We have the photos for Supernatural Season 14 episode 16.
14-16-12.jpeg 14-16-13.jpeg SN1415A_0003b.jpeg

SN1415A_0085b.jpeg SN1415A_0223b.jpeg SN1415A_BTS_0505b.jpeg

SN1415B_0136b.jpeg SN1415B_0145b.jpeg SN1415B_0179b.jpeg

SN1415B_0182b.jpeg SN1415B_0205b.jpeg SN1415B_0237b.jpeg

SN1415B_0280b.jpeg SPN_0032.jpg SPN_0098.jpg

SPN_0245.jpg SPN_0269.jpg
Jack hooks up with the kids from town. Sam and Dean meet up with a sheriff in the woods. What do you think about these pictures? Let us know in the comments or in the discussion thread for episode 16