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This week's episode had both touching moments and hilarious reveals!
Are you ready to test your memory with some trivia??  Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed!

Give yourself one point for every right answer. You decide if you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!
Perfect Score this week is 21. Let us know how you did!


1What was the first victim doing before being killed?

2 What function was Sheriff Jody Mills attending?

3 What did Sheriff Donna Hanscum try to give Sheriff Jody Mills when she was signing in?

4 What was the name of the spray paint that the first victim was using?

5 In what city and state was the Sheriffs' retreat being hosted (the freebie of the week! - 2 points)?

6 How much weight did Donna lose?

7 What was the name of the second victim?

8 In what other Supernatural episode did actor Aren Buchholz appear? Which character did he play (2 points)?

9 What was the dating service that was used by the officers?

10 What was the name of the hotel where the retreat was held?

11 What classic rock song was played in this episode?

12 What FBI aliases did Sam and Dean use (2 points)?

13 What two items were stolen from the victims (2 points)?

14 In what other Supernatural episode did actor Keith MacKechnie appear? Which character did he portray (2 points)?

15 What did Sheriff Donna Hanscum discover about Sheriff Len Cuse?

16 What was the address of the vampires' hide out?

1 Spray painting happy faces on the wall

2 A Sheriff's Retreat

3 A yellow sucker

4 Beat Spray Paint

5 Hibbing, Minnesota

6 Six pounds

7 Howie

8 "Live Free or Twihard" - Vampire boy

9 Cufflinks

10 North Country Hotel

11 "The Weight" by The Band

12 Agents (Ace) Frehley and (Peter) Criss - from the band Kiss

13 A belt and a wallet

14 "I Believe the Children are our Future" -  The Coroner

15 He was a vampire

16 424 Cripple Creek Road

How did you do? Did you catch any other details that would amaze trivia aficionados? Go ahead - show off your knowledge!