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Season 10 DVD Region 2

Finally For you all out there who don't have a regionfree DVD-Recorder like me... I found a shop where you can pre-order the Season 10 DVD Dutch version in english with an english subtitle. You can find it here:
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Supernatural season 1-10 DVD covers + poll

So, today they released Supernatural season 10 blu-ray cover and it is pretty gorgeous. I got an idea from that and also I can practice something new. Which of these Supernatural season covers is the best in your opinion and why? I actual...
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Major continuity error in season 10!!

I realized this yesterday and holy crap it's a doozy. In the season finale Death says that he can't remove the mark because it would break the seal and let the darkness free. And yet in episode 10-12 "About a Boy" Dean is turned into a teen...
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