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They're back, they're back!  The episode motivational posters are back!  I don't know about you, but nothing says "inspiration" and "motivation" more than a dark tale about three hot guys; one drunk, one crazy, and one on a really effed up power trip. Plus their stable father figure.  You know, kind of like The Brady Bunch

Meet The New Boss.001-001.jpgMeet The New Boss.002-001.jpgMeet The New Boss.003-001.jpgMeet The New Boss.004-001.jpgMeet The New Boss.005-001.jpgMeet The New Boss.006-001.jpgMeet The New Boss.007-001.jpg

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# bilbosmom 2011-09-30 13:28
Wonderful, as always!! A great way to start the day!
# nancyL 2011-09-30 14:13
Death without his junk food.
Dean without his junk food.
Nancy without her junk food. :lol:
WSB without Ardeospina's motivational posters. :-|
# Mandie 2011-09-30 19:29
Ha, I didn't notice mustache guy until I saw the Unimpressed poster. Good stuff, as always!