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Ok I’m back with four more episode titles and have put my thoughts on each.
What are your thoughts on the following episodes?
Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song?
And why? It is your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you?
Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers.
What Is and What Should Never Be


This was a powerful episode. There are so many moments with this one. Dean’s memorable speech at his dad gravesite, how strained his relationship was with Sam. How everyone keeps asking if he’s been drinking. But the moment that affected me the most was Deans first moments with his mother. When Mary opens the door and seeing Deans face it’s so heart wrenching and when he hugs her. And how he leaned into her hand when she places it gently on his face, the way he embraced her loving touch. It was all so beautifully done.
No Rest for the Wicked

For this one the scene that always comes to me first is when Dean and Sam are in the house searching for Lilith, however time is running out and Sam gets desperate, demanding Ruby tell him what he needs to do to bring on his powers. Dean tells Sam no. Sam is now in tears.

Dean: I know this is all my fault and I’m sorry, but what you’re doing isn’t going to save me and it’s only going to kill you.
Sam: Then what am I supposed to do?
Dean: Keep fighting. Take care of my wheels. Remember what Dad taught you. Remember what I taught you.
Dean grins at Sam with tears running down his own face.
The time hits midnight and chimes.
Ruby: Sorry Dean, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.
In The Beginning

I have two scenes with this episode. The first one is Dean’s last talk with Mary. She is listening to music and Dean comes into the room to say good-bye.

Dean: It doesn’t matter what your dad thinks. I like that John kid. I think you two are meant to be, hell I’m depending on it. What’s John like?
Mary: He’s sweet, kind, even after the war, after everything he still believes in happily ever after. He’s everything a hunter isn’t. No offense. He’s gonna ask me to marry him tomorrow I think. Oh Dad’s going to explode but I don’t care. I’ll run away if I have to. I love John. I wanna get out this job, this life, I hate it. I want a family. I want to be safe. You know the very worst thing I can think of? Is for my family to be raised into this like I was. I won’t let it happen!
(Dean is tearing up). Hey you Ok?
Dean: Yeah. Even if this sounds really weird will you promise me that you will remember? On November 2nd 1983, don’t get out of bed? Now matter what you hear or what you see, promise me you won’t get out of bed. (Tears fall down Dean’s face)
Mary: Ok.

The second is when Dean is too late to stop Mary from making the deal with Yellow Eyes and Castiel shows up to take Dean back to present time. The compassion on Cas’s face was equally as heartbreaking as the anguished expression on Deans.
How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters

I have two moments with this episode.  The first one is the forest scene with Sam, Dean and Bobby, when they are talking about hunting as children.

Sam: I guess I forgot before you were a hunter you were actually a Hunter.
Bobby: We shot our dinner when I was a kid.
Dean: You used to take us hunting when we were kids. Dad had a case, he’d just dump us on you. You must have taught us most of the outdoor tracking we knew.
Bobby: What I could get to stick. Never could get you grubs to pull the trigger on a single deer.
Dean: You’re talking about Bambi man.
Bobby: You don’t shoot Bambi, Jackass. You shoot Bambi’s mother.
Sam frowns and shakes his head.
The second one is when Sam clues in that there is something wrong with the sandwich that Dean is eating and they take it back to the cabin.

Dean: This is stupid the sandwich didn’t do anything. I don’t know what you think you’re going to find.
Bobby: There is something wrong with you Dean.
Dean: Are you kidding? I’m fine. I actually feel great, best I’ve felt in a couple of months. Cas, Black goo, I don’t even care anymore. You know what’s even better?  I don’t care that I don’t care. I just want my damn Slammer back!
Sam: You’re completely stoned just like Ranger Rick was.
Bobby: Just like the dinner rush back at Biggerson’s and everybody’s lovin’ the Turducken.
Deans sandwich suddenly blurbs out gray goo.
Dean: I think you pissed off my sandwich. That’s in me?
Sam: Only half of it.
Bobby: Does that snot look familiar? So whatever turned Gerald Browder into a pumpkin head is currently turning Dean into an idiot.
Dean: I’m right here. Right here.
Bobby: Is in the Turducken sandwich at Biggerson’s, it’s in the meat
Dean: If I wasn’t chilled out right now I would puke.

What's your favorite scene from these episodes?  


# Grace232 2013-07-09 01:07
I love all these episodes too! Loved the same scenes you mentioned in What is and What Should Never Be. I also really liked the scene when Sam jumps in the car. When Dean asks why he is coming with him, Sam says You are still my brother. That is of course followed by the funny moment of Dean calling him a bitch, and Sam not having the right response.

I cry every time I see the scene you gave in No Rest for the Wicked. I also love the scene when the brothers sing Wanted Dead or Alive - Jensen does such a good job, showing the character getting his brother to sing, and then he stops and you see all the fear on his face.

Both of your In the Beginning scenes get me every time. Some funny lines from that episode too - like Dean saying Sammy, wherever you are, mom is a babe - and I'm going to Hell - again.

In addition to your scene (we do not get to see funny drunk Dean very often), I also liked two quiet scenes in How to Win Friends - the one when Bobby was talking to Sam in the car, and the private conversation he had with Dean. As the one person talking to each of them about their feelings, it made his loss in the next episode all the more poignant.

Thanks for reminding us of these great episodes. How many more days until season 9?
# Bamboo24 2013-07-09 11:57
I love "What is and What Never Should be" - every scene between Dean and his mom is just superb. But especially the one where he demands her to tell him what she used to tell him every night before tucking him into bed - that angels were watching over him. The moment where he believed that it was reality, some sort of wish come true, was truly gut-wrenching. I also love the last scene, where Dean opened up to his brother. The vulnerability and the brokenness in his eyes as he talked and listened to Sam was rare and precious.

In "No Rest For the Wicked" my favorite scene is actually the one right after Dean gets the knife from Ruby, where he has a heart-to-heart with Sam to try and convince him not to give into Ruby's manipulations. He says "we go after her (Lilith) our way, the way Dad taught us; and if we go down...we go down swinging." That speech just epitomized Dean Winchester.

"In the Beginning" - That scene with Dean's mother was so haunting. And he was so torn up by her words. Brilliantly done.

"How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters" is my favorite S7 episode, so I loved every scene. :)
leah unlogged
# leah unlogged 2013-07-09 19:44
"What is and What Should Never Be" is one of my all time favorites. So many great scenes. I especially love Dean talking to his Dad at the grave. Eric Kripke said Jensen walked on set, ready to go and did that scene in one (or two) takes. Dean and his Mom, just tore me up. The little boy who misses his Mom, so evident. Saying goodbye to a life he wishes so much for Sam, and himself.

"No Rest For the Wicked"- "family don't end with blood boy." " you're my weak spot Sammy and I'm yours"

"In the Beginning"- Dean with young Mary- so sweet and sad.

"How to Win Friends and influence Monsters" I love the moment when Dean is sitting on the edge of the sink by the window and says " you know whats even better? I don't care that I don't care." and then pulls that goofy look.

Thanks Karen, this was fun.

(my quotes might not be 100% accurate :-)
# hlnkid 2013-07-10 11:41
"What is and what should never be" has to be one of the saddest episodes in SPN history. Even seeing the 'happy' version of Dean as he mows a lawn that really doesn't need mowing (I always laugh at that...the blade isn't even touching the grass, haha)...but even that is sad, because we know he'll never ever have anything like that. Few episodes are ever perfect, but this is one just that is in every aspect. One of my favorite (and saddest) scenes is Dean brooding on the couch, after he discovers that in his life, he and Sam aren't much more than ships in passing. Jensen is the master of facial expression and he nailed that scene.

"No Rest for the Wicked" - favorite scene has to what is essentially Dean's goodbye to Sam. The heartbreak when Sam ask what he's supposed to do with Dean gone...ouch. Stab to the heart and one of Jared's finest scenes. And with Dean keeping eye contact with his brother, telling him to remember what he was taught...gets me just thinking about it.

"How to Win Friends..." Yeah, the Dean drunk on TurDucken was fall out of the chair funny. Also the actor playing Ranger Rick was hilarious...wel l, before he became dinner. LOL!
# SecretWillow 2013-07-11 10:57
What Is And What Should Never Be – This is a collection of many little moments: Dean standing by John’s grave talking to him, the look on Dean’s face when he gets the fancy dinner at the restaurant, all of Sam’s facial quirks because he can’t understand Dean’s behavior, the ‘bitch-jerk†™ moment that almost-but-didn ’t-quite happen, all the shots with the djinn and that incredible makeup, Dean flipping through the magazine in the hotel room at the end, the scene when his family is trying to get Dean to stay with them. I was holding my breath, I thought there was a 60/40 chance he was going to stay.

No Rest for the Wicked – Dean screaming and being torn apart by hell hounds. Not to offend or intentionally get too gross, but this scene almost made me throw up. And not because it was gruesome and graphic and gory (which it was, of course), but because I had grown to love and care about these characters so much, I just couldn't believe that not only did they actually go through with the demon deal, but they did it in such an emotionally traumatizing way. I probably shouldn't have been surprised; this is Supernatural after all. But I just felt like someone had ripped out my heart and was showing it to me. I still have a hard time watching this. I almost can’t.

In the Beginning – I love Dean’s conversation with John in the car lot, and going over the Impala’s finer points. And I love the fight scene Dean has with Mary and discovering she’s a hunter by her bracelet.

How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters – Two scenes in this just made me sit and giggle like a loon. The scene with the Slammer burping up gray goo, that was fantastic, and the scene where Sam and Bobby and are autopsying Gerald in the cabin. Pack of gum still in the wrapper, a pine cone, fresh Rick, and a cat’s head! :D
# debbab 2013-07-16 13:18
Agh! Can't pick one from this bunch as a favorite really, but No Rest is right up there with Swan Song. The tidbit(Friends and Monsters) about the boys never pulling the trigger(Bambi) explains their true natures, but Bobby's comeback is their reality.And that Turkdukin aside from the social relevance, we get to see Dean high-imagine him in a college dorm-greasy food, access to women and booze- So many layers to our Hunters. What is and... tells us that S+ D need each other to be whole even if reality is ugly.
You picked scenes that show great and sometimes subtle performances by actors who so know their characters. Thanks.