Person Place or Thing Part 2
I have a little game for you, it's silly I confess.
A person, place or thing, lets see if you can guess. 
1) We were used in four episodes, I don't believe there was more.
    We were all used to represent different stories and lore.
    One was for worship not necessarily in a good way.
    One was used as a marker, an old farmers display.
    One fell upon death from the misuse of a ritual spell.
    And one represented life, created from grace that had fell.
2) I'm part of an old ritual or occult that was once observed.
    I was considered a powerful object after I was preserved.
    I was taken after the punishment for murder and or stealing.
    And after I was dried and pickled I was no longer appealing.
    I was used in one episode, where a spirit had stirred.
    Seeking revenge on those deserving, were death had occurred.
3) I was seen in three episodes, but not actually used.
    My presents was merely for the viewers to be amused.
    My real purpose is to help ease ones pain and to relax.
    Although I've tagged along to parties with booze and snacks.
    My existence has been known to be quite controversial.
    You'll never see me advertised in any TV commercial.
4) I was in one episode where ones identity was concealed.
    Hiding and living among those in the entertaining field.
    I was designed to honour those who bring laughter and joy.
    Although I was made more for children, I am not a toy.
    I'm also not always favoured, I do have to admit.
    That for some I can be creepy, so be careful where you sit.
5) I was represented in three episodes, two of which I was seen.
    And one was in a drawing, being questioned why it had been.
    Although my presents each time was based on folklore.
    I assure you my existence and purposes exceed far more.
    I am not just for story books and a yearly tradition. 
    I am used in many recipes and a good source of nutrition.
6) My kind has been around for centuries, I am very old.
    But despite my age, my beauty is something to behold.
    I thrive on falling in love and the feelings that it can bring.
    Especially having those who love me, be willing do anything.
    I make them see what they want, make their illusions come true.
    So be careful what you wish for, as I may put a killer spell on you.
7) I was represented in one episode, I fed on just one thing.
    And when this thing was intensified, death it would bring.
    I'm considered as an illness that is contagious to a certain few.
    Depending on your attitude and the profession that you pursue.
    There is no remedy or prescription from the Doctors shelf.
    I can only be cured by salt and burning or through fear itself.
8) It was represented in two episodes, places with a similar name.
    Their stories were quite different, but their purpose was the same.
    One had been closed down, from the poor services it provided.
    And because of some horrid acts its evil had remained resided.
    The other was still operational and was helping those in need.
    Despite the evil entity that found it to be a great place to feed
9) My job is a simple one, I can pick up your special sound.
    I know if you are out there, I know if you're around.
    I can be very helpful for I have a specific cause.
    But I have to admit at times my services can have flaws.
    Depending on certain locations there may be interference.
    But on the whole I'm very reliable, as long as there is clearance.
10)Over 90 years ago I was created and named after a famous man.
     Inspired by a particular incidence where he had taken a stand.
     I became very popular and can be found in most homes today.
     I was even used in one episode and was expected always to play.
     However I must ask a favour, I hope my sincerity shows.
     Please never bring me to life, because it really blows.
Do you know who or what we are, by the given clues?
Tell me your answers and I'll tell you if it's true.