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The cast and crew of Supernatural are working to help us through this COVID-19 Hellatus. We have another wonderful outtakes video from Shaving People, Punting Things to brighten our days. Just hours before the blooper video was released, Entertainment Weekly previewed a stunning Cover Photo Shoot, Feature Article and behind the scenes video of Jared, Jensen and Misha to honor the end of Supernatural!

Alex agreed with Ruth that they just couldn't get through that scene, no thanks to Jared, Jensen and Misha's own challenges with the dialog and retakes! He and Ruth exchanged several more tweets that were hilarious to observe!

Jason acknowledged that the production team is making these bonus blooper videos to help #SPNFamily get through this unexpected hiatus!

 The Entertainment Weekly Cover Shoot

WARNING SPOILERPHOBES! There are a few spoilers in the article.

Coincidentally, just hours before the blooper video was released, Entertainment Weekly released a preview of their May issue, Supernatural stars reflect on the show's undying legacy, It's a fabulous tribute to 15 years of Supernatural, with amazing pictures of Jared, Jensen and Misha during their cover photo shoot.  All the pictures are by Peggy Sirota for EW. She did a wonderful job of capturing the intimate friendship between these 3 lead actors, with emotions running high as they said goodbye to EW and Supernatural.  If things had worked out as planned, the issue would have hit news stands around the time of the series finale on May 18.  

 The cast reacts to the shoot:

We now know this shoot was the source of the emotional tribute from Jared to Jensen for his birthday:



Of course, it didn't take long for #SPNFamily to add to the fun!

Day 2: More Magnificent Photos from Malibu!

EW wasn't done!  It's another day of even more phenomenal pictures from the cover shoot......and another BTS video! 

Supernatural stars celebrate 15 years in exclusive EW portraits!

Day 3: Watching the Magic Happen!

It's Day 3 of this unbelievable stream of heart stopping photos from Entertainment Weekly, Samantha Highfill and Peggy Sirota! Today's treat is to go behind the camera and see even more high energy, high emotion photos being shot! The poses and backgrounds in these shots haven't been released yet, so maybe there's STILL more to come!

Go behind the scenes of EW's Supernatural cover shoot

How did the #SPNFamily get so lucky?! 

Thanks to WFB's Elle, we can confirm that Canadian fans ARE able to order these covers directly from Meredith Corp (parent of EW) after May 1st despite what the website says! 

Get your copies ordered today!