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New Destiel fanfic: Leftovers

https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11239020/1/Leftovers I got a new fanfic posted. It's a one-shot Destiel fic. Hope you like it. ^__^ SUMMARY: Dean is suddenly realizing that when he was a demon a few things changed...and those changes stuck. - Dest...
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Tribute to 10 years, 200 episodes...

I have an idea! Remember my remix of the 200th episode? http://www.thewinchesterfamilybusiness.com/article-archives/episode-related/18888-nate-winchester-s-remix-of-supernatural-10-05-fan-fiction What if we got a bunch of cosplayers together, ...
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SuperPithy - Short fan fiction stories about Supernatural

SuperPithy’s are short fan fiction stories (aka short scenes). Target is to write a story that is about a page long. The topics I get from other people and they are rolled with a dice which one I choose randomly. I came up with this idea to get t...
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Supernatural fan fiction and art - links and information?

Hi, as the internet is endless jungle of links to different kinds pages good and bad I was thinking this could be a good place to share those links/images and spread the word. I am interested myself with good fan fiction/art sites and of cours...
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