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1 Glazed donut

2 An ornate cross pendant

3 Fell over the second floor railing

4 Shady Hills Motel

5 It was a key

6 Faith - Rev. Roy Le Grange

7 Clown College

8 Beethoven's 'Fur Elise '

9 Silver bullets

10 Yorkshire Terrier

11 Three books and an glass ashtray

12 Pheasants

13 Right hand

14 After School Special - Eddie(Teams Bus Driver)

15 Eight times

16 Coined 'the crime of the century', Two Chicago University Students kidnapped and killed a 14 year old boy. Wanted to commit the perfect crime.



# Lilah_Kane 2015-07-06 08:01
Haven't done these a while so here goes. :)

1. Glazed donut
2. Old (fake) ornate cross pendant
3. Second floor, Fell over the railing
4. Shady Hills Motel
5. It was a key for the attic
6. Faith, Reverend Roy Le Grange
7. Clown College
8. ??
9. Silver bullets
10. Yorkshire Terrier
11. Three books, an glass ashtray
12. Pheasants
13. Right hand
14. After School Special, Eddie
15. Eight times
16. ??

- Lilah
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