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Like before, I have randomly (pulled the titles from a Tupperware container) listed four episodes and put my thoughts are on each.
For example, if you hear an episode title, what comes to mind?  Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song? And why? It is your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you?

Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers.  Now it's your turn. What are your thoughts on the following episodes?

"Heart" - For this episode, it will always be the last moments where Madison is pleading with Sam to end her life, as she cannot live knowing she is a monster. And Dean, trying to spare his brother the pain, steps in and offers to do it for him. But Sam declines and fulfills Madison's request. When Sam turned to Dean, so devastated and crying, and Dean waiting in silence with the one tear running down his cheek and then reacting to the gunshot, I was an absolute mess.

I believe Sam's breakdown was a combination of many things; not just having to kill Madison, whom he obviously had feelings for, but everything that had been put on his plate up until that moment. Dealing with the loss of Jessica and John and his fears of his destiny and the connection he seemed to have with the YED (Azazel). I also believe Sam was so devastated over not being able to save Madison because he felt that if he couldn't save her, then he, too, couldn't be saved.

"A Very Supernatural Christmas" - This episode had so many great moments. I loved all the scenes with the wee-Winchesters and learning where the amulet came from. It was so sweet of Sam giving Dean the Christmas he wanted. But for some reasons the scene that always comes to me first is when Sam and Dean are tied up in the Carrigans' dining room. I love how nonchalant and cheery the Carrigans are as they perform their rituals on the brothers. The comments and banter going back and forth was epic.

SPN 0889  

"Abandon All Hope" - To this day, I have not been able to view this episode since its original debut. It haunts me that much. The entire hardware store scenes will forever stay with me. Dean's contact with Bobby over the old radio. How gentle Bobby was with Dean while still keeping him in focus. Ellen keeping it together as they made the explosives. Sam gently putting the trigger in Jo's hand and saying goodbye. And Dean's farewell kiss to Jo. But most of all it was the realization on Jo's face when she knew that Ellen had no intentions of leaving her, that Ellen was staying back to die alongside her. I think this moment hit me the strongest because I too could never have been able to leave my daughter to die alone.

"Weekend At Bobby's" - This is another one that had some great moments. I loved seeing the brothers crammed in the small car. And it was great that they got one up on Crowley. But my favourite moment is the montage of Bobby's day in the life to the music of "The Gambler." Every time I hear that song or the mentioning of the episode, the montage is the first thing that comes to mind. 

Your turn!


# kazkriz 2011-12-26 22:41
heart: I can't help it... She will be loved scene.... yeah it is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about it.
AVSC: hahahah you fudgin touch me I fudgin kill ya ... kudos to that one
abandon all hope: Ellen's final talk to Jo (OMG.... sooo sad)
WAB: the gambler!!!
# ryder21 2011-12-26 23:01
Heart: Agree. That scene at the end where we see how Dean is always feeling Sam's pain vicariously, what hurts Sam..hurts Dean.
AVSC: Yep...fudging!!
AAH: The hardware scene is great, but the bit that always gets me is Dean's trying to hold it together while on the radio to Bobby, and Bobby's being able to keep Dean in focus. So well acted, so emotional.
WAB: The scene that affects me the most is when Bobby is trying to continue a conversation with the Sherrif while helping Dean destroy a demon on the phone. Another ordinary day! Loved Jensen's directing.
# redheadedali 2011-12-27 11:24
*"Heart" - The love scene. Because, I mean, yowza. Also, the rock-paper-scis sors scene - I think it sort of encapsulates the boys' relationship :).

*"Abandon All Hope" - Another tie, between the part where Dean kisses Jo goodbye and the part just before the hell hounds arrive when Ellen and Jo are huddled together on the floor. When Jo slumps against Ellen, and Ellen says her name in that voice that is so full of agony - I think that broke me a little.
# SecretWillow 2011-12-27 12:26
For Heart, you already said exactly what I was thinking. The same scene for all the same reasons.

In A Very Supernatural Christmas, there are several scenes that stick out, but mostly the little boy who watches a bloody violent monster come out of his chimney, attack his parents, and take a cookie on the way out. That scene for me, was such a mix of humor, and teeth-chatterin g anxiety, I felt kind of giddy and manic by the end.

In Abandon All Hope, I agree with you again. I've only watched that episode twice. I can't do it. It ripped me to shreds just as much, if not more, than Sam getting stabbed in All Hell Breaks Loose. You're exactly right; it's too haunting. Jo talking about holding her guts in with an ace bandage, and how she couldn't feel her legs, and how they needed to prioritize. And in the moments of silence, all of the soul-crushing looks exchanged between the four of them....I can't deal.

The montage at the beginning of Weekend At Bobby's is what sticks out the most, but more than that, is the song, The Gambler. I never much cared for the song before this episode. Same with Eye of the Tiger from Yellow Fever, or House of the Rising Sun from Roadkill. All three of those songs, I was just sort of, 'meh', and if I heard them somewhere, I'd tune them out. But because this show has touched me on every level of humanity that I've got, these songs, and others, have jettisoned themselves up to being some of my top favorite songs. I hear them now, and it brings such a smile to my face. And anyone who sees me, starts smiling too. Supernatural spreads the smiles.