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It's Friday!  It must be clip day!  I wasn't sure if I was getting these this week but I was thrilled to see them.  So, for those that haven't seen the official description, here goes: 

SAM'S BODYSNATCHED! - High school nerd Gary (guest star Colton James), conjures up a body-switching spell and changes bodies with Sam (Jared Padalecki).  Thrilled by his new handsome and built body, Gary (now Sam) investigates a case with Dean (Jensen Ackles) and takes advantage of Sam's good looks and age by hitting on women and getting drunk.  Meanwhile, the real Sam is stuck inside Gary's teenage body, dealing with intrusive parents and high school.  Also guest stars Sarah Drew ("Everwood," "Mad Men") as "Nora."  Robert Singer directed the episode written by Julie Siege with story by Julie Siege, Rebecca Dessertine and Harvey Fedor (#512). 

Clip 1 (from The CW)

Clip 2

Clip 3


# Sablegreen 2010-01-22 23:28
Shades of Quantun Leap. This looks like it is going to be good!
# Alice 2010-01-22 23:29
I don't know. I still have my reservations on this one. I'll go in though with a completely open mind!
# elle 2010-01-22 23:53
Okay - this looks like it has potential - if for nothing else than Jared playing the teenage boy - "I'd love to have the sex with you!"
# Kate 2010-01-22 23:56
Well, this looks interesting. A few reservations, but that was only on the way the body swap was to be presented or if the teenage acting was going to be plain awful.

I'm sure it will still have plenty of LOL and Clip #2 had me cracking up.

I don't get how Dean wouldn't notice the sudden change in Sam's maturity levels, though?

Can't wait for next Friday. :-)
# Kara 2010-01-23 00:16
omg i died laughing in Clip 2. Hilarious. I think this is going to be better than what i originally thought. Was looking forward to not craving an episode, but now it looks like i am not going to be spared that burden yet again.

I love this show!
# Jasminka 2010-01-23 05:57
Oh my God, teenageSam is wearing a Star Wars t-shirt with Darth Vader hovering over the whole caboodle… Omen, anyone?

This looks promising. Caution, lady, you’re about to have sex with a minor… and he's so eager about it, it probably won’t last long…

I wonder what that thing that flung teenageSam against that wall was – angel protecting Dean? Why did the boy point the gun at Dean? Oh, I’m getting more curious by the minute… Yeah, yeah, after hellatus the nail-biting-in- waiting-for-the -next-episode has begun. I hate this show. ;-), Jas
# Jasminka 2010-01-23 06:02
P.S.: the body-swamped teen takes advantage of Sam's good looks, hitting on girls...? Does this mean, we're going to see Sam kissing again? Well, that would be a treat... I love this show. :lol: Jas
# Randal 2010-01-23 10:46
I think this is going to be funny as hell (I hope so, anyway) though that's probably tempered by the fact that once upon a time, I was young and geeky and now I'm just old and geeky.

Jas, ha! I thought the same thing about Vader. Not that I expect Lucifer to fling the Big Cheese and his lightning bolts down a shaft. ;-)
# trina 2010-01-23 11:19
I think I am looking forward to this. So if this kid is in Sam's body and Lucifer comes calling could he then say yes and let Lucifer in?
# Ash 2010-01-25 21:56
I am a little apprehensive about this one... If it takes Dean till the last 15 mins of the episode(or worse still, a phone call from real Sam) to figure out its not really Sam in there, I will not be happy!