It's Saturday and we could use some fun.  I thought it would be fun to bring back Caption This!

The rules are simple.  I have put what I think is being captioned, then it's your turn to be creative and to have fun. How would you caption the screenshot?

1.  “Sorry dude! They just don’t carry your size!”

2.  "So what's on the menu for today?"

3.  "What? She might have some important information."

4.  "Hey! Go easy!"

5.  "You know I think this might just fit you Sammy!"

6.  "The water cost what????"

7.  "Ok. You first!"

8.  "What the hell is that smell?!"

9.   “Wedgie me boy and I'll kick your ass!”

10.  "I don't care! You're never driving her again!"

11.  "Sorry guys, you can't write off the grenade launcher."

12.  "Damn it Sammy! You flush that toilet again, I'm gonna beat your ass!"

Your turn!  Caption this!