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Season 11 was a year loaded with faces old and new; big villains, friends who became enemies, enemies who became friends and complicated journeys- some ending and some beginning. So what worked, what didn't and what fell somewhere in between?


Miss: Dean Hearts Amara **Nitpick Alert**

spn1113 2180This had potential to bear fruit and, maybe, okay there was something of a payoff in that Dean was the one to talk Amara down in the end (sort of). But, spades are spades, and there was something too overdrawn about this odd relationship after a while. Creep factor aside, it started out interesting and curious – but eventually Dean’s attraction and taboo inability to strike against Amara was just too redundant in all the wrong ways.

Hit: Mary’s Return

11.23 593 MaryNo explanation needed. Mary Winchester is amazing and this was 12 seasons in the making.

Miss: Visions **Nitpick Alert**

SamsVision 314Actually, these started out okay-ish. Then, Sam was too prepared to jump onboard the “From the Lord” train. After all they know, have done, seen, survived – a few more questions are worthwhile.

Hit: Amulet

11.20 566 Glowing AmuletSigh. So many reasons this was amazing. First, Sam still had it, answering the question of the whether he scooped it out of that garbage can all those years ago. Second – we finally got to see it in action!

Miss: Billie

s11e02 253Under used and disappointing after such an awesome introduction and threat-potential.

Hit: Baby

normal Baby 339Tribute to an amazing character that has been part of the journey from the beginning. It was amazing, beautiful and all around perfect.

Miss: Lucifer

s11e10 66 Lucifer CloseupThere was so. Much. Potential. Let’s just leave it at that.

Hit: Imaginary Friends

normal Just my iImagination 209Morbidly hilarious concepts and fantastic visuals – sparkle blood anyone?

Miss: Casifer Potential Unreached **Nitpick Alert**

normal The vessel 206Kind of on the bubble here, actually. This isn’t a criticism of the acting, just how much we got to see of this version of Castiel. There were some good moments – blowing up other angels, pretending to be Dean’s confidant - and then some failures in the Lucifer-Possesses-Castiel storyline. Ultimately, it just didn’t quite push the envelope far enough, mean enough, powerful enough.

Hit: The End

11.23 574 endingCliffhangers can be tricky to do well without being too cliché – season eleven managed beautifully. All the plots of the season were sewn up and instead we were served a handful of new, dramatic dangling endings for our main characters sending us in brand new directions for season twelve… you know, after we waited through an agonizing and speculative summer hiatus. Well done.

Share your thoughts - agree, disagree or otherwise - on part one and look out for part two coming in a few weeks!