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Featuring a chapter from Nightsky!

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Here are the pictures for the finale.
Who We Are


All Along The Watchtower


Who We Are looks like an all out fight between the American Hunters (including Jody (YAY!) and other hunters that I don't think we have ever seen before) and the BMOL. Toni is in handcuffs for a while, but eventually has a great big syringe and seems to be brainwashing Dean. Mary ends up tied up, gagged and in handcuffs as well. Are Sam and Dean trying to un-brainwash her? For some reason Ketch returns to the Bunker. Is he checking if everybody died? Or has he figured out that Sam, Dean and Toni didn't suffocate?
All Along The Watchtower returns to Kelly who is probably in labor. She is with Cas, who is looking after her. Sam, Dean and Mary seem to be talking possibly a confrontation? Sam actually seems to be talking to Mary. Maybe he's offering to get her a glass of water, so Dean can have a heart to heart with her? Or asking her why she thinks ears are shaped the way they are? (No, I'm not over it.) Cas, Sam and Dean seem to stand united. Lucifer returns to the world. Mary is going to be Kelly's labor coach.
What do you take away from these pictures, other than the fact that Sam and Dean don't die in episode 22? Let us know in the comments or in the discussion threads for episodes 22 and 23.