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Supernatural has been known for the playing of Classic Rock,
Many beloved songs that have been listened to around the clock.
If I was to give just a line or two from songs used on the show,
Could you name the songs and artists? Is it enough for you to know?

1* “I just can’t make it no more, I just can’t keep on moping”

2*“You wander round like a loaded gun, Armed for the cause.”

3* “She orders a drink over the noise, As she pays she sings in time”

4* “Cuz when I am back home, where I’m known, Rollin through time like a rollin’ stone.”

5* “Another place where the faces are cold, I’d drive all night to get back home

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# Jas 2011-07-22 06:02
This is going to be so embarrassing, just like the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit I played the other day... Being a Star Wars fan for, ah, ages, I didn't know some of the answers! (*growels in shame*)

Okay, here we go, in mixed order

5: Dead or Alive, Jon Bon Jovi, in Dean's last 'happy' car ride before he bites it, No Rest For The Wicked

2: Sad Girl, Supergrass - was that in the second season Episode Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things?

3: Sixteen, Lucero

The others I don't know... I know my Bon Jovi (long-time fan), but I'm not so sure about the others...

Thanks, Karen, for this lunch break fun!
Love, Jas
# Karen 2011-07-23 22:31
Hi Jas!
So happy I could make your lunch break fun and btw you have nothing to feel embarrassed about. ;-)
# Jasminka 2011-07-24 03:46
Thanks, Karen, dear... I'm dying to find out whether I had any of the answers right! You have some cruel streaks, you know! :lol:
Love, Jas
# Jasminka 2011-07-28 15:26
Ha! Thank heavens, I had some of the answers right! (*wipes her forehead*)
For me, the questions were quite difficult... but, well, looks I'm the winner here, since no one else participated ;-)
Too bad..

Okay, Karen, you can send the Impala to my house :lol:
Love Jas