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On March 1, 1978, a future star was born in Dallas, Texas.
His name was Jensen Ross Ackles.
Yes, we are talking about you Jensen!

Thanks to Balthazar, Dean and Sam (Supernatural episode “The French Mistake” 6.15),
we know that you were in a soap opera called “Days of our Lives” (1997-2000)

Jensen B.Day Days of our lives

Sam: Yeah. And, uh...Oh. Says you were on a soap opera.
Dean: What?

The first time I recognized you on the screen was in 2001 in the TV show, "Dark Angel".
Seeing you in the hoodie in "Dark Angel" immediately makes me think of
the Supernatural episode “Faith” (Episode 1.12), and you watching the Olympics in 2018.

Jensen B.Day Dark Angel

In the 2nd season Gag Reel you mention: “You may know me from the award winning series "Dawsons Creek" (2002-2003).
Let me tell you, “You might be right!”

Jensen B.Day Dawsons Creek

Back in 2004, you played Jason Teague in the TV show “Smallville”.
Since you were a coach there, it reminds me of the Supernatural episode “After School Special” (4.13)
where Dean wears red shorts, white socks, a whistle and the headband.

Jensen B.Day Smallville

An important movie for you was "Ten Inch Hero"!  You played a great character with a unique hairstyle,
and you feel in love with your gorgeous wife Danneel (Harris) there!

TeninchHeroMovie IMDB

Those were just a few of the TV shows and movies you were in besides Supernatural.

When the first episode of Supernatural aired on September 13, 2005,
it was the start of something unique, and the birth of the #SPNFamily.
Now, in 2019, the show is still on the air and the family keeps growing!

Jensen B.Day Season 1

Jensen, you inspire so many people
with what you say, what you do and all your charitable work.

Jensen B. Day Quotes

You're not just an actor and director. You're also an incredibly good singer.
I get goosebumps every time I listen to you sing "Brother".

Jensen Singing

During your shooting breaks, you also attend conventions
to give fans the chance to spend some time with you.

Jensen Convention

You are also the co-owner of a brewery named
"Family Business Beer Company" 

Jensen Brewery
Source: Jensen Ackles Instagram

Yet to come, you will be a King! No, not of Hell.
You will be the "Bacchus King" in the "Krewe of Bacchus" parade during the
New Orleans Mardi Gras, on the Sunday evening before Mardi Gras. #KingJensen

I could list a lot more, but to cut a long story short,


As this is a birthday special, we have wishes from
some of the #SPNFamily members around the world for you, Jensen!


Jensen B.Day Lisa Funko Pops
Credit: @LMRourke (read more about her &  her custom funkos here)

Happy Birthday Jensen!
I have to say that I have been a fan of yours since the beginning of Supernatural back when I was in high school. I am still watching the show, still impressed by your acting. I wish I could tell you personally how much you have helped me out with my own personal demons. Just know that I am proud to be a fan of yours. - Stefanie S.

"Be strong in the moments where you want to be weak. Because Life itself is worth living for.
If you're not living the life that you want, you fight for that life." - Jensen Ackles

The first sentence has been with me for quite some time,
but what the rest of this statement means is only now becoming clear to me.
I have to be strong and I will fight.
The saying will accompany me and give me strength. I thank you for that.
I am thankful that Supernatural became part of my life back in 2016,
because this show and the #SPNFamily helps me through this difficult time.
I wish you all the best for your birthday from Lüneburg, Germany.
Claudia (@woelfin261172 - Twitter)

Happy Birthday Jensen!
On this special day I wish you all the best, health, luck and prosperity for all the years to come.
I would like to take the chance to thank you for the many entertaining hours as Dean Winchester.
Best regards Alena (@Bluelocki - Twitter)

Happy Birthday to one of the brightest stars!
Your great encouraging quotes make me a better person.
Your big heart helps so many people.
You are loved.
You matter.
You are worthy.
You are magical and supernatural.
Please never change.
Renate (@waywardnurse99 – Twitter)


Here’s hoping you have a birthday as Magnificent as you are!
To the man who brings Joy & Light to my life.
Just by being yourself.
Love Always Penny (@pjaime08 - Twitter)


Cheers to you, starting another decade of greatness, Mr. Ackles!
About 20 million people on Earth are having a birthday today.
Still, you’re the most badass one of all. So there you go!
Happy birthday ????
Love, Andria and family. (@AndriaSeaside - Twitter)


Happy Birthday Jensen!!!
May your day be filled with love, joy and family.
Thank you for sharing so much of you with us.
Crystal (@crystal45879830 - Twitter)


Happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite actors ever and biggest inspiration!
XO Rachel Marshall (@RachelM80982509 - Twitter)

Happy Birthday Jensen!
Have a great day! Lots of love from Argentina!

Jensen, you truly make the world a better place.
May your birthday be filled with joy and laughter.
You deserve every good thing that comes your way.
Love, Debbie (@Classichassis - Twitter)

Happy Birthday Jensen!
The gifts you receive today don't compare to what you give to others every day!
Here's to another year of success, health and happiness!
Take care always and keep on rocking.
Heather (@kruse_heather - Twitter)

Dear Jensen,
much love and happiness to you as you begin your 41st year.
Thank you for keeping an open heart and for your courage to put yourself out there for the SPN Family.
This means so much to us and it makes all of us more open hearted and courageous.
Love, Susan (@SuzyKyoo - Twitter)

Dear Jensen,
Happy Birthday from London!
I appreciate all you do and hope you have a wonderful day.
Love Gabi (@ActionNowGal - Twitter)

Happy birthday Jensen!
I hope you have an awesome day and enjoy your birthday.
Eva (@evabbakk - Twitter)

Hey Jensen,
i'm Mara from Germany.
I'm sad that I can't be at a Convention in the near future to see you and the others,
but I wanted to tell you how much I love your show and I'm a big fan.
I wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day with you friends and your family.❤️?
Mara (Mara_B1707 - Twitter)


on this day this world became so much sweeter, brighter, and more beautiful because today is the day you became a part of it.
May your "CUP RUNNETH OVER" with the love, pure happiness and pride you make every one of our hearts feel everyday today and always!
Happy Birthday "King" Jensen!
Love, Kathy Abramowitz (@katteachart - Twitter)


Hope your “Personal Holiday “ is the best day of the year!
You will have many best days this year.
Valerie Dragt


Hey Jensen!
One more revolution around the sun but time hasn't touched you :)
Can't wait to see you as King Bacchus LI (long may you reign!) and give you a real birthday hug at SPNVegas!
Have a super great day and have a beer for me!
Your pal, Celina


Happy birthday Jensen.
You are amazing and beautiful inside and out.
I love you so much.
Mareneo (@mareneo_christy - Twitter)


May the next year be filled with nothing but happiness,surrounded by the ones you love.
Thank you for being you.
Love,Daelena (@pai969715 - Twitter)


Happy Birthday, Jensen!
Thank you so much for everything you're doing, and being one of the reasons why SPNFamily is so amazing.
You are my everyday inspiration.
Veronika, Czech Republic (@HufovaVeronika - Twitter)


Hey Jensen.
I'd love to wish you a super happy B-Day!
I'm pretty sure your life will bring you tons of reasons to smile!
(still hope you saw my drawings I sent to the brewery on your 40th bday)
Your Janie from Moscow (@janieromel - Twitter)


The Kansas SPN Family and myself wish you a very Happy Birthday!
Thank you and your team for your efforts in the charity events!
It has created a very positive ripple effect in the community.
Carry On.
Rianna (@RiannaMelton – Twitter)


Happy Birthday Jensen Freaking Ackles!
Words cannot describe how much you mean to me & always will.
You’re the light whenever there’s darkness & you make everyone smile just by being you.
@AKF_Winchester - Twitter


Happy Birthday!
I wish you the best birthday ever and I want you to know that you inspire me everyday.
Thanks for being amazing and still shining when life gets me or other members of the spnfamily down.
Love you @TheOGfandomcom - Twitter


Happy Birthday Jensen,
have a SUPERNATURAL day.
Stay healthy and enjoy the time with your family and friends.
Stay as you are.
Regina from Germany (@ReginaGutgemann - Twitter)


Hey Jensen,
very special Birthday wishes to you.
I hope you’re having a fantastic time with family and friends.
I will think about you when I’m having my "after work beer".
Cheers to you from Moni (@MonikaLuettge - Twitter)


Happy Birthday Jensen.
I want to express my great admiration for you and the the love you give to your fans.
You make us all feel a part of your family.
May you have the best year yet!!!
Love @cspen6600 - Twitter


you are an absolutely amazing human!
You have such a huge heart!
Happy birthday darling!
Hope it's as amazing as you are ?
Cori (@FallenAng3L39 - Twitter)


?Happy Birthday to the tremendously talented, hilariously funny,
big-hearted, ridiculously handsome Jensen Ackles.
Thank you for leading by example, giving generously and taking action for others less fortunate,
using your fame to make a positive change in the world.
You are a man of outstanding character and integrity, and we love you for it!!?
Shannon DeFoe  (@ShamalaD@sljones247 - Twitter)


Hi! My names is Victoria. Happy birthday!
Love ya! Victoria (@mawty - Twitter)

Happy birthday, Jensen!
I hope that you have a wonderful birthday full of happiness and great times with your family. 
@GabbyBrown_2005 - Twitter

Jensen, an Irish blessing for your birthday:
"May you always have a clean shirt, clear conscious, and enough coins to buy a pint."
Cheers! Stacie - aka Bree Colt, SPN The Cleaners- (@realstaciefarr - Twitter)

Thanks Jensen for being a role model for a lot of us.
You're kind & smart.
I wish you have an amazing birthday and enjoy your day surrounded by your beautiful family and friends.
You're a rare and beautiful soul. thanks for being an incredible person ?
Yeya (@AnahiiLeal - Twitter)

Happy birthday Jensen,
may your day be filled with love and joy,
many friends and lots of cake.
Katerina (@KaterinaKestem1 - Twitter)

Happy Birthday Jensen!
I hope you have an amazing day and that the prep for Mardi Gras is going well.
Love ya!!! @pussels68 – Twitter

Jensen Eat Pie Kill Demons
Source: Jensens Instagram

please don't ever change.
You are perfect the way you are.
You inspire me every single day.
May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day.
I wish you all the best for your birthday.
Love, Bettina Bier

Happy Birthday, Jensen! 
- The Winchester Family Business Team

Please share your birthday wishes, comments, questions, and reactions below!


Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who sent me wishes to include here! 

Bettina Bier

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