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Welcome back to our review of the most "Memorable Moments" of Supernatural season 12! Let's continue our series with episode 12.04 "American Nightmare". Once again I put together a list of what I felt were the best moments from this episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what has transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be. 

Best Broments

SPN 0604

The several talks between the brothers over the situation with their Mother. Walking to the Petersons..... 


....and the next day after all the excitement.

Best Sam Moments

SPN 0759

Sam's talk with Gail Peterson. Finding about why they chose a simpler life. 

SPN 0832

But also setting her straight...' God doesn't care what kind of life you live, trust me. And God didn't kill your daughter, you did'

SPN 1260  

Also his talk with Magda...trying to help her realize she isn't the devil but has psychic abilities  

Best Dean Moments

SPN 0191

Dean's text to his Mom and realizing...'I'm a thirteen year old girl' 


And his talk with Mr. Peterson as he helped with the wagon wheel. 

Funniest Moment

SPN 1089

Dean believing Beth is a witch and has been doing the killings. He goes to end her..... 

SPN 1086

....but finds out it wasn't her after all. 

Dean: How you liking the new gig?

Beth: I hate it!

Dean: What??

Best Brothers Morphing Moment


Sam liked an 80's rock band and Dean didn't??

Dean: The master of light is now the Master of Butt Rock. He jumped into Vince Vincente.

Sam: The Rock star?

Dean: The Douchebag! The guys roll of purple hair down to his butt and a spike cod piece.

Sam: It was the 80's

Dean: The what?

Sam: It was the 80's.

Dean: What you're defending him?

Sam: I mean his third album wasn't....not horrible.

Dean: I hate you so much right now. 

Best One Liners/Comments

SPN 0668

Mrs. Peterson: Do you know God, Gentlemen?

Dean: Oh yeah, Yeah we're more...besties. 

Grossest Moment

SPN 1423

Abraham foaming at the mouth from the rat poison 

Creepiest Moment

SPN 0930

Mrs. Peterson at the top of the dark stairs 

Most Thought Pondering Moments

SPN 1439

Why make dessert if you plan to poison/kill your family during the main course? Force of habit or trying to lead off suspicion?  

SPN 1443

You serve your guest his dinner but leave him tied up. Was she going to force feed him after she watched her family die from the poison? 

Saddest Moment


Magda being killed by Mr Ketch. 

Most Touching Moment


Magda leaning her head on Sam's shoulder 

Best Disguise

SPN 0654

Sam and Dean as Child Services wearing SWEATERS. 

Best Alias

s12e04 62

I have to go with Father's Penn and DeNiro, a shout out to their movie 'We're No Angels'

Most Reflective Moment

SPN 0499

Remember when scaling high fences.... 

SPN 0469

... was once a breeze 

SPN 0560

and now climbing over a 4 foot fence is a struggle. 'Ahhhh to be 26 again' 

Best CGI/VFX scene

SPN 0043

The invisible lashing of the victims 

Best Emblem

SPN 1064

Sam having The Men of Letters emblem as a screen saver on his phone. 

Best Camera Shot

SPN 0001

The stain glass window. 

Best Overhead Shots

SPN 0007

The 'Holy Water' bowl......

SPN 0090

The father overseeing the fallen parishioner  


the fallen grocery boy

Best Scenic Scene

SPN 1647

Sam and Dean walking along the long driveway of the Peterson's home. 

Best Lighting Scene

SPN 0015

The sun rays shining through the stain glass windows onto only one side of the church.   

Best Phone Message/Text


Mary finally responding to Dean's Message 

I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!