Here are the trailer and the promotional photos for episode 11.03

Bad Seed

CHCH has posted its promo for episode 3 here.

We also have lots of pictures, including pictures of Jensen directing.



Rowena returns! It looks like she's still controlling Cas, who is attacking people including Dean. Crowley still has Amara and seems to be feeding her. Sam captures Rowena, who is wearing a blond wig. All this while Jensen looks intense directing the episode.

What do you think? Are there two Amaras, the chld and the woman Dean saw in the fog? Can Crowley control Amara? Or will she control him? Will Cas hurt anyone while under Rowena's control? Who is the young woman Cas is confronting? Amara has brown hair, and this woman's hair is reddish. Is she someone brought in to feed Amara? Or is she part of another story? How far will Dean have to go to stop Cas? What will happen once Rowena is captured? Will she release Cas? Will the Winchesters be able to keep her imprisoned? Or will she escape? Let us know in the comments or in the Episode 3 Discussion Thread.

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