder, since he would have to carry on once Dean was dead.)  Logical Sam sees things very black and white, there is something very freeing about choosing either right or wrong with nothing in between; no soul searching going on for there is no soul.  I like that the writers have decided to make this something for Sam to be internally in conflict over.
Granted there was no connection to the mytharc thread of finding Sam’s soul (as in no alphas were present or discussed) or being angels to Crowley’s Charlie but rather this explored the new, developing dynamic of the brothers and gave us some much needed levity this season.  Further Sera did promise that this season would have many twists and turns and thus far she’s kept her word, even this gave us a twist at the end as we realize that Sam is having second thoughts.  
There is no new episode this coming week…gasp!  I know.  Still, I’ve read press releases for the next two episodes, and my, oh my there is a lot to come.  Some great returning characters as well as guest actors and it appears that the Sam-soul-search is going to heat up hotter than it already is, makes me very happy.
Final thought…Lucky Charms…hee hee!
Thanks for reading, Elle2


# Bevie 2010-11-21 14:23
Thanks Elle2. I have to admit I enjoyed this one in spite of my dislike for soulless/Sam. Edlund almost always comes through with an excellent episode. This time Sam was more childlike than the mean minded simulacrum portrayed up to now this season. So much funny and the 2 J's are so up for the comedic situations. Bet they had a lot of fun doing this one.

The X-Files used to be my favourite TV show until Supernatural came along, so the homage to my second favourite show was greatly appreciated.

Was delighted they finally got around to doing an episode about the faerie folk as there is so very much lore about them and their many different guises. I would like to see more of the fae in the future. So good to see Robert Picardo again, also. Was really surprised to find out he was the boss leprechaun, so "Well done" Mr. Edlund!

Favourite bits were 'Nipples' and Sam in bed with the hippie chick when Dean staggered in. These guys do comedy so darn well!

Still, I want Sam's soul back as soon as possible as I miss him and hate to see Dean suffer with longing for his baby brother's return. I want that connection back ASAP! ;-)
# nancyL 2010-11-21 16:20
elle, as always I enjoyed reading your review, but I have to say that I DO NOT LIKE SOULLESS SAM!! :-x

I'm also going to say that I did not enjoy this episode. (I have an umbrella up to protect me from the tomatoes coming at me). It wasn't as bad as 'Fallen Idol', 'Bugs', or 'Route 666', but it was bad.

There were some funny moments: I liked the death by microwave scene. But, I actually sat there glancing at the cable box checking the time, to see if it was 10:00 yet (here come more tomatoes).

I do want to agree with you on a few points:

I was shocked when Dean started yelling like a fool when he was being chased in the cornfield. I do not see Dean retreating and carrying on like he did. Also, when he was being stalked, I thought he was pretending to be scared to lure the bad guy to an alley, but Dean really was scared WTF :-?.
Hey writers: DEAN WINCHESTER IS NOT A FRAIDY CAT, HE IS A BADASS. :D :D Did you not see Sniper!Dean last week?

I agree with you about Patrick and his stupid girlfriend. Hasn't anybody read the Stephen King story or seen the terrible movie called 'Children of the Corn' Idiots. :D

Also, agree with you on the subject of the beer at the end. When Sam refused the beer, I yelled 'a@@h@le'. But you are right, Sam and Dean sharing a moment with the Impala and beer is something that Soulless would not appreciate.

I am done (I think I need a new umbrella) leave some tomatoes for pasta, people. :D
# Spacekids 2010-11-21 16:34
I agree with you NancyL i normally love Ben Edlund but this episode aside from a couple of moments was just ok. Its almost like reading a really good book to be let down at the end (I still feel the episodes are ending too abruptly.) I do have faith that things will get better and Jim Beaver (Bobby) has tweeted To have patience and this could be our best season yet. Guess it remains to be seen.
# Rose 2010-11-21 19:04
I really enjoyed this episode but then I desperately needed some levity after last week's depressing show. Jensen and Jared are great at comedy and I loved the whole Pinocchio - Jiminy Cricket bit. And the leprechaun reveal was a great surprise. Love Robert Picardo!

That said, there were two moments that jarred me - the first was when Sam just sat back and drank his beer after Dean's call, when the line went dead. I mean, what the heck was that other than a scene being played for laughs.

And the second was Dean running scared from Red-Cap guy. I immediately thought of Yellow Fever Dean and you're right, Elle2, so unlike our normal badass Dean. Again, I think this was written purely for laughs. Now I love my comedy as much as the next person but only if it fits in with characters as they've been established.

Bottom line though, I'll watch this one over and over again, especially as it looks like we're going to be hit with another dose of angst in the next few episodes!
# nancyL 2010-11-21 19:19
Rose, I was not happy with Sam when Dean was in dire straits and the soulless one is just sitting there drinking his f@@king beer and flirting with some bimbo.
I would sooner watch repeats of 'Bugs' before seeing this episode a second time.
# boobula 2010-11-21 19:42
Hey Elle2, Thanks for the review. It was great as always. I agree with you on so many of your observations. I really liked the episode. I can't say I love soulless Sam. He is different. And not always(if ever) in a good way. There have been many times I yelled at my TV this season. All of which were aimed in the general direction of the soulless one. But it does make for some really good brotherly drama and lively fandom discussion and speculation.

After my meltdown while watching Exile on Main St., I have changed how I view our show. Now don't get me wrong, I love the show more than ever, and watch it live, along with DVR. I have started just loving it for what it is. Without letting myself get bogged down with expectations and what-not. I have trusted the writers, cast and crew from the jump. I'm not gonna give up on them now.

Sam will get his soul back and more than likely be a bit different than the Sammy we fell love with. All I can say is in the real world people change, and I have never been one to give up on someone just because they are not the same person I met all those years ago. And I am not gonna give up on Sam and Dean either. Sam and Dean have made it through all kinds of crap, and always ended up on their feet with the other by their side. And I believe this to be no different. But I digress, back to the episode.

The way Dean was acting while he was being followed by red hat did seem out character for Dean. I also thought he may have just been acting frightened to lead the guy into an alley, but when he grabbed the little DA, I wasn't sure what the hell he was doing. Yeah I know, going for the comedy of "fight those faeries" but still seemed off to me. I loved the Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket conversation, along with the "what if a guy with a soul has his brother abducted by aliens" talk. Nipples, bigger cups, and the rest had me laughing.

I know I have said it before, but I am on this crazy ride we call Supernatural, and plan to hold on and enjoy the trip to the very end. But I do hope Sam gets his soul back soon. I'm sure it will be painful for him, but will cause the rest of us a bit less stress!
# Ashke 2010-11-21 19:58
Hey Elle2,

Another great review. I especially agree with you about Dean's out of character moment. At first I thought he was pretending so that the fairy would follow him but it went on for so long that I realized he wasn't faking. It was just odd. I have to also admit to being surprised that Sam ordered the other beer when Dean was being abducted. Soul or no soul Sam has never ignored Dean needing help unless there was point to it, i.e. if Dean get's turned we can find the Alpha, and even then he only did it because he knew it could be reversed.

That being said I had been looking forward to this ep since Ben mentioned it at ComicCon. For me it didn't disappoint. Only Ben would nuke Tinkerbell. So so wrong. I loved every conversation between the brothers and I'm sure I'll be quoting this to anyone who will listen to the point of obnoxiousness. I apologize in advance.

Did have two quick questions though. First, why is everyone pouring drinks for Dean. The man drinks quite enough on his own. I kind of get it in this case. After all Dean had just been abducted. Is it a Ben thing? Cas poured Dean a drink in The Third Man which was also written by Ben.

Secondly, if they arrested Dean wouldn't they have run his prints? Then they would have realized that serial murderer Dean Winchester wasn't dead in a gas explosion. Not that I want that storyline brought back. It's just that they should have made mention of how or why they didn't run the prints. Just sayin.
# elle2 2010-11-21 21:34
Hi, Bevie, nancyL, Spacekids, Rose, Boobula, Ashke,

Wonderful comments and discussion all. I think boobula sums up how I approach this show and have always tried to approach this show since I 'melted' down years ago about another show and was really in awful straits about it, I'm on the ride and I choose to stay on the ride and I'm gonna enjoy it. Most of the time it's easy to enjoy it, sometimes it's absolutely not enjoyable (Yeah, Live Free or Twi-Hard remains a sucky episode for me) however, I do think (and as Jim Beaver has been tweeting a few times with others) that once I can see the whole season and understand where the story is going, I'm going to enjoy it even more.

Bevie, your observation of Sam being more 'child-like' in this episode (the Jiminiy Cricket/Pinochi o discussion and the the 'what if your brother is abducted' conversations particularly) is what makes him more palatable and endearing to me at this point.

nancyL, you'll need no umbrella for me, I'm glad you expressed your frustrations here (I'm here for you, sister!). I got my frustrations out in my 'review'. It's easier for me to simply be a bit clinical as I pretend that I'm some reviewer of the show and that's how I get my frustrations out. I'm with Jim Beaver (who has seen more episdoes of this season thus far than we have, and he's talked with Sera about the season as a whole to some extent) he says we're going to really enjoy it so I'm going to trust.

Spacekids, Jensen mentioned something about the size of each episode being massive, not only in budget but in storytelling and I do think they're trying to put a lot, lot in there and like you I've had times where I've felt...really, done so soon but, but, but...

Rose, I'll admit, it's good to know that the moments that really jarred me also jarred others. I think they were played for laughs (as I said above) and in that they worked but for the character g oops there.

Boobula...happy to share a spot with you on the Supernatural train. I'm along for the ride and I settle back and look for the good, the awesome and, yes, I cringe when there's the inevitable awful. Fortuantely, I haven't gotten motion sickness on the ride yet (and I am quite sensitive about that sort of thing :-) ) Also, I really enjoyed Exile on Main Street, it was the beginning of a new chapter and it opened many threads, answered few questions and started the ride...

Ashke, I do find it interesting that Cas poured Dean a drink and now Sam. Since Cas has no soul and also no feelings he is on the same level in that respect as Sam. I think perhaps this is simply a way to show that both characters are trying to show Dean empathy even as they have no true understanding of what that is. So they go through the motions (fake it until you make it) because logically they know that Dean needs this (the symbol not the alcohol). Don't know, that's my two pennies.

Yeah, that's why the whole getting arrested and tossed in jail is always a dicey thing in SPN's world. Both brothers have been entered into the FBI database as wanted criminals, having them waltzing in and out of jails (especially as Dean was supposedly 'killed' in Skin in Season 1 and then both brothers were 'killed' by Victor in Jus In Bello) makes it tough to swallow. This is just one of those escapist moments for me when I suspend any thoughts of reality and just close my eyes and yell whee!!!!! during the ride. Either that or I'll get motion sickness! :mrgreen:

Love all the comments, enjoy the week off from the angst.
# det_coverdale 2010-11-22 03:23
Fairies and leprechauns? Hellooo Ben.

Rule number one of horror movies: walk INTO the corn field when you hear a noise.

The wallpaper in the motel room looked a lot like the wall in Dean's dream sequence in Dream a Little Dream...

Dean, nervous/panicke d over being followed by that man? Yeah, out of character. Can't explain that one.

I miss the real Sam, and would like to see him again soon, but Robo-Sam has it's own entertainment value. I cringe when Sam shows a lack of emotion for Dean, but I'm not worried. As long as I see one brotherly embrace this season, I'm good.
I've said it before, Jared must love playing this version of Sam, and I think he's doing a great job.

I agree that it would've been wrong for Sam to accept the beer from Dean. It's a bonding ritual for them and it would have lessened the emotion behind those other moments. You said it best, Elle2, so I'm-a gonna stop now.
# Julie 2010-11-22 05:40
Hi Elle, thanks again for the review
When I first heard we were to have a fairy episode I was so pleased, then I discovered it was to be a Ben Edlund script and I could not wait. BTW what colour is the sky on his planet? There are times I want to go and live there. It did not disappoint , I loved this eposode, whether it was just the timing , after so many tough ones , I do not know , but it actually made me cry laughing and believe me at the moment that is no mean feat.
There were so many lines , looks and situations that are destined to be in my list of `classics` I can now not go near my microwave without grinning like an idiot and those 3 little words `She hit me` :D
Yes, I accept there were some inconsistencies , the quickest sunset in the history of the universe for example, but I can suspend belief and forgive these for comedic purposes. As to the huge debate here about Dean being so out of character in the `chase` sequence, for heavens sake , bless him he had just been abduted by Aliens and attacked by a Fairy a few hours previous to this event , is it me or would this tend to upset someone and put them on the back foot for a while ;-)
I also had a major moment when all the Pinocchio stuff started as I wrote here after one of Jas` articles that Dean was now had to be Robosams own little Jiminy Cricket. After hearing about the next 2 episodes which sound like they are going to drag us down into the pit of despair again, can we have another continuing this theme? Perhaps it is finally time for the much longed for musical episode , I am hearing `Give a little whistle` and `When you wish upon a star`. Oh if only Ju
# Suze 2010-11-22 10:48
Nipples! :lol:

I'm happy. Soul-less-ness played for laughs is fine with me and I liked the fairy story, although I do agree about Dean's WTF? scaredy-cat moment. Loads of fab bits ... That PING as the picture faded out after Tinkerbell got toasted was priceless. Someone give Mr. Edlund a jammy biscuit, he's a star.
# Karen 2010-11-22 11:37
Hi Elle2
I really enjoyed this episode, after the many weeks of heart wrenching drama, it was nice to be able to laugh again.
There were so many scenes and moment that had me bursting out laughing.
I really loved when Dean was showing the aftermath of the microwave Tinkerbell and he got all pouty saying she had hit him and Sam replying “ I guess I’m not suppose to laugh”. That micro-wave scene made me think of Gremlins.

I also thought of Yellow Fever when Dean was trying to get away from ‘Mr Red Cap’. It definitely was out of character for Dean. I think your right it was just a set up to try and make the scene funny.

I have to agree with you about Sam turning down the beer. Those moments between the two were sacred, just like them simultaneously shutting the car door or showing their badges. Until Sam is reunited with his soul they should continue to have them out of sync.

I see they tried to explain why Sam had showed emotions in previous episodes.
“I was faking it, ever since we got back on the road together, I was picking every word, it's exhausting!"
I have to say Sam is very quick on his feet then, because there were moments with his facial expressions and his reaction were so immediate, that to me, there was no way he had time to ‘pick his words’.

I liked Dean being Jiminy (parent/teacher ) and Sam being Pinocchio (child/student) , kind of gave back that brotherly feel again.
However Dean should try and bring up more positive things about having a soul. After his discussion in the diner, I didn’t even want to have a soul.

If they would continue to write the characters more like this, instead of heartless sociopath Sam and depressed/angui shed Dean, then I could survive until Sam’s souls is restored. Otherwise I really would like our true Sam back. I think for me if this had been the first season to tear down the brothers relationship I would have been more on board. But three seasons of this, it’s simply has reached its saturation point for me. I knew with Sam getting locked in the cage with Lucifer and Michael and Dean having a new life with Lisa, the relationship would have been somewhat strained. I really wasn’t expecting Sunshine, Rainbows and Unicorns and having them Tra-la-la-ing together in the Impala. However I had expected to see two grown men respecting and working together as a team.
Also with Sam being portrayed so heartless and cruel, I’m so worried that his character is going to reach a point where there is no sympathy left for him. That no one is going to be able to forgive him or even care about him anymore, whether it was his fault or not.
# NeraBart 2010-11-22 14:29
I agree with most of your review, and while i generally think Dean was out of character, I can also see the other side (but that could just be my hopeless optimism). I like to think that the reason he was portrayed that way was because of what happened to him during the episode. i mean, no matter how badass he is, he was shook up by the abduction, it was obvious in his mannerisms after he got back. plus, he got back to Sam in bed, instead of out there looking for him, and yes, he knows that he has no soul, but that must have still thrown him off. So maybe he was genuinely afraid of the man. in my opinion, Dean does not handle not being in control of a situation well, and not knowing the man following him, especially when his brother could not see him, after being abducted might explain his behavior. His encounter in the 'other world' also seemed traumatizing, judging by his wide eyes, and inability to express what happened, maybe he was afraid of going back

anyway, that's just how i would justify the whole, Dean being afraid situation

Also, Sam doesnt have a soul, and although he claims that he has all his memories/intera ctions/brain cells, blah blah blah, Dean probably thinks that they don't have the same connection anymore, maybe that's why he yelled out about the fairies instead of being subtle. he wanted this case solved, and wasnt sure if Sam would take 'subtle' or understand him the way they did in the past...

sorry, that probably made no sense, and its just one interpretation, I could be entirely off, but like i said, i like to be optimistic about the writing, (which is a bit naive). i'd rather think it was subtly intentional than done as cheap way to get laughs...

# elle2 2010-11-22 16:18
Hi, det_coverdale, Suze, Julie, Karen and Nerabart,

Thanks for all the comments, I love reading others' views on an episode and my take on I'm a geek for the show. :mrgreen:

det_coverdale, does appear Ben knows all the horror movie rules and used them well in this episode! :-) I do believe Jared is having a lot of fun with Sam this year and I'm in with others who are at least okay with Sam as snarky jerk (my words) rather than sociopath. I can take snarky Sam much better than sociopath.

Julie, while I did have issues with aspects of the episode overall I enjoyed it and will easily have a zany edlund marathon with this and others of his lined up to enjoy...ding!!!!

Suze, I'm so glad you're smiling over this one!!! There were plenty of fun bits in here (and not just dripping off the sides of the microwave either!)

Karen, your paragraph about if this has been the first season to tear down the brothers and not the third really resonates with me. While I enjoy the times when the brothers are at odds because there can be some great development of layering going on I too am really longing for a true and lasting repair to their relationship. Let them be the playthings of monsters and ghouls and whatnot but let them be in lockstep during it (please, with a cherry on top ;-)

Nerabart, you are fabulous at looking for the 'other side' of the situation and as someone who is trying to find the positive in things (beyond Supernatural but life in general) I appreciate someone who is willing to step back and say, well, now perhaps this is the reason. Well done! Also, I think (to my memory) this is the first time I've ever seen a comment by you and I must say welcome and thanks for commenting.

I like how you wrapped it up as subtly intentional rather than a cheap way to get laughs...well said!
# nancyL 2010-11-22 19:24
I do not know if anyone is interested, but I found this wonderful little story by Hells-half-acre , called 'Sam is...' It made me laugh and also reach for the tissues.
It is basically about what happens after Crowley resouls Sam. Dean nurses Sam back to health with some help from Bobby and Cas.
If Sera and Co. do half a good job as H-h-a, then I would forgive them for this @@@@ing episode.

If you are interested, then you should go to:

# NeraBart 2010-11-23 00:14

Thanks! this is my first time posting, long time lurker though. I love the articles here, so i read them religiously, just not in the habit of commenting :-) am trying to be more active in my communities though,

Thanks again for your comment!
# elle2 2010-11-23 07:33
hi, NeraBart,

So glad you delurked and decided to post. I 'lurk' in several places and only occasionally post in another but I love to chat it up here! Admittedly this is the only place I can talk about Supernatural so it's great to 'meet new people'! I'll be looking forward to more of your comments, they were great. The articles here are fabulous we are so lucky to have so many different people submitting, I love coming to read. I know I'm readying a few for the upcoming mini-hellatus just to keep my sanity. 8-)
# Jasminka 2010-11-24 17:46
Hi Elle2, well-done, again! I'm not going into analysing this episode now, for once I want to just enjoy a comedic relief.

By the way (a smiling message to all the nitpickers out there) - has anyone thought of Dean coming back from Hell re-hymenated? Couldn't that mean he has new fingerprints as well? ;-)

Love your reviews, Elle2. But, you know that, don't you dear?Thanks for another one, Jas