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Here it is, our annual press room interview with Jensen Ackles!  This one is pretty exciting for us.  We only had four minutes with Jensen, but out of the three questions asked, I got to ask one and Nightsky got to ask the other!  

Apologies up front for the video quality, but the room was super dark.  Far worse than other years.  It really was asking a lot of an iPhone to fix the lighting.  But the content and what Jensen said is pure gold, so enjoy.  We were very lucky to score 8 interviews in the press room, as Ruth Connel and Samantha Smith were surprise guests.  So all of those will coming in the next few days.  

Below is the transcript of the interview and then the video on Youtube.  Grainy as the quality may be, Jensen does some pretty funny things in this video that do not show up in a transcript.  So I'd advise watching.  One more thing...


So how does Dean feel about having his mother back now? 

There’s a lot of mixed emotion.  I think he’s confused…he’s excited but…remember she’s a stranger to him and he’s a stranger to her.  Here’s this woman who has now come back to life thirty some odd years later and she’s not only now having to adjust to modern technology, the Internet…cellphone, what’s that?  So, her adjustment I think is going to be a little strenuous for the relationship, plus she’s going to have to deal with both her sons living hunter’s lives, a life she tried so desperately to get out of when she was alive.  There’s going to be some tension, there’s going to be some emotion…sure there’s joy but there’s a lot of hesitancy there too because she’s another avenue to get at the brothers.  If there’s something that happens to her then…there’s vulnerability that comes with her presence.  

(Alice’s question) Plus I assume that Dean is totally freaking out about Sam now.  

Well, he doesn’t know.  And Sam thinks Dean is dead because he went to kamikaze to the darkness at the end of the season.  For all intense purposes, Sam’s thinking “Well, my brother’s not going to come for me because he suicide bombed the darkness.  Dean’s got to quickly figure out that something’s wrong, Sam’s gone, because he’s going to come back and (in a very excited expression), “Hey, mom’s back?  Sam?  Sam?”  So that’s where we’re going to pick up in the beginning of the season and then it very quickly becomes Liam Neeson from Taken.   Dean’s coming to rescue. 

(Nightsky’s question) God’s parting words to Dean were, “It’s not my responsibility, I’m taking a vacation, Sam and Dean can take care of the world.  So basically, another Dad throwing his responsibility at Dean.  How do you think Dean is reacting to that?   

It’s what he knows.  We’re kind of control-alt-deleting and getting back to the basics of what Supernatural is.  Yeah, Dean and Sam get back together eventually, I don’t know when, I haven’t read the script yet, but eventually it’ll get back to them taking cases, trying down the road, listening to rock music, and hunting things that go bump in the night.  There are obviously these added elements of the Men of Letters, Mom, Lucifer’s running wild, so it’ll be tricky to navigate, but, yeah, God said, “You deal with it as you’ve been  dealing with it essentially.  Maybe I’ll come back sometime.”  I think that even though Dean would like to do something a little more finalizing, whatever the Supernatural world is, it’s what he knows, so he’s going to go back to doing what he does best.