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  3. Monday, 16 November 2015
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Greetings everyone! Because once in a while I like having access to a live chat on our site, and not Twitter, I got a free version of the CBOX and activated it on the site.

This used to be the most popular page on this website, BY FAR. Then a little fighting broke out, Sam fan vs. Dean fan crap, feelings got hurt, blah, blah, it dwindled to nothing. It wasn't worth paying for the premium service that everyone enjoyed by then abandoned so I cancelled it.

Right now this new CBOX is very limited. Only 20 messages per page, 200 characters per message. You can type as many as you want, but that's what displays. If the site grows, and if people stop being oversensitive when an instigator comes along and tries to cause trouble (water on a duck's back I always say), I'll restore the premium service. In the meantime, the free one can work for a long while whenever two fans or more want to have a live chat.

The CBOX is NOT moderated. I ask you all follow our basic site rules as a courtesy, but I will not be enforcing them. I will trust you all to behave like adults.

Okay, now that the admin warning and disclaimer is out of the way, enjoy the CBOX! It is meant as a place for fun. It can be found in it's original spot on our Vertical menu on the top left hand side of the front page, or just use this link:
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