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Welcome to Match Game - The Supernatural Way! It's a quick and easy little game to test your knowledge of Supernatural. There are two ways to play: Click your answer to each question in the scrolled version (available on some devices), or match an episode from the first column to the various categories from the second column in the classic format.   Try it out and have fun!

1) Momma Mia

A) Mary and Jack escape from Michael

2) Mommy Dearest

B) Introduction to Bobby Singer

3) Good Intentions

C) Sam performs the final trials on Crowley

4) Sharp Teeth

D) "Lost Angel" by Heart

5) Devil's Trap

E) First episode the boys play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'

6) Into The Mystic

F) "See Brady, we're the ones you should be afraid of."

7) Sacrifice

G) Ruby helps Bobby fix the Colt

8) Heart

H) Elwood, Indiana

9) The Devil You Know

I) Oak Park Retirement Home 

10) Sin City

J) "Don't you two have a chew toy or something to go play with?"

Bonus Question:  From which episode did we pull the header picture?