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Supernatural The Official Cookbook:  Burgers, Pies and Other Bites from the Road

The Adventurous Eaters Club


All the fun stuff!
Funko Sam

Funko Dean

Funko Crowley

Funko Castiel

Funko Bobby

Funko Charlie

Funko Castiel w/Wings

Funko Crowley - Red Eyes

Set of 4 Supernatural Cars

Dean's Amulet

Castiel Plush

Sam Plush

Dean Plush

Supernatural Charm Bracelet

Games and Activities

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Supernatural the Official Coloring Book

Supernatural Coloring Book:  Monsters, Demons, and Spirits

Supernatural Puzzle Book


Family Don't End With Blood

Fangasm - Supernatural Fangirls

Supernatural Psychology: Roads Less Traveled

The Essential Supernatural

Supernatural Fan Phenomena

The Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

John Winchester's Journal

Supernatural and Philosophy

Season 1 Official Companion

Season 2 Official Companion

Season 3 Official Companion

Season 4 Official Companion

Season 5 Official Companion

Season 6 Official Companion

Season 7 Official Companion

Men of Letters Beastiary

Supernatural:  Fresh Meat

Supernatural:  The Usual Sacrifices

Supernatural:  One Year Gone

Supernatural:  Carved in Flesh

Supernatural:  The Unholy Cause

Supernatural:  Night Terror

Supernatural:  Heart of the Dragon

Supernatural:  Rite of Passage

Supernatural:  War of the Sons

Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss

Supernatural: Mythmaker

Supernatural: Cold Fire

Supernatural:  The Roads Not Taken

Supernatural:  Witch's Canyon

Supernatural: The Usual Sacrifices

Little Moon by Megan Padalecki

Big Mo

Time Lords & Tribbles, Winchesters & Muggles

Carrying On: A Collection of Fan Poetry

The Mythology of Supernatural

Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls


There's a lot of freaking episodes out there to catch up on, as well as plenty of extras!
Season 1

Season 1 Blu-ray

Season 2

Season 2 Blu-ray

Season 3

Season 3 Blu-ray

Season 4

Season 4 Blu-ray

Season 5

Season 5 Blu-ray

Season 6

Season 6 Blu-ray

Season 7

Season 7 Blu-ray

Season 8

Season 8 Blu-ray

Season 9

Season 9 Blu-ray

Season 10

Season 10 Blu-ray

Season 11

Season 11 Blu-ray

Season 12

Season 12 Blu-ray

Season 13

Season 13 Blu-ray

Season 14 Blu-ray

Supernatural The Animation Series

A Christmas Cottage

30 Miles From Nowhere


Begin - Briana Buckmaster

Supernatural Original Soundtrack S1-5