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Now for the final round! In the following paragraph, see how many errors you can spot. I will not tell you just yet how many in total there are, so read carefully then post your total score below.

In the beginning, each of Supernatural’s seasons were twenty-two episodes total until season six, when the show went to twenty-three. This would remain the size of each season until the final season which had a shorter, twenty-episode run - which ended up being split into three parts because of the worldwide COVID pandemic. Throughout these episodes, the boys fought everything from fairies to cosplayers to bigfoot to God’s sister to God himself. They weren’t always alone, however, and had many allies as well, ranging from angels to demons to werewolves to sheriffs to Scooby-doo. They even encountered other versions of themselves who teleported into the bunker in a mint green mini cooper, listening to Savage Garden’s “Chained to You.” Though it doesn’t technically count, Dean did argue with himself in a dream once. Neither of them ever settled down with anyone for a period, or had any children before their adopted son, Jack, until the last episode where a look into the future showed Sam happily married to Eileen with a son named after his brother. Said episode was named after the Kansas song which had been adopted as a theme for the show, “Dust in the Wind.” 

Oh! And if you catch me in an unintentional error, I will award you a “SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME point” which is worth 3x a normal point. 

Now who is the biggest Supernatural nerd ready to correct me without looking up the answers?  

Good luck all in proving me wrong!

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