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Caption This too! 2

It was a bit of a hard choice on the previous caption this (and nobody voted by clicking "like" or "up" on the comments to make it easier to choose) so in the end I went with the winner easiest to format (click on the smaller pic ...
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Supernatural Nerd HQ

I have been following NERD HQ since the beginning of it. And of course, what a surprise, I got hooked to it, by Supernatural. Jared being one of the first ones who agreed to do NERD HQ. It is great because I think that through the live stream even th...
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Supernatural CW audience map female/male + poll (request) Take two

I was going to add a second poll about male/female viewers to the previous one but that was not possible. I actually would have liked this to be included because it is interesting and tosses out the urban legend that men don't watch the show. I watch...
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