Warning!!!!  If you haven't seen the latest episode of "Supernatural" and the preview for next week, do not read this!  There is going to be plot-based speculation and discussion! You've been officially warned!
If everyone has recovered enough from the laughing and the laughing and then more laughing, there are a couple things I do want to talk about.  Just a few, though, because we only got a few developments this week.  Not that that's a bad thing, by any means.  Right.  Here goes.
The Loose Nukes Aren't So Loose Anymore
After an attempt on his life, Balthazar decided that crap was way too real and finally handed the weapons he stole over to Castiel.  And in the process, he created a Trickster-esque diversion for Raphael.  I think this was kind of big, actually.  Sera Gamble has said in past interviews that Balthazar was the only angel who stood up for Cass when he got pulled back for Bible school back in season 4.  So we know they've been friends and allies for a while.  And this season, Balthazar has been a loose cannon.  I'm not convinced he's still 100% behaving.  In fact, I'm positive he's up to no good, and whatever he's doing probably has something to do with those souls he's been collecting.  But it looks like the Civil War in heaven is starting to move toward its conclusion, and angels are choosing sides.  I'm glad that Balthazar is helping Cass.  And I'm super glad that Cass is such a super badass now that he has all those weapons.  Take it to Raphael, Cass!
However, I, like Dean, am ready to know more about what exactly is going on in heaven.  We know there's a civil war and we know the stakes are high.  We've known that since episode three, so I'm ready for more information now.
Dean's Offer of a Better Life
Of course Dean would suggest to Sam that they stay in this world so that Sam can have a better life.  I loved that he's still doing that for his brother, sacrificing his own happiness for Sam because it's basically what he's been doing forever, and it just showed me how much they're getting back on track.  And Sam's reason for not staying, that they're not even brothers there, was so wonderful.  He could have given a lot of reasons not to go back, but that's the one that mattered.  I wanted to just hug them both after that.
What Was That Promo?
I haven't seen any spoilers or an episode description or anything for next week's episode, so I have no idea what is going on!  But I like it!  Rufus!  Samuel better get his ass kicked!  Strange things happening to people's brains!  Was that Bryan Cranston, too?  That guy is amazing!  If he's on next week, I will be one happy fan.  It's going to be an acting clinic, man.
That's all I've got for this one.  Thoughts, theories, or comments?  What was your favorite part of the episode?  I love the part when Sam and Dean were trying to act, especially when Misha turned around and was like, "what the hell?" 


# Jonea 2011-02-26 00:52
Am I the only one who is freaking out?! As far as I am concerned the last two episodes have been "not good," to put it gently. Mannequin was flat terrible and this one was not much better. It was better than I had expected.....bu t still not good. I am very worried for the future of the show without Kripke. I LOVE these characters and would be so sad if the show fizzled out. We need HELP!!!!!!
# kelios 2011-02-26 01:02
It was a funny ep, but I was a little disappointed that there was pretty much no plot development. I had a feeling it was going to be like that, but on the other hand it was good to laugh and see Sam and Dean pulling closer together. I think maybe Sam got thru to Dean a little bit when he said he didn't want to stay because they weren't brothers.
# Aparna 2011-02-26 01:07
I read the description for next week on my DVR-setting thing, it says that thing that's in their head is related to the Mother of all, and that Bobby, Dean, and Sam run into another "group" of hunters (Samuel); Samuel and Bobby argue over which way to hunt. Looks super good!

As for plot development this season, I've been seeing a lot of complaints, and while I understand completely, it's because the overhanging arc is only just starting to develop. Sure, this episode played out more like a gag reel, but if you look at the underlying messages, as well as the angelic developments throughout the show, the opening to Purgatory, and Kripke's hinting at Gabriel possibly coming back in an interview he did (because they all loved Richard Speight, Jr. way too much) - there's a definite arc coming into play. I feel like people need to hold their horses a bit.

That's just me.

Also, please pray that SPN goes onto season 7. As per my friendly sources, season 6 has the most viewers thus far, and it's a big possibility (according to Jensen) that there'll be a seventh.

Okay, I'll shush up with my stats, now. :P
# rmoats8621 2011-02-26 01:48
I loved this episode and laughed quite a lot.
While it didn't give a whole lot of new information, I do feel that the plot is moving forward on the Angel Civil war. Things are beginning to come together. I am also hopeful that they will indeed bring back Gabriel and that he and Cass kick Raphael's butt! That would be so great since both of those angels have always seemed to be on the side of humanity.
As for all the speculation as to S7, I think there's really nothing to worry about. The show is doing fine on Friday night and I think Kripke is still very involved with the show. I mean he created it and he's still a driving force behind the show. He hasn't abandoned it.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-02-26 04:37
Oh. My. God. OH. MY. GOD!!!! This episode was just a goldmine of brilliance. Bye bye skeptical side, I’m now convinced this show can do anything and make it work.

I think I'd need to go back to minute one and list everything that happened in it as my favourite parts. They was nothing they didn’t take the piss out of; ‘Bobby Singer’ ‘That’s not right’ (I always kinda thought that!), cover of Variety, Kripke v Gamble, psychotic breaks, Terminator rip-offs, Kripke and Virgil shoot out, ‘The International Otter Adoption Charity (wtf!!) I could go on for days. This must have been such a cathartic episode for everyone involved!

JA playing Dean playing JA doing Dean's growley voice ('That's how he does it'), JP not knowing what to do with his arms and then reciting his lines to the ceiling when he's told not to look at the camera. JP & JA standing with pin-point accuracy at their markers. Poor Sam looked set to pee himself in fear (complete with wobbly voice) while Dean just looked set to rip someones arm off! How the hell they managed to shoot this scene without keeling over laughing is beyond me. Also guys, given that you’ve spent your entire lives pretending to be doctors, agents, FBI, mental patients, priests etc, you sure do suck at acting.

Sam and Dean finally get to kick the crap out of a legitimate angel (an angel that looks kinda like Cairán Hinds....) God, that had to feel good!

GP (formerly GC) is freaking stunning! I really like her hair this way. And I want her shoes. Also, does anyone else thing that JP is actually getting younger looking as time goes on.

AND CASTIEL!!!!, with wings (wings do it for me...) And Raphael seems to consider him more of an equal now. Way to get yourself promoted there, Cas!

Misha, you are such a tool!! You and your tweets... You’re a sweet, lovable, dorky little tool.

I feel it had (mild) plot progression; Raphael back, Balthezar back, ongoing civil war, we know where the weapons are, the boys are back in their usual position of being used by angels (grrr).

And it had its many brotherly moments, fighting in tandem, Dean advising Sam how to ‘act’, taking the piss out of each other. Sam had his entirely normal life; wife, house, career and he turned his back on it, twice, because in this life they weren’t brothers (or weren't talking.) Acknowledgement as to what Sam truly wants, that made me all wibbley inside.

I’m such a happy camper now.
# Ardeospina 2011-03-03 21:45
Tim, wings do it for me, too. Totally. You have good taste, dear.
# Dave 2011-02-26 06:32
This will be one of my all time favorite episodes of any series ever (this includes Lost, among other greats).

I'm curious to know if there is indeed some type of feud between the two main stars. They alluded to this multiple times, even overtly, in this episode.

# dulcinea54 2011-02-26 07:35
This was soooo entertaining! That is what a tv-show has to do. I realy love supernatural. There are great episodes and not so good ones, thats with all shows because its normal. Everybody as a diffrent view on it, which is a good thing. So just fiel entertaind
# CitizenKane2 2011-02-26 09:30
I personally found this episode generally enjoyable. There were some parts I found a little "forced" (or perhaps because I didn't understand the inside joke reference), but overall I thought it was a fun episode to watch.

I also liked Misha's protrayal in this episode. :)
# fanotheboyz 2011-02-26 11:19
I loved the episode. Watched it with my hubby, who, like Yume, also wondered what happened to the "fake" Sam and Dean when "real" Sam and Dean got transported into their world. Might have been funny to see "Jared and Jensen" messing with "Sam and Dean's" real Winchester life. However, I loved all the references, It'll take a few reviews of the tape to catch all of them, I'm sure. I missed some of Balthazar's ranting on in the beginning, and I don't remember seeing Raphael coming back from the dead. Anyone enlighten me? I was sure Raphael was dead. Oh, yes, and since when do angels use the "demonic telephone" of human blood in a bowl????Hmmmm?? That one confused me.
# Tigershire 2011-02-26 12:24
For anyone who might be wondering, no, we do not have little maple leaves on our yellow crime scene tape. ::chortle::

I LOVED this episode. Definite re watch episode!
Amy M
# Amy M 2011-02-26 13:15
I loved it! I haven't laughed that hard in some I time. I was anxious as IMHO, based on the premise, there was a good chance for it to go horribly wrong :-)

And Ardeospina, I didn't see the preview but I'd bet the house it wasn't Bryan Cranston. I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan and they are currently in New Mexico filming season 4.
# nancyL 2011-02-26 13:56
Love this episode. It was as good, if not better as everyone (especially Alice) said it would be.
I too wonder, what happened to the real Jenson and Jared?
Are they safe and sound with Bobby?
Are they in the Impala?
Has Cas put them somewhere to keep them safe?
C'mon Sera, we want to know the other side of the story. :lol:
# Bevie 2011-02-26 15:01
Oh man, I loved loved loved this episode. Thank you Ben Edlund!

Dean and Sam trying to be Jensen and Jared was roll on the floor hilarious! Everyone was simply awesome, and I am going to love rewatching this one until doomsday!

'Nuff said! :lol: :lol: :lol:
# Ra-e 2011-02-26 15:10
This was BY FAR the funniest episode of SPN ever! xD I am still laughing! I plan to re-watch it tonight..

my favorite part was when Misha was tweeting in the car about feeling like someone was in the back seat.. "frowny face" (xD) and then Virgil comes up and holds a knife to his throat.. Misha's reaction scream was HIL- (wait for it..) ARIOUS! haha..

and the acting scene had me in stitches the entire scene! Best episode ever..

"You married fake Ruby??" lol!
# AlisonH 2011-02-26 15:11
Loved it! Sam & Dean's very, very bad acting as Jared & Jensen was hilarious and I LOL at Brian Doyle-Murray's increasing confusion as they went through take after take :D
Brilliant episode with my favourite part being Dean willing to sacrifice everything if Sam were happy to live the fake life but Sam refusing as they were not brothers in that reality :-)
# Ginger 2011-02-26 18:19
I have mixed feelings about the episode. I thought it was written brilliantly, and I laughed all the way through it. I went to a Willie Nelson concern a hundred years ago and he literally turned his back on the audience and sang to his band. That's how I felt a good deal of the humor was here...the writers were writing for themselves and giving us fans a wink. It didn't keep me from laughing, though. Loved the western street shoot and the 'acting' scenes the best, and all the support actors did a great job.

Loved that Kripke was knocked off...he deserved it for giving us Swan Song, and now I want him to take back over as showrunner.

I think the biggest reason I enjoyed the episode as much as I did is because I completely ignored anything that might suggest there is a myth arc (the Heaven civil war) on the horizon. We've had very weak stories for both Sam and Dean, and now (and I thought this episode showcased quite nicely) that the angels and the baddies are simply too powerful for our boys to have any affect on. I'm hoping against hope that they do not become extras on their own show for the rest of the season...which is what I thought this episode did to them upon their return from the AU and Raphael, Balty and Cas gathered together.

So, yeah, I enjoyed the episode for what it was, a fun episode, but I didn't think it came close to Tall Tales, Ghostfacers, MATEOFB,and Changing Channels. To categorize it, I would say it was on the level of Hell House, which I liked, too.
# AndreaW 2011-02-28 17:53
"I'm hoping against hope that they do not become extras on their own show for the rest of the season...which is what I thought this episode did to them upon their return from the AU and Raphael, Balty and Cas gathered together."

You know what? That's exactly what I'm afraid of. Honestly, I was never a huge fan of the angels arc and the idea of the second half of the season turning into Castiel/Balthaz ar show, with Sam and Dean's issues as subplots, is not appealling to me. I seriosly hope this is not the case. :sigh:
# Yirabah 2011-02-28 14:32
I am wondering about something and maybe someone will help me out here. It is in the scene when the boys reenter their universe and with the 3 angels on the scene.

Just coyping parts of it from Robins Rambles for clarifications. Quote: "Step away from him, Raphael, I have the weapons now, their power is with me." He stands proudly, his wings showing huge and black in the lightning, much as they did the first time Dean met him. "Castiel," whispers Raphael. "If you don't want to die tonight, back off," threatens Castiel. She flies away. Smiling, Balthazar says, "Well, Cas, now that you have your sword, try not to die by it."

Ok here are my questions:
1. Why is Raphael afraid of Cas and runs?
2. Thought one archangel can only be killed by another archangel
3. Balthazar says "Now that you have your sword" does he mean that Cas has an archangel sword now?
4. Would that mean that Cas became an archangel now?

Maybe I am just imagining things here or reading to much into it.
# Jasminka 2011-02-28 18:34
That's difficult to answer, Yirabah, and Enchanting Tim and Yume have already said a lot here.

Considering that archangels and 'normal' angels belong to the same sphere in Heaven (according to Christian teachings), perhaps it's possible for Cas to be promoted.

If you like check out my article on angels, here's the link: www.thewinchesterfamilybusiness.com/articles/57-the-lore/6048-angels-archangels-michael-himself-and-the-winchester-brothers-heavenly-connection-to-cain-and-abel.html
you might find some answers there...

sorry for not being of more help here. Heading to bed, it's late for me.
Love, Jas
# Ardeospina 2011-03-03 21:52
Hey, Yirabah. Very good questions, and I'll add my two cents to the mix, though I think everyone has done a good job answering them.

1. I'm guessing Cass' threat about having the weapons scared Raphael off. He wasn't ready for a fight and thought a strategic retreat, live and fight another day, would be better. And it was 2 vs. 1 with Balthazar there, so maybe Raph didn't like the odds.

2. Is it a firm rule in SPN verse that only an archangel can kill another archangel or did Gabriel just say Cass wasn't powerful enough to kill Lucifer? I haven't watched Hammer of the Gods in a while because, well... But my feeling is it's a question of power not angel status.

3. I'm pretty sure he meant that figuratively. What he said was, "Now that you have your sword, try not to die on it." Aka, you have what you want (the weapons) try not to let them kill you.

4. I don't know if Cass is an archangel technically, or if anyone can just become an archangel if they weren't previously, but he certainly seems as powerful as one.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-02-28 16:53
Hi Yirabah, I’m only guessing at these so they could be as wrong as they come but still.....

Why is Raphael afraid of Cas and runs? I’m not sure it’s a case that Raphael is afraid of Castiel. I think Raphael came with the intention of getting the key and maybe killing a few humans. When Balthazar arrived he was still just one angel so it would be fairly easy to kill him.

However, adding Castiel to the mix was a different story as Castiel has a certain aura of invincibility surrounding him now. He is one of the main players in the civil war, played a huge part in ending the Apocalypse (which would surely gain him some level of respect, however grudgingly!) he’s smited (smote? smoted? hath smitten?) um, offed a lot of angels prior to this. He’s been resurrected by God himself (twice) and has bested Raphael on more than one occasion.

Therefore I think it’s a case that Raphael was just not ready to fight Castiel at that time. (He/she did seem very surprised to see Castiel.) As Castiel said, he now has the weapons so this may put Raphael and Castiel on a more level playing field (or even give the advantage to Castiel).

Balthazar says "Now that you have your sword" does he mean that Cas has an archangel sword now? I took the ‘sword’ to be more of a metaphor ie the ‘sword’ is an array of weapons which would give Castiel the means to end the war. I don’t think it’s an actual archangel killing physical sword. Both Michael and Lucifer were bought down by humans. Raphael can’t be stupid enough to think that a sword is the only thing that can kill him. Add to that Dean was the ‘Sword of Michael’ and Sam ended (kinda) both Lucifer and Michael and neither of those two guys are sharp and pointy!

Could it mean that Castiel is now an archangel? It could. I don’t know how one gets promoted in heaven though as was said, God does seem to have a soft spot for Castiel so anything is possible.

I get the feeling that he’s not though (or maybe I don’t want him to be!) I feel if he was he’d have certainly noticed things, like Sam’s absent soul, the fact Christian was a demon etc. He seems a little impotent for an archangel (sorry). I think he’s just a normal angel who’s prepared to go up against the big boys for what he believes is right, same as Sam and Dean. I feel to make Castiel an archangel takes a certain appeal away from him (but that might be just me...)

Finally, Yirabah my dear, you can never read too much into SPN!!