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Name the Song and Artist

Supernatural has been known for the playing of Classic Rock.
Many beloved songs that have been listened to around the clock.
If I was to give just a line or two from songs used on the show.
Could you name the songs and artists? Is it enough for you to know?

1* "Down on the street where the faces shine.
      Floatin' around I'm a real low mind."

2* "Everybody's waving their fingers.
      And wonder why we're paranoid."

3*  "And if troubles ever trouble you. Don't run and hide.
      Cause if you ever need a friend. He'll be right there by your side."

4*  "She's been digging around, She's uncovering me.
      I would buy it all, but she gives it, she gives it for free."

5*  "Death comes driving I can't do nothing.
      Death goes, There must be something."


# sjkiston 2011-09-05 08:57
1. Down on the street. by Rage against the machine
3. The Man Upstairs by Patsy Cline
4. She makes me fall down. by Buva
5. Fire of Unknown. Blue Oyster Cult.