We have pictures for Supernatural season 15 episode 7.
15_07_BTS_Bar_Singing_2_Jeremy.jpg 15_07_BTS_Bar_Singing_Jeremy.jpg 15_07_FBB.jpg

15_07_House_Rules.jpg LC3.jpg SN1507a_0002b-700x39405.jpg

SN1507a_0076b-700x46603.jpg SN1507a_0126b-700x46606.jpg SN1507a_0183b-700x46607.jpg

SN1507a_0516b-700x46608.jpg SN1507a_0579b-583x46609.jpg SN1507b_0181b-653x46601.jpg

SN1507b_0196b-700x46602.jpg SN1507b_0301b-653x46604.jpg lc4.JPG

lc5.JPG lc6.JPG lc7.JPG

Eileen stuck around! Cass has reunited with Sam. Dean is off on his own adventure and sings! What do you take from these pictures? Let us know in the comments or in the discussion thread for episode 7.