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We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw, edit photos and videos, write fan fics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more. It’s time to showcase some of the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

I´d like you to meet Sherri! Sherri sketches beautifully detailed pencil drawings of Supernatural characters and actors. We talked to her about her drawings, the art form, the fandom and her life as an artist.

Enjoy reading!

How and when did you got caught up in the Supernatural fandom?

My daughter was watching a season 8 episode as I was baking in the kitchen. I started paying attention to what she was watching. I then had to go back and watch all the previous seasons. I was hooked!

Sherri daughter
Sherri and her daughter Shelby

What does the Supernatural fandom mean to you?

The fandom is a beautiful, crazy bunch of people who are so devoted to the show and its stars, who in turn are so open and giving to their fans.

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How and when did you start drawing?

I drew a little in high school and college but went 20 years without drawing a thing while teaching third grade and raising my daughter. About 5 years ago, I started having more “me time" and started to draw again.

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What pencils, colors and/or brushes do you use? 

I use the Faber-Castell drawing pencils, usually 6B and 8B. I sketch with Mirado Black Warrior HB first. For colored pencils I use Faber-Castell and Prismacolor.

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Are you also into digital drawing? Can you recommend a program/tablet?

I have not done any digital drawing. My daughter is going to take a class this semester in digital art so hopefully she can show me how to get started with it at least.

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What was the first picture you drew?  What was your first Supernatural related sketch?

I drew a picture of Audrey Hepburn when I started drawing 5 years ago. 


My first Supernatural picture was of Dean (the picture is in the 'Then & Now" question below).

I always love to see the progress people make with their art. Could you share a "then & now" comparison?

Then (Sherri's first Supernatural drawing. See question above)

Dean Then

Now (signed by Jensen Ackles)

Dean Now

Can you explain how and why you choose the pictures you draw. What inspires you?

I am usually drawn to pictures where I see a lot of emotion, especially in the eyes. So many of my drawings have tears, sadness, and hugs.

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How long does it take you to finish a portrait/drawing?

A regular graphite pencil drawing is around 8 to 10 hours. Colored pencil drawings take maybe 15 hours.

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Not sure if you can decide, but what is your favorite picture that you have drawn, and of course, why? If you can't choose a favorite, two or three favorites are also fine.

I draw Sam and Dean a lot. They have amazing features that always display such emotion (favorite pictures below).

Favorite 1


How many awesome drawings have you done?

I easily have over 400 drawings.

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Have any of the stars seen your drawings? If yes, what was their reaction to them?

My daughter and I have been to 3 conventions and have gotten several of the cast members to autograph the drawings I have of them. Jared is always the most vocal and complimentary on my art. At the last Jacksonville convention, I had him autograph a drawing I had done of him then went to quickly show him a drawing I had done of his daughter, saying I realize we are not allowed to give them things but I wanted him to see it. He snatched it up, stared at it a long time, and kept it. That was so cool!

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Do you create other art besides your drawings?

I am a high school art teacher. I have painted a shark mural on the wall of our school and am currently painting giant canvases featuring some of the activities in our school.


Some artists are open for commissions. What about you?

I have done some commission work and I am still doing them. I will just have to see what the people want in order to decide if I can try to do it. They can contact me (contact details below).

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What are your next projects?

Besides the work at my school, I don’t have any specific projects in mind. I just start drawing whatever the mood takes me.

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How did you come up with the your name shr2da1? It sounds interesting.

It is actually just pulled letters out of my first and last names with a few random numbers thrown in. 

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Is there anything else you would like to share with the fans? What would you like to tell us about your art or yourself?

I have always loved seeing the amazing artistic work that people have created. Some of it is awe inspiring. It means so much to me when my artistic efforts are recognized. I want to humbly thank those who have taken the time to acknowledge my work.

I´d like to share one of the drawings from my daughter, Shelby. I hate to admit she is better than me but I am so proud of her. She is going to be a senior in college double majoring in forensic anthropology and classics.

Drawing from Shelby

Now it’s time for the question I ask everyone. If you could change only one thing in the world right now, what would it be?

With all the money and resources out there, I don’t believe there should be anyone on this Earth going without food and shelter.

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Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me!

Now I´d like to share my favorite drawing of Sherri's with you.

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Please share your comments, questions, and reactions below! If you want to follow Sherri, the links are below:

Twitter: @shr2da1


E-Mail for commissions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for reading.

Bettina Bier

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