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Reactions continue to pour in to the announcement that Supernatural will end with season 15.
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I wanted to write something on Friday...but, its hard to put into words how Supernatural has touch the lives of our family. I just couldn’t think of a way to fully express how embedded this show has become in my personal day to day. How many memories have been shared, how much have we all grown and changed in 14 years, and how much do we all rely on each other? It’s overwhelming. Then.. as I put my coffee cup into the sink, I looked down at it and laughed. I took a quick walk around the house and snapped pictures of everything I looked at or touched this morning(and only this morning, I don’t have all day?)that reminded me of the lifelong bond we will have with this show and it’s incredible fans. Some of you will recognize these items(all where given by fans or crew), and although their relation may not be immediately apparent to all, in one way or another, their presence is a reminder of a connection, a time and a second family we will all forever share. #SPNfamily

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