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We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw, edit photos and videos, write fan fics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more. It’s time to showcase the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

This time I am introducing to you Katerina, the artist behind the amazing uniqe drawings.  Let´s start with the interview!

Enjoy reading!

InterviewKaterinaKestemontPics 15

How and when did you get trapped in the Supernatural Fandom?

That is actually a complete coincidence. There is a second hand store here in Montreux that sells used DVD’s etc. One day I walked and (the clerk) handed me 6 seasons of Supernatural. 6 SEASONS!!  She said, "Here have this; it’s all in English so I can’t sell it and I know you speak English."  I told her I would check it out.  And that is how I got hooked; I binge watched 3 seasons in one weekend.  I loved the brothers and the feeling of family being there for each other, no matter what.

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What does the Supernatural Fandom mean to you?

Where to start?  When coming into the fandom I was going through a divorce and it was a really rough time. And I got blown away by all the love and support I received. People sent me messages to check up on me when I was off line for a few days because they were worried about me. I am tearing up writing this, because this love expanded my heart and brought me back to myself.

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How and when did you start with drawing?

I don’t really remember when, but I have been drawing since childhood.

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What do you prefer more. To draw digital or on paper?

On paper, I have no clue how to draw digitally.

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What was the first picture you drew and the first Supernatural related one?

My very first one I can’t remember really, and I can’t go back and check.  Actually I am a little bit like a refugee, in some ways.  I came to Switzerland when I was 20 years old, from Belgium (where I grew up). There is nothing left from my childhood, not a single drawing or memorabilia. It’s weird but I don’t miss it, it’s actually kind of freeing.

My first drawing of Supernatural was Sam. he is my favorite character on the show.

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I always love to see the progress people make with their art. Would you like to share another one of your first pictures from Supernatural with us?

I will include it, although I cringe now at how it looked

InterviewKaterinaKestemontPics 1

What kind of pencils, colors and/or brushes do you use normally? What kind of paper?

My favorite paper is Canson, extra white, smooth, 300gr paper.  My favorite pencil is a Palomino, it’s made out of cedar wood. It’s just perfect for drawing as it has a smooth line, and it smells good, which is always a plus.  When I work in watercolors or acrylics I use any brushes really, nothing special or expensive.  For watercolors I often use handkerchiefs to blot and give texture.

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Can you explain how/why you choose the pics you draw?  What inspires you?

When I choose a picture to draw, I follow my heart, it has to speak of emotions, love, connection, something that tears at your heart.  I also love to draw intense eyes; the soul of the person can be seen through the eyes I feel.

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How long does it take you to finish a portrait/drawing?

A portrait takes me between 12 and 16 hours

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Not sure if you can decide that, but what are your favorite pictures that you've drawn, and of course why?

Always the last ones I am drawing, I really love the series I am drawing now, the Hugs, as they speak of deep connections between human beings.

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Last year you started a 365 days doodle challenge and finished it this year. You never missed a doodle. What helped you to keep going every single day? How did it help you with your growth?

Oh man, I really didn’t know in the beginning what I let myself in for, and some days were really really hard. When I was feeling sick or when I was traveling.
But honestly what kept me going where all the people following the posts, leaving comments on how the doodles brightened up their day.  Or how it inspired them to draw again.  One Mom told me she used them to tell bedtime stories to her little girl.  So all of you kept me going.


You created your own “under the sea” coloring book. I have it, and I know some others also have it.  How did you come up with that idea? Any plans for a second one? Maybe Supernatural related?

That is an easy one, lots of people asked for it and were relentless in bugging me to finally publish it.  At the moment I have no plans to publish another coloring book. But I am working on a book that will include all the doodles of the year, a glimpse into my development in one year – 365 pages of doodles and some poems.



You are open for commissions.  How does it work? And are there rules about things you don´t draw?

If you would like a commission you can send me an email with your request, I take commissions for fan art. What I won’t draw is violence, guns or explicit scenes.

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You are preparing for your very first exhibit in September. Can you let us know how that feels?

Just one word EXCITED!!!

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Please tell us more about the 30 day challenge you created with Paula Mould. I only know that it´s inspired by your 365 day challenge.

The 30 day challenge is actually a project of a few of the members of the Facebook group (Nikkie Pearce, Morgan Adams, Manya Welch).  Paula Mould and Leigh Shenton are the coaches of that group and have guided us in setting it up.  If you are a creative I would really encourage you to join the group, they give so much information on how to run your creative business, for free!!!


What are your next projects?

My next project is to paint a series of 1 x 1 meter paintings, in the style of the watercolors I made during the doodle year.

Is there anything else you like to share with the fans? What more would you like to tell us about your art or yourself?

After many years of putting my art to the side, to have a job and listening to others about what is supposedly ‘’the thing to do’’, I have gone back to my art, to whom I really am supposed to be, an artist.  So what I would like to say to everyone is: LIVE YOUR DREAM, no matter what it is, being a mom, making movies, heck even driving race cars… do what makes you come alive!

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Now it’s time for the question I ask everyone. If you could change only one thing in the world right now, what would it be?

That everyone loves themselves, if everyone would love themselves there would no longer be hate or jealousy or envy; and everything that evolves from that.

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Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me!

In the end i would like to share with you my favorite, from the ones i own,  drawing from Katerina.
So emotional. I love it.

InterviewKaterinaKestemontPics 22

InterviewKaterinaKestemontPics 7
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Instagram: kestemontkaterina

Twitter: @KaterinaKestem1

Facebook: kestemont.katerina


Thanks for reading.

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