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Impala moments:
Sam, Dean and the Impala are indelible images from this series. Pick any season and you will find plenty to choose from, I present four that stand out to me, either because they have heavy emotional reveals or brotherly bonding; there are dozens more to choose and by no means do I suggest these are the best, they simply are the ones that came to mind immediately for each season when I decided to ‘throw' this together. 
The idea for this little exercise came at the end of my watching Fresh Blood and boom, a simple, lite fare post came to mind. I invite you to peek at the following screen caps - added by the ever generous and always supernaturally obsessed Alice - and after you've gazed at them drop a comment and let me know which images came to your mind.
Season 1:
Phantom Traveler: Sam and Dean hear dad's voice for the first time since their journey together began [well, after Dean shared with Sam the recording in The Pilot] still, it's a moment between the brothers.

Season 2:
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things: A heavy moment between the brothers, sure The Pilot started the whole, lean on the hood or trunk of the Impala and share but this is heavy - good thing the girl is strong.

Season 3: 
Fresh Blood: Well, this is the one that gave me this silly little idea - fixing the girl and simply being.

vlcsnap 00097
Season 4:
Heaven and Hell: I've seen it so many times and it's still powerful - (From Alice:  Um yeah, compare this with our site logo.  You think the hubby and I loved this one a bit much?)  

vlcsnap 00180
Hey, it's the first days of July - you're all busy and I have a life too somewhere, I left it somewhere, so a little break from in-depth analysis and character studies and a little fun with some pictures of the three main characters of the show - Dean, Sam and Metallicar.
Thanks for reading and don't forget to let me know what pictures come to mind for you.


# Narcissus 2009-07-16 05:56
That whole scene from Fresh Blood gives me more fangirly joy than I can describe. Oh, and I love the car chase scene from HOTH. When I saw that I was like, wth? What is this show gonna come up with next..hahaha. And not forgetting, Bloodlust, after she came back from her break from being T-boned by a freaking semi, boy, did she look good!
# Bethany 2009-07-16 08:12
I love the image that you use for the site logo, dean breaking with sammy and his baby at his back.

I also like the moment from home near the beginning where they're at the as station and trying to figure out how to treat the case each brother leaning on the car as they try to figure out the case, their feelings, their dad etc etc etc it's a big ol' emotional mess and all they have is each other and baby to rely on.
# Elle 2009-07-16 14:20
Great moments! Both of my top two are in your list, Elle2: CSPWDT and Heaven & Hell.
Another favourite for me - A Very Supernatural Christmas - at the end when the boys and the impala are all seen in the falling snow with Christmas music softly playing.
# elle2 2009-07-16 15:38
Hi, Narcissus, Bethany and Elle,

I'm glad you liked this. There are sooooo many (thankfully) to choose from but I limited myself to one from each season. I think it's in the commentary on Phantom Traveler when Jared and Jensen comment on the import of that final scene ss they're hearing dad's voice which is what brought that instantly to mind.

I love how the directors shoot the girl from so many angles, there's Pilot at the bridge and yes Home at the gas station, There's times when the bonding and heavy moments are the boys sitting in the car, driving or surveying a scene -- Salvation and ELAC and Home as well as Blood Lust, there's times when she's in the foreground the background, sliding to a smooth stop...ah, the love of the Impala.

A wish for Season 5? That she is in each and every episode, bar none!

Thanks for reading and commenting and, Alice, thanks for finding the screen caps and inserting them.
# Scullspeare 2009-07-16 23:21
I'm still wrestling with ONE favourite episode but this I can do.

All the above are incredible moments but:

From Season One: I love Sam's little glance into the rearview mirror in Devil's Trap, taking in a very broken Dean, (the Impala seems to be holding him, doesn't she? - yes, I'm a sap) and saying very simply but powerfully, "Not Everything." Then, of course, there's the incredible crash at the end of the episode - Dean's Baby really took one for the team there.

For Season 2, it's the newly reconstructed Impala rumbling down the backroad with AC/DC's Back in Black blasting from the stereo. I think Dean's the happiest we've ever seen him in this scene (not life-altering my-brother-just -came-back-from -the-dead happy, but plain-old-every day happy).

Season 3: Have to agree with Alice - the roadside autoshop in Fresh Blood makes me smile and brings a lump to my throat every freaking time.

Season 4: We saw Sam drive more in this season than in the other three put together. (I'll forgive him the iPod jack - poor boy really was out of his mind with grief). But one moment that made a big impact for me was the opening of On the Head of a Pin: Sam's driving and Dean's given up. Some may think it too obvious, but I loved how it paralleled the brothers' crossover of roles to this point in the season.

Hmm - now back to thinking about ONE favourite episode. :-?:
# Narcissus 2009-07-17 20:58
Oh, I just remembered something. Jensen's Eye of the Tiger bit.. :-) Does that count? Ass-guitar on top of the baby, with her looking all shiny and m...
# elle2 2009-07-18 10:20
Hi, Skullspeare and Narcissus,

Skullspeare, I love all your moments. That bit in DT is excellent -- BTW, I'm in the middle of watching that one (decided a call from mom was more important than finishing it so it's on hold till later :-) But there really is a great bit of all three W's talking about what's more important than anything else. At the beginning Dean is determined to find/save dad and that's more important than anything, Dad near the end says finding this demon is more important than anything and Sam makes his ultimate choice with that backwards glance -- I'd forgotten about the parallels between Dean and Dad's talks earlier...very cool.

I love AC/DC Back in Black -- waaaay cool, the Impala got her own music.

Glad you agree w/ me on the Fresh Blood bit, too awesome and I did like the beginning of OTHOAP as it really showed the differences of the two brothers, where they were at that moment.

Awesome that this inanimate object can do so much for the character moments of the brothers.

Narcissus, as far as I'm concerned, if the girl is in the scene, that it has a chance to count for an Impala moment and Jensen's guitar leg strumming on top of the third 'lead' works for me!

# Scullspeare 2009-07-18 11:19
Mea culpa, Elle2

I said I agreed with Alice on the choice of the On the Head of a Pin moment, when this was, in fact, your wonderful piece.

*hangs head* That'll teach me to read bylines properly.
# Elle2 2009-07-19 18:00

I just read the byline and hey, it in fact says Alice Jester...too funny. Alice is getting ready to head off to San Diego for the Con and I sent this to here well over two weeks ago for her to fit into the posting schedule whenever she wanted, and she had to do the screencaps, so hold nothing against here. That's too funny...I didn't even notice! No hanging heads, not allowed. Have fun, be happy and go watch some Supernatural... it makes everything better!

# det_coverdale 2009-07-20 23:48
The shots I immediately think of when it comes to the Impala are:

Season 1 - Route 666, when Dean is being chased by the truck. Gotta love a good car chase.
Season 2 - I agree with Scullspeare here when I choose Bloodlust. The camera panning all the way round the car, with Back in Black as its makes ya smile, doesn't it?
Season 3 - I'm going to have to go with public opinion on this one: Fresh Blood, and the roadside autoshop. I, personally, think the writers should include another roadside repair in an upcoming episode; it doesn't seem quite real that the Impala - as cool as she is - never breaks down. Or maybe it's just that I want to see a t-shirted, greasy Dean working on his baby. I think a re-run of ELAC is in my immediate future.
Season 4 - Lazarus Rising, when Dean is reunited with his 'sweetheart'. I like it when Dean talks to her; it's sweet, in a weird way.
# elle2 2009-07-21 08:29
Hi, det_coverdale,

THere are so many awesome Impala moments, and I'm so glad people take the time to give their list could also include After School Special after Sam gets 'beat up' by a girl and Dean provides some 'medicinal' d brotherly rage. Of course there's the time the two are leaning on 'the girl' at the end of Yellow Fever. I love ELAC for the various shots of the Impala in her less than glory and then quickly followed by the rocking out of Back in Black in many to choose, so many to go back and enjoy!

Thanks for joining in.