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This is breaking news out of Hollywood, but Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Sera Gamble is stepping down as "Supernatural" showrunner at the end of the season.  Robert Singer will continue to be co-showrunner, but he will be joined by a VERY familar face.  Jeremy Carver is coming back to the show!  He will return in the position of Executive Producer/Co-Showrunner.  He will still remain Executive Producer of his SyFy show "Being Human", leaving the show running solely to his wife Anna Fricke.

This is a breaking story, stay tuned for updates!!!

Update #1 (8:21 ET):  This story has been confirmed by both "Deadline Hollywood" and "Zap2It."  

Sera Gamble's contract was up for renewal, and she opted not to renew to focus on development.  Sera has stepped into the background more this season, passing the Producer's Previews and other press opportunities onto Robert Singer.  Her role as showrunner changed this season to focus more on the creative side, and so far the reviews have been mixed.  

Whatever the reason for her choosing to step down, seven years is a long time to be with one show.  It's unclear whether she will remain as a writer for Supernatural.  

Sera Gamble has been a big friend to us here at The Winchester Family Business.  She's given us many interviews and always has been gracious with our questions.  We wish her nothing but the best!