I have pulled out four more episode titles from my trusty Tupperware container and put my thoughts on each.
What are your thoughts on the following episodes?
Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song?
And why? It is your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you?
Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers.
Folsom Prison Blues

This was good episode, it had some pretty funny moments and we got introduced to Cliff in this one.
I love Dean’s “I call this one the Blue Steel” and how Sam points out how well Dean adapts to his environment.

Sam: Dean does it bother you at all how easily you seem to fit in here?
Dean: No not really!

But I have to say my favourite scene is when Sam and Dean are first put into separate cells and Sam is with someone even taller than him. The way he turns and looks at Dean as the cell door shuts just cracks me up…Poor baby.

Mystery Spot

I loved this entire episode. To pick out just one moment is impossible. We have Dean’s many deaths, Sam reaction to each of those deaths. We have both confrontations with the Trickster, who I just loved and dearly miss. However I’m going to bite the bullet and go with the end scene from the point that Sam wakes up to find he is back to Wednesday morning and Dean is alive. The way Sam pulls back the covers and stomps over to Dean and clutches him in a huge bear hug, fighting off tears. I love Dean’s stunned look and his “How many Tuesday’s did you have?” How Sam wouldn’t let Dean go out to the car without him and how he is barely able to smile at Deans joke as they are leaving. And how so devastated Sam looked as he took one last glance at the motel room before shutting the door.
It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester!

With this one, the first scene I think of is the showdown between Sam and Samhain and Dean’s reaction to seeing his brother using his mind as a weapon. The toll it takes on Sam to use these powers makes it hard to watch with the bleeding nose and the severe head ache. And to see the look Dean’s face as he watches on is so heart breaking.

Swap Meat

With this one I have to go with the opening scene with Sam going up to the bar and ordering a drink. Well at least we thought it was Sam.

Sam: Evening Barkeep. I would like to purchase some alcohol please.
Bartender: Uh-huh. What can I get you?
Sam: Well I’m 26 as you can see from my license.
Bartender: Congratulations. What can I get you?
Sam: A Banana Daiquiri my good man.
Crystal: I’m Crystal. What’s your name?
Sam: Hi Crystal. I’m Gary.
Crystal: Gary I don’t want to embarrass you, but you are just. You are just a stunning-looking man.
Sam: Oh I know right? (Bartender places Sam’s drink down) Ooh Thanks.
Crystal: So Gary you having a good time tonight?
Sam:  Mm thank you for asking Crystal. This is like the best night ever.
Crystal: Do you think we could make it any better?
Sam: Probably. I don’t know.
Crystal: I mean do you wanna get out of here?
Sam: Well I kind of like this bar and I just ordered the daiquiri.
Crystal: I mean do you wanna get out of here with me?
Sam: (whispers) Are we talking about sex?
Crystal: Well I (chuckles) Yeah I suppose we are.
Sam: Crystal I would love to have the sex with you.
Crystal: Great then let’s go.

I believe this episode was suppose to have the brothers switching bodies, but for some reason they ended up changing the plot and having Sam switch with the Gary character. I wish they had kept the original idea because for me this just didn’t work. I thought maybe if they had continued with the opening format of having the audience seeing Sam with Gary’s personality and Gary playing out Sam’s personality might have worked better, but who knows maybe it would have been confusing. However I would of loved seeing Jared play out the driving of the Impala as being Gary, I think he would have pulled that one off beautifully.