A few spoilers for season eleven were released today.

From  an interview with Jeremy Carver and Andrew Dabb with SpinOff Online.

What makes the Darkness unlike any other threat the Winchesters have faced? Jeremy Carver:

For starters, it becomes fully apparent what the Darkness wants. It’s not just a threat for the boys, but a threat to angels and demons as well. In some ways, it’s a more global threat. I say that and it sounds big and comic book-y almost, but there’s certain incredibly related things about the Darkness that grounds it in a way “Supernatural” does. Once we fully start to understand what the Darkness is all about, everybody is going to realize there is a very relatable  story here and a lot of unfinished business for the Darkness side. I don’t think the Darkness thinks that the Darkness is a threat at all. Hopefully, sometimes that is the best Big Bad: They think they are the hero of their own story.

they also address

Supernatural” fans are extremely passionate about the show and must give you a lot of suggestions. In what ways have you taken them into consideration?

Introduce us to the character Amara (played by Emily Swallow) and how she will be causing trouble for the Winchesters?

The boys are going to come back united. It is going to be a seamless transition or will there be conflict?

Now that Rowena (Ruth Connell) has gained this ultimate power, what does she want to do with it?

Entertainment Weekly dropped this little tidbit about season eleven.

Will we learn what Metatron did with the demon tablet on Supernatural? — Alien Knights of Chaos

I can’t speak specifically to the demon tablet, but it’s highly likely the guys will find themselves asking for Metatron’s help yet again. While discussing how the Darkness predates the Bible — and therefore there’s not much written about it — Jared Padalecki says that Sam and Dean are going to seek any and all help they can get. “We’re going to have to maybe go to Metatron for help or Castiel, and we don’t even know what they know because the Darkness predates them as well,” he says. But rest assured, “We’re going to see the boys really stop at no end to right this wrong they’ve brought onto this Earth.” Anyone else having season 5 déjà vu

What do you think about these spoilers? Are you getting excited about the new season? Let us know in the comments.


# AlyCat22 2015-08-21 23:22
You would think that if you are going to do an article about a show that you would at the very least get the facts correct that you are reporting on. The SpinOff Online writer incorrectly stated that Dean's killing of Death lifted the MOC and caused The Darkness to be released. How many reporters or writers have gotten this wrong now? Do they even bother to watch what they are commenting on? Was the episode that much beyond their comprehension?! How the show could have shown any clearer without having to resort to maps, diagrams and colored charts that it was the SPELL Rowena cast from the Book of the Damned which removed the MOC that consequently let The Darkness thru is beyond me. Deaths death had nothing to do with it getting out. Reading is fundamental and understanding what you are watching is key if you are going to accurately write about something. It isn't rocket science, a 5 year old, okay maybe 7, could have followed that episodes plot. Good God.
# cheryl42 2015-08-21 23:57
These writers probably aren't writing their articles for the hardcore fans. Even though everyone knows the details the average fan just lets it roll. We HC fans will just shake our heads and watch the new season.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-08-22 17:41
So I guess Amara is indeed the physical manifestation of the Darkness. Hmmm, not sure how I feel about that. I guess I'll decide after I see how it unfolds!
# BoGirle 2015-08-23 19:08
Agreed SanD. It seems pretty uncreative to go down the route of sex pot villainess... it's been done over and over again. I wish they'd thought a little outside the box on this one. There was some speculation that Amara was Death's replacement which sounded more interesting to me than having her be the personification of THE DARKNESS!!!! ZZZzzzzzz. Isn't this basically Lillith 2.0, Meg 2.0, Abbadon 2.0, mother of all 2.0? Yeah she's probably more powerful but ......meh... been there, done that. I was really hoping that THE DARKNESS!!!! would stay abstract, a slow moving dark mist that drifts over the landscape and does.....someth ing. I guess we'll see.
# spnlit 2015-08-24 14:20
I am having difficulty trying to equate the MOC that turned Cain into a killing machine and wanted to kill Dean or turn him into a demon to be the lock and key that released the darkness that is shaping up to be or partially be a femme fatale alien/ otherworldly being who doesn't see itself as evil. I am not excited about all of this but will keep an open mind.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-08-24 15:28
I share your and E's reservations about this portrayal of the Darkness. But I'm hoping that Amara only periodically manifests and that more often she is seen as a more amorphous being, like a cloud or mist as E suggests. My biggest concern is that Amara will be a typical snarky, wise-cracking creature like the demons and most of the bad angels. One reason I loved Mark P as Lucifer is that he played Lucifer as less human than the other angels seemed, with none of the snarkiness and emotion displayed by Zachariah, etc. His more restrained portrayal of Lucifer actually magnified his aura of power and menace. So I'm hoping Amara is depicted more in that vein.
# spnlit 2015-08-24 19:45
I am also hoping for an intelligent portrayal of the darkness. I hope Amara is not the sum total of the Darkness but a part of it. I do agree that the portrayal of evil persona was extremely effective when understated and not equated with sarcasm, coercion, brute force, sex, or corporate power figures. I agree for those reasons Lucifer and Lilith worked and also Death; although not necessary evil, had the understated and thus magnified power and menace. Well it still all could be interesting, everyone is going to fear the Darkness, Death being "dead" will have an impact and Sam is going to have some type of visions and we have the all powerful Rowena floating out there...... hope the Darkness does not get resolved with witchcraft!!!!
# BoGirle 2015-08-24 19:50
Yes... Mark P. as Lucifer was wonderfully intense, clever and creepy. I actually like Metatron for that same reason... he's not your typical villain but still manages to create problems and actually be a bit menacing now and then when he chooses to. I guess it will come down to how good an actress Emily Swallow is and how good her writing is. I loved Abbadon, but I don't want to see another overtly evil, 'let me relish in my badness' character. That worked for Abbadon, but it's pretty one dimensional. And here's to hoping and praying that Amara does NOT become a romantic entanglement for anyone. I am especially worried that they might be setting up something between Amara and Dean.... that's a big NO as far as I am concerned.
# VirileManifestationoftheDivine 2015-08-23 18:46
I think its interesting that The Darkness doesn't see itself as evil. I'd like to know a little more about Amara, she could be interesting.
I hope they can give her an otherworldly quality. Hopefully she won't speak in pop culture references and act like the girl next door.
I'm all for the brothers being united. I hope it lasts the entire season. They should fight external demons, not each other.