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 Welcome to Match Game - The Supernatural Way! It's a quick and easy little game to test your knowledge of Supernatural. Just match up an episode from the first column to the various categories from the second column.  Try it out and have fun!


1)  I'm No Angel

A)  Sam becomes the 'Sampala'

2) Dark Dynasty

B) The monster Vetalas is featured

3) Dream a Little Dream of Me

C) FBI Special Agents Hicks and Ripley, from the Movie Aliens

4) Changing Channels

D) "What were you thinking, shooting Casper in the face, you freak?"

5) The British Invasion

E) Charlie solves the Codex code

6) Adventures in Babysitting

F) Introduction of The British Men of Letters

7) I know What You Did Last Summer

G) Longmont Police Department (Colorado)

8) Pilot

H) Sam and Ruby hook-up.

9) Alpha and Omega

I) “This is my voicemail. Make your voice a mail”

10) Pac-Man Fever

J) Long Train Runnin' by The Doobie Brothers

Bonus Question: From which episode did we pull the header picture?