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Windy is back from its two week hiatus!  So what's in store for adventures in the Wild West this week?  
The name of episode 1.11 is "The Pittsburgh Windmill."  I Googled the name for fun and it's a nickname for a boxer from a different time period, the early 1920's.  So yeah, not sure what it means.  

Here is the synopsis courtesy of The CW:

BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME – Abby (Kat McNamara) proposes a scheme to reroute the railroad away from Calian’s (Justin Johnson Cortez) tribal land. Tom (Greg Hovanessian) finds the tables turned while attempting to take down his brother. Kate (Katie Findlay) and Kai (Lawrence Kao) navigate their fractured friendship while Gus (Philemon Chambers) remains convinced that Tom is up to no good. The episode was written by Michael Carnes & Josh Gilbert and directed by Geoff Shotz (#111). Original airdate 2/16/2023.

There are 7 nice period photos that tell us nothing:

Finally, here is the promo clip courtesy of The CW.  Not much details, but I LOVE the hat and suit that Hoyt is wearing.  The costumes on this show are just so wonderful:

Anything here spark your interest?  Feel free to speculate in the comments and/or come back here and share your reaction after the episode airs.  

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