I have four more episode titles from my trusty Tupperware container and have put my thoughts on each.
What are your thoughts on the following episodes?
Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song?
And why? It is your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you?
Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers.

Dead Man’s Blood

For this episode I have to go with the conversation between John and Sam as they wait for Dean to return from his errand. I thought this was such a wonderful moment, allowing John to finally have a chance to explain himself and acknowledge that he had made mistakes.  Sam is pacing the floor while John works at the table.

Sam: It shouldn’t be taking this long. I should go help. (He heads for the door)
John: Dean’s got it.
Sam stops and starts pacing again.
John: Sammy.
Sam: Yeah.
John: I don’t think I ever told you this, but the day you were born you know what I did?
Sam: No.
John: I put a hundred bucks into a savings account for you. I did the same thing for your brother. It was a college fund. And every month I’d put in another hundred dollars until... anyway, my point is, Sam, that... this is never the life that I wanted for you.
Sam: Then why’d you get so mad when I left?
John: You gotta understand something. After your Mother passed all I saw was evil, everywhere. And all I cared about was, was keeping you boys alive. I wanted you prepared...ready. So somewhere along the line I, uh... I stopped being your father. And I – I became your, your drill sergeant. (Sam comes over to sit down) So when you said that you wanted to go away to school, all I could think about, my only thought was that you were going to be alone...vulnerable. Sammy, it just – it never occurred to me what you wanted. I just couldn’t accept the fact that you and me – we’re just different.
Sam laughs.
John: What?
Sam: We’re not different. Not anymore. With what happened to Mom and Jess... (he laughs) we probably have a lot more in common than just about anyone.
John: I guess you’re right, son.
Sam: Hey, Dad? Whatever happened to that college fund?
John: Spent it on ammo.
Hollywood Babylon

With this one I have two moments that I always think of.  The first one is when Sam is trying to talk to Dean about the case and Dean keeps breaking off to talk over the radio set.
Dean: Walter’s a little testy for a PA huh?
Sam: How’s it going in here?
Dean: Its going really good man. Tara’s really stepped up her performance. I think it’s probably from all the sense memory she’s drawing on.
Sam: Sense memory?
Dean: Yeah
Sam: Dean when I ask how it’s going here I’m talking about the case right? We don’t really work here.
You know I thought you hated being a PA.
Dean: I don’t know. It’s not so bad. I kind of feel like part of the team, you know. It’s good. Oh taquito?(holds up a plate of food)
They’re wonderful.
Sam: No um listen I conned my way into the morgue.
Dean: And?
Sam:  News reports are right. Brad’s a doornail, no question.
Dean: (speaks into head set) Copy that! (Looks at Sam) Sorry what?
Sam: Copy that?
Dean: What you say?
Sam:  News reports are right. Brad’s a doornail.
Dean: (speaks into head set) They are aware!
Sam:  Who’s aware?
Dean: Sorry what were you saying?
Sam:  Uh what..the newspaper’s right. Brad’s a doornail, no question about it.
The second one is when they are going through the gravesite to salt and burn the actress they think is haunting the set. It’s just a little brotherly banter moment but it always makes me smile.

Dean: We gotta go check out Johnny Ramone’s grave when we’re done here.
Sam: You want to dig him up too?
Dean: Bite your tongue heathen!
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

The first scene that comes to mind is when Sam confronts Dean’s behaviour after leaving the deceased girl’s fathers home. You can see how worried Sam is for Dean, how he just wants Dean to open up to him so he can help.

Sam: What the hell is the matter with you Dean?
Dean: Back off!
Sam: That man was innocent. He didn’t deserve that.
Dean: Ok she’s not here. Maybe he’s keeping her somewhere else.
Sam: Stop it! That’s enough Okay? Enough.
Dean: Sam I know what I’m doing.
Sam: No you don’t at all. Dean I don’t scare easy but man you’re scaring the crap out of me.
Dean: Don’t be over dramatic Sam.
Sam: You’re lucky this turned out to be a real case. Because if it wasn’t you would have found something else to kill.
Dean: What?
Sam: You’re on edge. You’re erratic. Except when you are hunting. Then you’re down right scary. You’re tail-spinning man. And you refuse to talk about it and you won’t let me help you.
Dean: I can take care of myself thanks.
Sam: No you can’t! And you know what? You’re the only one who thinks you should have to. You don’t have to handle this on your own Dean. No one can.
Dean: Sam if you bring up Dad’s death one more time I swear..
Sam: Stop Dean it’s killing you. Please. We’ve already lost Dad. We’ve lost Mom. I’ve lost Jessica. And now I’m gonna lose you too?
Dean: We better get out of here before the cops come. I hear you, okay? Yeah I’m being an ass and I’m sorry.
Plucky Pennywhistles Magical Menagerie

With this one I have to go with Dean asking Sam about Plucky’s and the fear on Sam’s face just thinking about the place. I get that same look when someone mentions spiders.

Dean:  Do you remember a chain called Pennywhistles?
Sam: No
Dean:  Really? I could have sworn you loved those places.
Sam: No dude I hated them. Ah you would dump me and go trolling for chicks.
Dean:  It’s not like I left you in jail. Those places are supposed to be fun.
Sam: Fun? They’re lame and they smell like puke and the ice cream is all grainy.
Dean:  All right don’t have one of your episodes okay? I’m just saying I hit a dead end with the whole witches gone wild thing. But both kids were at Plucky’s day of. Look why don’t you go check out the local Plucky’s and ask about this Billy kid.
Sam: Ah look man why don’t I just ah…. I just wait for you to get back.
Dean: No can do Armano. I’m on my way to talk to little Billy.
Sam: Why don’t I talk to Billy right now?
Dean: Wait! Wait. This isn’t about your ah clown thing is it?
Sam: What? No!
Dean:  Sammy?
Sam: No.
Dean: What in the world did they do to you? All right well never mind, just note that Ninety nine point nine, nine percent of clowns can’t hurt you ‘kay?
And if it bleeds you can kill it. (Dean hangs up the phone)
Sam: If it bleeds you can kill it.


# KG_SPN 2013-05-25 23:54
Thanks for the trip down memory lane :D

You've picked my favourite scene in Plucky's. I love that Dean was able to pick up on Sammy's insecurity about clowns, even though he couldn't see his face :lol: My other favourite scene is the ending where Dean's gift of the clown is left on the road, with its evil laugh continuing into the end titles!

In Hollywood Babylon, I really love that 'Gone with the Wind' backdrop that the boys are walking into in your screen-cap. But my favourite moment is on the tour bus when the guide starts to talk about the Gilmore Girls and Sam rolls his eyes and disembarks from the bus as quick as he can :lol:
# KG_SPN 2013-05-26 00:24
Oh, and how could I forget, just prior to the end in Plucky's - sparkling Sammy (wow) and Dean's joy at finally getting the slinky ;-)
# eilf 2013-05-26 00:35
Three out of four of these are episodes I don't have strong feelings about, though I don't like the menagerie one at all. The exception is children shouldn't play with dead things and the scene you picked is one of my absolute favorites in the entire show. Partly that's because when I feel that Sam has become so introverted it is impossible to know what he is thinking I can go back to it and say 'there he is!'
That scene is lovely and so moving and sincere from both of the guys and it gets Dean to the point where he can sit on the Impala and talk about his feelings, and that is a lovely scene too! Ah, innocent times ...
But, in all shallowness, exactly how gorgeous are they both with those closeups? How much closer-up is it possible to get a camera? Why doesn't the show do this any more (by which I mean all the time oh, and Misha has lovely eyes too)? I mean Jensen is wearing contact lenses, you can see them! :D

Must go watch episode ...
# kaz1 2013-05-26 04:03
Hi eilf
Which ep are you referring to where you can see J contact lenses. I didn't know he wore glasses!
# eilf 2013-05-26 10:35
There you go - in fairness this particular photo doesn't do Jensen any favors ;-) all the other photos either side are much better but I think you can see contacts! He doesn't wear glasses, he said at a con a while back he had laser surgery.
Thank you for encouraging me to go look at pictures from this episode....
# Trucklady 2013-05-26 10:55
He doesn't wear glasses. It was before he had the laser surgery.
# Grace232 2013-05-26 00:50
Thanks for these great memories. Loved all these scenes too.

My favorite part of that Dead Man's Blood scene was right after John told Sam he had used the money for ammo, both he and Sam shared a laugh, and Dean walked in on that nice moment. From that same episode, the scene with John and Sam arguing on the side of the road - and Dean getting between them to make peace - was great. It was clear Dean had been the peacemaker many times. I was reminded of that in the beginning of season 8 when Dean kept the peace between Cas and Benny in Purgatory.

All of Hollywood Babylon was fun. I also loved the PA lines - Sam explaining to Dean that he thought they were like slaves (you know the crew was giggling) - and then Dean being called a hell of a PA after saving the writer and after a little romance with the actress.

You also picked my favorite Plucky's scene. I also loved Sam playing bad cop - the usually empathetic one makes a really good bad cop, as evidenced in this episode, in Nightshifter when dealing with Ronald, when trying to find his brother in Repo Man, and of course, while soulless. And, the episode also gave Dean a chance to interact with another kid. Maybe it is just me, but I think those scenes are always magic.

How much longer until season 9?
# kaz1 2013-05-26 03:57
I loved that scene from Children shouldn't play with dead things too. I love it when Sam is worried about Dean for a change.

My absolute favourite scene that always sticks is the one when they are being referred by 'Dr Barbar' to that psychiatrist at the mental hospital (I forget which ep sorry). Oh my word "...so can you fix him so we can go around the country hunting monsters" Oh Dean I love you to death.
# Grace232 2013-05-26 12:38
Hey Kaz1. That was Sam, Interrupted in season 5.
# kaz1 2013-05-26 04:15
The pennywhistle thing.
I have always battled with this. You have to be about 5 to enjoy pennywhistles right? Now if Dean was into chicks back then, he must have been what.. about 14/15, which makes Sam 10... hardly young enough to establish a fear of Clowns and even needing to be babysat by such establishments. Don't know the timeline well enough. Perhaps someone can explain?
# Grace232 2013-05-26 12:48
And here is my thought on that one, Kaz1. Sam did not say that Pluckys was where his where his fear of clowns came from - just that Dean used to dump him there, and he hated the place. I think the fear of clowns came earlier from something else - or hey, maybe nothing really happened, but they just freaked him out as a little kid - saw a movie or something. No clown traumatized me as a kid, but I have always thought they were kind of creepy.
# kaz1 2013-05-26 13:08
Yes you are probably right. It's just that the Sam knew monsters were real and to develop a fear over clowns when he knew monsters that were far worse, he must have developed a phobia long before when he was very young. Perhaps subconsciously he knew what went bump in the night and the fear manifested as a phobia of clowns.

Also tho the timeline doesn't seem to fit. There is no way Dean would have been able to dump a 10/11 year old in a place like that. Not in my world anyway. So I was wondering what other fans made of it.
# love2boys 2013-05-26 14:42
Hi, kaz. In the finale didn't the brothers remember Dean doing "something" to Penny Markle in the sixth grade? I was 11 in the sixth grade. (Making Sam 7.) My bet is with Dean growing up a wild child he was into chicks a lot earlier than we might think. ;-) (Making Sam younger.) Also I agree with Grace232, in that Plucky's may not have been where his fear of clowns came from. Poor Sammy.
# Gwen 2013-05-26 05:18
Dead Man's Blood. Oh, I love this episode SO much. I love the desperately complicated relationship between Sam and John and the scene you chose is my favourite scene too. I love how worried Sam is about Dean, John/JDM's accent when he says the 'day you were born' just about has me dissolving (oh, I miss John/JDM) and I adore that Sam finally gets to talk to his dad about going to Stanford.

Hollywood Babylon. This isn't one of my favourites but I did enjoy the scene when they are on the tour bus and they go past the Gilmore Girls set. :lol: Also, there's a very nice shot at one point where Sam's wearing headphones and the camera slowly pans around and we see all Sam's cute curls. Okay, so I have always had a bit of a thing for Sam's hair. :oops: :lol: Dean's enthusiasm for the P.A job is cute too.

CSPWDT. Yeah, that's my favourite scene too. Sam is getting more and more frantic about Dean. His 'And now I'm gonna lose you too' was so sad. The last scene was utterly heartbreaking too. Eilf mentioned the closeups on this episode and, yeah, they were amazing. Such beautiful men. *Sigh*

Plucky's. I loved this entire episode but again, I agree with your choice. Sam was being just so Sammy. I loved how Dean said Sammy..., I loved seeing it slowly dawn on Dean that this was about Sam's 'clown thing' and I loved Dean being the big brother and trying to reassure his poor terrified little bro. :lol:

Thanks so much for this trip down memory lane. I think I'm going to have to go re-watch these episodes. I suddenly have a great need to see John again and those close ups in CSPWDT. :lol:
# Grace232 2013-05-26 12:54
Regarding the close ups - that episode was directed by Kim Manners. He was a master of those close face shots. We don't see that much any more because the world lost such a fabulous director.
# kaz1 2013-05-26 13:01
I didn't know SPN when Kim Manners was alive. I would have loved to have met him as he seems to be fondly remembered by Jensen. At the time I think the J's were in their early 20's and I think they seemed to regard him as a father figure. Being so far from home, I am sure he was an important figure in their lives
# Bevie 2013-05-26 14:50
I just love the 3 from the first 2 seasons. Everything from season 1 to Lazarus Rising I love entirely. Those are still my favourite seasons.

Plucky's is a good one from much later that goes into that category also. Loved Dean trying to buy and then win the giant slinky, and his face when Sam gifted him with it. Snff!

Dead Man's Blood - loved they were with John. Specially loved the part where Kate finds Dean with his stalled? car on the road and their confrontational talk, and when dad and Sam come to the rescue, and Luther gets shot with the Colt. The argument in the road with Sam and John yelling and poor Dean trying to get between while watching the road for traffic! The peacekeeper as always. Love love love him!

Children - the same scene as you picked, and the one where Dean comes back to the motel finding Sammy watching porn and reveals with much sarcasm that Sam is wrong and there really is a case there. Love it when Dean is shown to be so intuitive and smart. Also the heart breaking admission at the end from Dean and Sam not able to comfort him. Sigh! :cry:

Babylon was just an utter delight and I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially at the end with Dean exiting Tara's trailer with the look of a cat that just ate the canary on his face. Utterly delightful! Sam's face! :D
# Sharon 2013-05-26 15:29
I am a earlier season fan so
Dead Man's Blood- is a favourite of mine I esp loved the Sam and John scene's the confrontation on the road between the two was very insightful to their relationship it was a pity that the exploration petered out after season 1.

Hollywood Babylon- I have mixed feelings over on the one hand I enjoyed alot of scenes but felt it was out of place as a follow up to Heart .

CPWDT's is a very insightful episode in some ways and Sam burying John's tags at the grave of his mum although she wasnt there just the grave stone was very touching. And the scene that is described is a spot on favourite scene Sam's concern that Dean is spiralling was obvious.

Pluckys - is a marshmallow of a episode with dark undertones and Sam's fear of clowns was put to good use . It was one of the very few season 7 episodes I loved :-)
# Gwen 2013-05-26 18:18

CPWDT's is a very insightful episode in some ways and Sam burying John's tags at the grave of his mum although she wasnt there just the grave stone was very touching.
I can't believe that I forgot to add this scene. It was always one of my favourites of S2. It is such a touching moment. I always choke up when Sam says “I love you, Mom”.
# buffsgirl 2013-05-28 11:11
I love all the scenes you picked. They are my favorites too! However, PPMM..... how can a person pick just one scene? The episode was hilarious from beginning to end. I LOVE the scene where they are outside after the worker gets killed and Sam is like "they think the ball washer did it" and Dean says "the what" and Sam says "the ball washer" and Dean says "the what?" etc... That smirk on Dean's face and Sam finally catching on in disgust to Dean's juvenile humor always makes me giggle. Followed by the whole "Shark week man, a whole week of sharks!" Such funny writing this whole ep.... :lol:
# lkeke35 2013-05-28 12:31
I love all the scenes you picked. They are my favorites too! However, PPMM..... how can a person pick just one scene? The episode was hilarious from beginning to end. I LOVE the scene where they are outside after the worker gets killed and Sam is like "they think the ball washer did it" and Dean says "the what" and Sam says "the ball washer" and Dean says "the what?" etc... That smirk on Dean's face and Sam finally catching on in disgust to Dean's juvenile humor always makes me giggle. Followed by the whole "Shark week man, a whole week of sharks!" Such funny writing this whole ep.... :lol:
This is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite episodes of SPN and that scene in particular just tickled me every single one of the 8 or 9 times I've watched it. (Also Dean's little rant about Seabiscuit: The Impaler and the Octovamp and a shoutout to SNL- Landshark.) That episode has everything, Sam's history with clowns, Dean fraternizing with kids and funny suspects.

I'm also a huge fan of Mystery Spot as hilarious as it is tragic. You go from laughing/wincin g at all of Dean's deaths to near tears when it actually finally happens. :cry:

And kudos to Changing Chanels, every moment of which is crazy fabulous. Especially the shoutout to Knightrider: Sam as Baby. (When Dean is holding the trunk open,Sam complains about hoe uncomfortable that is and when Dean slams it shut you can just barely make out Sam saying "Ouch".) :D
# SecretWillow 2013-05-28 11:39
Dead Man's Blood - Definitely the fight scene in the road between Sam and John with Dean trying to break it up. The drama and intensity in the way those two men went at each other, is so convincing, and consequently heartbreaking and nerve-wracking. Also like the three of them hiding in the woods, scoping out the nest, and planning their strategy. It's a quick little scene, but I like it.

Hollywood Babylon - The first thing that always pops into my head when I think of this episode is the dude whose head was split in half. It was both incredibly creepy and fun. The other part I like is when they're fighting the ghosts at the end, and Dean imitates Bruce Willis while loading his gun, and they discover the house they're in has no fourth wall.

CHPWDT - I love the argument between the boys outside the professor's house. And the fight scene between Angela and her roommate.

Plucky Pennywhistle's - I really enjoyed this episode all the way around. But the end is the best. Sam covered in glitter, and Dean's beautiful smile breaking into that glowing laugh. *Swoon*
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2013-05-28 21:21
I love all of your episode choices here.

Dead Man's Blood:

For some reason, whenever I think of this episode, I think of Dean's utter amusement at learning that vampires are real. Considering how many vampires they run into---from the Alpha to Benny to Lenore---it just kinda makes me giggle knowing that Dean thinks it's funny here.

I also love the Supernatural twist on the vampire mythology. Vampires aren't the central creature the way they are on shows like Buffy, True Blood, or Vampire Diaries, but Supernatural has managed to add on some of the most unique twists to them. I love the concept that a dead man's blood would be poison to a vampire. It's quirky, but it makes sense to me. I also love that they have a second set of teeth rather than the generic or "sexualized" fangs. So that's just cool from this ep.

Hollywood Babylon:

Philly Cheesesteaks. That moment when Dean offers one with such boyish enthusiasm is just to die for. He is so happy eating them---and Sam is utterly unamused. It's almost too much.

I also love it when they watch the dalies in the trailer and Sam says, "You know, maybe the spirits are trying to shut down the movie because they think it sucks. Because, I mean, it kinda does." It's just such a classic line.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things:

Oh man. The angst levels in this episode just kill me. I think you picked the best moment to highlight that. Here the brothers are struggling with such a high loss and they're not really reaching one another. It's so heartwrenching to see. And it's played beautifully against the actual case, too. Really awesome all around.


Truly, one moment? Can we just quote the whole episode? Please? Though, this is by far one of my favorite Sam moments in the episode. I love how Sam's voice gets higher as he tries to cover up his fear. It's all too good.

I also love Sam playing "bad cop" later, especially when he snaps, "Quiet!" It's like a tiny sliver of Soulless Sam with a ton of humor dolloped on top. Too good.

Thanks for these. Loved all the stellar choices.
# Karen 2013-06-01 16:47
Hi KG_SPN, eilf, Grace232, Kaz1, Gwen, Bevie, Sharon, buffsgirl, lkeke35, Secrete Willow and Far Away Eyes

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and choices. I enjoy reading them and seeing what has impacted us, either it being the same or differently.
I also love that even if an episode was not one of our favourites we are still able to find something that we liked.
I think that says a lot about this show.
Cheers! Karen