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Ok, I’m back with four more episode titles and have put my thoughts on each.

What are your thoughts on the following episodes?

Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song?

And why? It is your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you?

Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers.

"Wendigo" – I have two moments with this episode. The first is Dean’s famous pep talk to Sam discussing the Family Business. I just loved the brotherly moment here.



Dean: You wanna tell me what’s going on in that freaky head of yours?

Sam: Dean…

Dean: No, you’re not fine, you’re like a powder keg, man. It’s not like you. I’m supposed to be the belligerent one, remember?

Sam: Dad’s not here. I mean, that much we know for sure, right? He would have left us a message, a sign, right?

Dean: Yeah, you’re probably right. To tell you the truth, I don’t think dad’s ever been to Lost Creek.

Sam: Then let’s get these people back to town and let’s hit the road, go find dad. I mean, why are we still in here?

Dean: This is why {Holds up their dad’s journal} …This book. This is dad’s single most valuable possession. Everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off; you know saving people, hunting things. The family business.

Sam: That makes no sense. Why doesn’t he just call us? Why doesn’t he tell us what he wants, tell us where he is?

Dean: I dunno. But the way I see it, dad’s giving us a job to do, and I intend to do it

Sam: Dean, no. I gotta find dad. I gotta find Jessica’s killer. It’s the only thing I can think about.

Dean: Ok, all right, Sam. We’ll find them. I promise. Listen to me, you’ve gotta prepare yourself. I mean, this search could take a while, and all that anger, you can’t keep it burning over the long haul, it’s gonna kill you. You gotta have patience, man.

Sam: How do you do it? How does dad do it?

Dean: Well for one… them. {Looks over at Hailey and her younger brother} I mean, I figure our family’s so screwed to hell, maybe we can help some others. Makes things a little more bearable. I’ll tell you what else helps, killing as many sons of bitches as I possibly can.

The second one is when they are in the cave and Dean taunts the Wendigo to go after him while Sam tries to lead the siblings out. But the Wendgo gets in front of them and Sam immediately stands in front of the siblings. As much as he didn’t want this life he still instinctively put himself in harms way to protect the family. The Reluctant hero. 


"Ghostfacers" – For this episode, I have to go with when Sam and Dean leave behind a duffle bag with an electromagnet that wipes out all the Ghost Facers' computer hard drives, destroying all their filming of the case they were on.



While Sam and Dean are heading to the Impala, you can hear the Ghost Facers freaking out in the background. I had a good chuckle over that. (evil grin)


"Jump The Shark" – For this episode, I once again have two moments that I have to go with.


First, I love the Rock Paper Scissors moment. When they discover the heating vent under the bed, Dean looks at Sam and without even looking back at Dean they started playing RPS to see who has to be the one to check out the vent.


Secondly I have to go with after Dean kills Adam/Ghoul and races over to a nearly unconscious Sam to untie him and help stop his bleeding. I just love the brotherly moments and the connection they have. Even when they are not seeing eye to eye they are still there for each other.


"The French Mistake" – With this one, I will always think of the acting scene. It was just priceless. Their facial expressions and mannerism had me on the floor. And Misha/Castiel reaction to how bad they were was just as hilarious.




# Bevie 2012-04-13 14:54
Hi Karen

I agree with all your picks. They are mine also.

Love the "pep" talk in Wendigo, also Dean leading the wendigo off and Sam being so protective. Also, "I don't do shorts!" :lol:

The French Mistake. So much to pick from, but the acting bit was absolutely priceless! Also, Kripke dying in a hail of bullets along with the rest of the crew, except for the dodger. Also the alpaca. Ha! Sam at the computer in front of that painting of him on a horse! Kripke sad at Misha's murder but happy it got them the cover of Variety! :D

All great.
# Sylvie 2012-04-13 15:06
I'm so glad you chose "Wendigo", I really love that episode for the very reason that you stated. That whole conversation between Dean & Sam is what this show will always be about. And seeing as I'm a little shallow (ahem) I always giggle at the end when Hailey asks Dean what she could do to thank him, and he just gives her that knowing smile and she says to him "must you sully the moment" and he says yeah. I love that Dean!

And what's not to love about "Ghostfacers"! I can't even pin it down to one scene or moment, I just get a giant kick out of the whole episode.

"Jump the Shark". The scene in the diner just before they meet Adam and Dean is so belligerent, he's ready to pop this guy, and Sam is being his patient, "let's give him the benefit of the doubt" self.

"The French Mistake". Again like "Ghostfacers" I have difficulty pinning down a moment that I like more than another. But if you twist my arm, I would say the part where Dean is telling Sam that they may be stuck there and it would be okay with him, because in this reality Sam has a loving wife and a good life, and Sam tells him that they "aren't even brothers here". Ahhh!
# KELLY 2012-04-13 15:52
Wendigo- This isn't one of my favorite ones. But I do like both those moments you mentioned, even if the motto one was a bit heavy-handed. I also liked that the only provisions Dean brought were M & M's
2 Ben Edlunds- Too many moments and lines to choose from, especially with French Mistake.
Ghostfacers - They manage to be completely douchey, even when they are trying to be brave, respectful or nice. "You've got to go be gay for that poor dead intern." "You were teaching us about heart, about dedication, about how gay love can pierce through the veil of death." "I am 15/16 Jew, 1/16 Cherokee."
Best line though Sam saying "It's bizarre how ya'll are able to honor Corbett's memory, while grossly exploiting the manner of his death. Well done."
The bad acting scene-definitel y. Sam is so completely over the top that you almost miss Dean's "Dean grimly" and his set jaw-oh god I start laughing just thinking about them.

"I feel like this whole place is bad touching me." "Well now that I know that there's an alpaca out back I'm definitely coming back." "Well alpaca's ARE the greenest animal." "I should figure out her name."

Misha's "Hola Mishamigos" Cracks me up every time for some reason. I even use it as a greeting now. And how he pushes away the makeup girl and the sweater

Bob talk to them about not showing up on "poppers", how the can't beat up extra and worst offense making up their own lines.

And of course"We're not even brothers here."
# kazkriz 2012-04-13 17:18
wendigo. Saving People, hunting thigs, the family business.

yep, that's the one!!!

Gosthfacers. LOL hahahaah
D:there's salt in my duffel bag.. make a circle and get inside.
G: - ...inside your duffle bag?
D: inside the salt you idiot!!!!

Jump the shark. Sam being helped at the end by Dean .... dean you sweethear!!! such awesome cute cute moment!!!

TFM. (fantastic episodeeeee) Yup... bad acting scene was great BUT Dean seeing Jensen play Eric Brady was just FANTASTIC!!! that is my moment LOL
# Ginger 2012-04-13 18:15
Wendigo: Though the series was still finding it's feet, this was a good episode with the importance of this episode being to establish what the family business was. I wished the writers would remember that and we'd get back to it.

Ghostfacers: What can I say. I loved the whole episode (and the little skulls bleeping out the cuss words -- awesome). Actually, that's how I envision hunters talking. I wished they'd use the little things again.

Jump the Shark: You know, this was a good episode when I first watched it, but it left a sour taste in my mouth because I had the feeling that throwing in an extra Winchester and trashing John would upset the dynamic of the show. I was proved right. I hate Adam and I hate what the insertion of this character ended up meaning. Completely ruined EK's 5-year story for me. I do love me a belligerent Dean and a tolerating Sammy, though.

The French Mistake: Loved, loved, loved it. The funniest scene, of course, was the bad acting scene. I've never seen anything funnier on the show. But, then, it's hard to pick out just one thing. The alpaca comments, too. Loved those.
# KELLY 2012-04-13 22:19
Forgot Jump the Shark. I agree with both your choices also like the scene in the cafe.
# SecretWillow 2012-04-14 17:01
Wendigo - The brotherly pep talk Dean gives to Sam about saving people and hunting things. It still tugs at my heartstrings. And the other would be any of the shots of the group running through the woods. The tension in those scenes has always stayed with me.

Ghostfacers - I honestly loved all of the jerky, hand-held camera moments when everyone's panicking, and running through the house looking for Corbett. I was very impressed with that the first time I saw it. And I can't help but love the whole Ghostfacers crew. My brother and I like quoting things from this episode.

Jump the Shark - The part that never fails to get to me is definitely when the ghouls are slicing Sam open, and the Adam ghoul is digging around in the hole in his side, and poor Sam is just screaming. Ugh. I can hardly watch that scene.
Secondly, I would agree also, with Dean running over to cut
Sam loose, and try to help him stop the bleeding. Adored the brotherly love here.

The French Mistake - Umm, everything. The bad acting scene was definitely priceless. But I think my favorite would have to be when Bob and Kevin were talking on the phone with Sera about the boys' extended acid trip, and Sam and Dean throw themselves through the fake window in the background, trying to recreate Balthazar's spell. I was on the floor rolling.
# Gwen 2012-04-14 18:22
Wendigo - I love this episode a lot. My favourite moment is the famous pep talk from Dean. He's just so worried about Sam and so awesomely big brothery. Love it. Loved Dean's 'oh sweetheart, I don't do shorts' line too.

Jump The Shark - I loved the scene of Dean rushing to cut Sam free and then helping him stop the bleeding.

The French Mistake - The bad acting scene was fabulous and I loved Sam's 'we're not even brothers here' line. Also loved the look on Sam and Dean's faces when they first see Ruby/Gen. :D
# hedi 2012-04-16 08:48
not all of these episodes is my favorite , but i have some favorite parts in each of them!

wendigo - i like this episode too, i loved all the eps where sam was a stubborn kid with this strong revenge thing inside of him, like the scene where he tell dean that :"we're gonna baby sit too?!" i liked it , and addition to your favorite scene , i also liked the scene where dean tells that girl that :"sweetheart i don't do shorts!" (or sth like that! i don quiet remember it!)

Ghostfacers - its not one of my faves. it was sth complete different but not my favorite one.

Jump the shark - i liked the part where dean is trying to trap Adam with all that demon tests , but i hated the picture that they built of John Winchester in that episode! they ruined his fatherly face to some random fall in love man, i didn't like it! i mean he wasn't obviously father-of-the-y ear kinda dads right , but he did sacrifice all he had for his family , but...i dunno , i didn't like what they've done to him in that episode

French Mistake - definitely one of my favorite episode. i like the acting scene as well ! it was hilarious , and of course the first scene that they meat cas/misha! Misha is super funny in this episode and kinda of stupid though:D but i enjoyed the whole episode
# ryder21 2012-04-20 02:15
Wendigo: The scene after the camp had been attacked and the boys are explaining the situation to Hayley, I always enjoy the fact that as this conversation is happening Dean is constantly roaming the scene gathering supplies to make molotov cocktails - always on the job.

Ghostfacers: This eposide is funny and quirky and always makes me laugh. I have two favourite scenes, both small: the first is when the boys roll up to scope the house with the roar of the impala and the music blasting. The second is when the encounter when the Ghostfacers first enounter the 'Chisel Chests' coming down the hallway.

Jump The Shark: While not my favourite episode, I always love the RPS episode and Dean's reaction to losing (again!). And your pick of angsty Dean in the cafe is spot on as well.

The French Mistake: Loved it all: Cowboy picture of Sam, 'painted whores', the boys maxing out the credit cards, Deans reaction to being in Canada - I could go on. However my favourite scene for some reason is when Robert Singer comes upon the boys checking out the props. Their discust cracks me up!

Thanks Karen.
# Karen 2012-04-22 11:36
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I love doing this project and seeing how each episode can impact us or leave a certain impression on us whether it's a good one or a bad one.
Cheers to you all!