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Supernatural in the news this week.

AXS did an article on our favorite band Louden Swain in LA band Louden Swain rocks with edgy and addicting music.

The popularity of Los Angeles based indie rock band Louden Swain just keeps on growing. Well known to the LA music scene, these guys kill it with a mixture of musical flavors of alternative along with strong classic rock and roll vibes.

Sharp Magazine
tells us Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a Real-Life Cowboy. Jeffrey was also interviewed by Comic Book Resources and said he Will Push AMC for a Comics-Accurate Negan on "The Walking Dead". EW talked with him about Playing The Walking Dead's Negan: 'I grew up with a bat in my hands'. Jeffrey's character on The Good Wife, Jason Crouse, made TV Fanatic's 27 Characters Who Took 2015 by Storm.

Rowena returned to Supernatural this week and the actress who portrays her was interviewed in several outlets.  MTV asked Who Should Play Crowley’s Father On ‘Supernatural’? Ruth Connell Has Some Ideas. With EW  Ruth Connell previews Rowena as Lucifer's 'fan girl'. Buddy TV had a 'Supernatural' Interview: Ruth Connell on Rowena Fangirling Lucifer.

Injection, a project funded on Indiegogo announced that Jim Bever has been cast as the father in the movie. Julie McNiven is also part of the cast.

When a mysterious serum is delivered to her door, Claudia Fischer (played by Julie McNiven) enlists the help of her scientist brother, Martin (played by David Blue), to analyze it. The contents of the vial are strangely similar to the research he's been conducting for the past decade: a possible cure for cancer.

Injection explores the very real questions regarding the ethics of what a definitive cure for cancer would mean for the world.

Want to see Sera Gamble's new project The Magicians? EW, Deadline Hollywood, and SpoilerTV report that

Class will be in attendance at Brakebills University a little early, as Syfy will offer a chance to watch The Magicians’ premiere ahead of its January debut.

Syfy has confirmed that The Magicians’ pilot will have a special screening on the network on Dec. 16 at 10 p.m. ET, following the finale of the three-part Childhood’s End. The pilot will air commercial free on Dec. 16 before the show officially premieres on Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. ET.
Love Misha Collins' voice? You're in luck! Misha plays Dr. William Chambers in The Chamber's Tapes an episode of the radio series Tales From Beyond The Pale.

The structure of this narrative is very innovative, since it takes the form of a guided meditation. How did this idea come together?"

The Chambers Tape" looks at the sometimes surreptitious use of "science" as the promise of a magical cure-all. ("We've infused our special meditation tape with scientific technology to enhance your results!") It's a strange racket and distracts from legitimate and truly positive advancements.

Listen to it here.

Misha also made this announcement

From the Celebs Gone Good FAQ.

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Jared has also been nominated by Celebs Gone Good. Vote for Jared or Misha to win this honor.

Our guys are making the list of top performers in social media. One Direction and 'Supernatural' stars top Tumblr's teen dream ships of 2015. Jensen, Jared and Misha all made top 10 of Tumblr 2015 Year In Review - Most Reblogged Actors. Hypable notes Chris Evans, ‘Supernatural’ are among the most popular Tumblr topics of 2015.

Supernatural fandom continues to draw attention. Fangasm continues its coverage of the 2015 convention circuit in J3 Day at Pascon – Jared, Jensen, Jeffrey (and Mark!). Geek and Sundry wrote Carry on My Wayward Fandom: Why the Supernatural Fandom is the Best. The work of our fans is getting praise as well.

Zap2It lists ‘Supernatural’: 5 reasons Sam and Dean Winchester wouldn’t survive in real life.

Finally, we got a chance to see where it all began when Eric Kripke tweeted