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Man, doesn't it seem like not long ago this day was miles away?  Walker season two premieres this week, and as we did last season, here is your preview info!  Just enough to spark our curiosity but not enough to give away anything significant.  There is some pretty in this though.  

So, let's start with episode synopsis, courtesy of The CW:

SEASON PREMIERE – Walker (Jared Padalecki) realizes his life is at risk and confronts Captain James (Coby Bell) who confesses to him the real reason Micki (Lindsey Morgan) went undercover. Meanwhile, the Davidsons return home which sets Abeline (Molly Hagan) on edge as there is dark history between the two families. Trey (Jeff Pierre) almost blows Micki’s cover. Steve Robin directed the episode written by Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke (#201). Original airdate 10/28/2021. Every episode of WALKER will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required. 

Here is a season two preview from The CW.  It's unknown how many episodes this covers.  I'm a little worried about Trey here!  

Finally, here are the photos.

The cast has been busy promoting the season 2 premiere, which is great news for fans! First up, Jared talks a LOT about the set up for each family member this season in this interview with TV Insider. Be sure to watch their vid interview as well as reading the article! They talk about different things in each chat so you get twice the info!

1.18 414 Cordell smiling

Keegan Allen also talked with TV Insider about Liam's relationship with Cordell in season 2. 

1.18 liam

Molly Hagen previewed what will be happening with her character, Abeline Walker, in an interview with a home town blog, Fort Wayne Currents!

1.18 460 bonham abby 

Excited?  Happy to see the show back?  Hopes, dreams, wishes?  Share any thoughts you have about the new season here.

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