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Name the Episode

Supernatural you say is your favourite show.
But how much would you say you really know.
What if I was to recite only a line or two.
Could you guess the episode, is it enough of a clue?

1* "Guy's definitely off his meds. Whoo!"

2* "I'm losing my mind." "Definitely."

3* "What the hell was that? Don't ask."

4* "Pretty trippy right?" "Yeah."

5* "You're gonna give it back." "Sweetie, no I'm not."

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1* Hollywood Babylon

2* When the Levee Breaks 

3* Scarecrow 

4* Dark Side of the Moon 

5* Bad Day In Back Rock  


# Cassy 2011-07-13 13:57
1-Hollywood Babylon

2-Yeah, I got nothing.

3-I have no idea

4-Dream a Little Dream of Me? That's a total guess.

5-Bad Day at Black Rock.
# moncitymom 2011-07-13 20:52
1. Hollywood Babylon

2. When the Leveee Breaks

3. The Real Ghostbusters?

4. Dark Side of the Moon

5. Bad Day at Bedrock
# maggie 2011-07-14 18:44
Wow these are really hard

1. ???
2. Next
3. ---- :sad:
4. :oops:
5. Bad Day at Black Rock 3x03 yeah!!

Yes I know, shame on me :oops:
# divs 2011-07-16 16:02
hii....this is my first ever post here...but thr is a first to everythng right..?? and plus i love this site a lot...awesome site ever for a AWESOMEST show ever..:)

and my answers are
1)Hollywood Babylon
2)not sure.. :sigh:
4)Dark Side Of The Moon
5)Bad Day at Black Rock

yay i did it..!!
# Jasminka 2011-07-17 04:43
Welcome, divs, to the adventure of posting! I am sure I speak on behalf of our whole team - we greatly appreciate that you like to come here!

Again: a warm welcome to you, wherever you are...
:-) , Jasminka
# divs 2011-07-17 12:29
Thank You Jasminka!
The pleasure is mine... :)
I would love to introduce myself...I'am Divya from India..friends call me and couple of my friends are fans of the show and the site..we love u guyss..!!
I want to tell u,thr are plenty of SPN fans here to..:D

and once again.Thank You for the warm welcome...
# Jasminka 2011-07-17 17:05
well then, dear divs: namaste!
Please give my regards on behalf of our team and myself to your fan-friends.

It's lovely to hear from fans in far-away India... I have never been to your impressive country, but I do love the food...It's not the same, of course, but it's a start ;-)

Be very well, Jasminka
# amruta 2011-07-18 14:32
HELLO !!:D a frind of DIVs here... ppl call me ams...anywy.. yeah...LOT of fans in india..we even have our little club n we also celebrate "spn day" (bunch of girls gawking at the screen playin our favourite episodes :D )
# Jasminka 2011-07-19 16:33
Oh, hello Ams! Welcome to our site! It's a joy to know that Supernatural has so many fans in India!
Namaste and be blessed!
# divya 2011-07-19 13:41
Namaste to u too Jasminka.. :-)
Tell me abt it!!Food is a great way to start with anything always helps..!!
And i did give ur warm regards to my friends and one of thm actually came and replied...that made my day..hehe..!!An d like Ams said...we do have a little club..whr we sit around with our popcorn and watch SPN to our heart's content.. :lol: !!

just want to thank u again..for your awesome reply...:-)
Take care..Divs
# Jasminka 2011-07-19 16:36
Oh, food is wonderful... I'm glad your friend Ams decided to comment, ha!
I can imagine your little Supernatural club coming together and enjoy the great stories.... Never stop!
Blessed be, Namaste, Jasminka

(I wish I spoke more Hindi... ;-) )
# amruta 2011-07-20 13:50
ohhh thts alright will teach u more words sometime...merr y meet :D
# Jasminka 2011-07-20 16:49
Can't wait, ams! Perhaps one day I'll be able to watch Bollywood films without the subtitles...? :lol:
# divya 2011-07-22 04:40
hey Jasminka,
You watch bollywood movies??...that 's so cooll..:D
but u know..Bollywood movies with subtitles are better than some English ones dubbed into Hindi..!! :-|
# Jas 2011-07-22 05:42
Oh, yes I do. I have to admit I have a soft spot for Hrithik Roshan. :lol: And Kajol. I always watch them with subtitles. I like the sound of Hindi, and occasionally I learn a word or two...I hope one day I'll be able to visit India. Why does it have to be so far away? :-?
But - I have a picture of Gandhi in my office (with Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Peter Ustinov and a few other people I find inspiring... what a mix)... :-)

Be well, Jasminka
# divya 2011-07-22 19:50
Wow...your office just sounds like u said..very Inspiring..!!
hey me too!! I'm a Kajol fan too...she is just phenomenal..lov e her..and when it comes to actors Aamir Khan for me...:D
I knew Hindi Movies do good internationally ..but had an impression,that it was causes of all the Indians thr :-?
But this is better..:D knowing people appreciate Indian cinema everywhr..:D
Its goes both ways..begin far part!!...we are missing out on all ths awesome conventions and stuff!! :sigh:
but again u guys keep us posted...:D :lol:

Take Care,
# Jasminka 2011-07-24 04:18
Hi divs... I do think Hindi movies do very good internationally . Personally, when my mother died I watched every 'bollywood' film I could get my hands on (apart from our beloved show ;-) ), somehow that helped me through the first rough weeks.
I don't know exactly why. Perhaps - you just can't be sad when you watch the heartfelt stories, the beautiful faces (and, really, they are so very beautiful), the wonderful music, the dancing... So, on a very personal level I'll be always grateful for Indian cinema. (and Aamir Khan is lovely, too :-) )

I didn't understand this part of your comment, though - "...but had an impression,that it was causes of all the Indians thr ..." Would you explain, what you meant to say?

Yes, tell me about missing out on conventions, dear. For me, mostly my tight working schedule prevents me from going anywhere. But, as you say, some of us go and bring us the stories!

Many greetings, namaste, Jasminka
# divya 2011-07-24 12:06
hey Jasminka...

I'm so sorry for your loss....
tell me abt it... Hindi movies are so vibrant thy can make u forget everything for a while..!!:D
ohh...i didn't mean to be confusing..some times i just ramble of :-* ..wht i meant to say was...i thought the movies success was because of the INDIANS settled..i'm assuming u are from US..settled in US..or in general Indians arnd the world...!!
did that make any sense...?? :-?

sorry for begin confusing...
Take Care..divs
# Jasminka 2011-07-24 13:30
Thank you, divs. But it's been a few years now. I can't say I don't miss her anymore, but I think I'm okay now.

Oh, I live in Europe. I don't know, if your movies are big over here... really, never thought of that. I buy the dvds often.

Don't be sorry, dear. It happens to all of us.
Have a good week... it's Monday soon...awwh.. I'd like some more time off.... sniff!
:lol: , Jas
# div 2011-07-26 12:11
hehe...evn i don't hindi movies do in Europe..!! i hear cast goin international promotions for commercial movies...!!but none the less...this is really awesome u love hindi moviess... :D
its the same here...we have to get dvds for a lot of movies my bloody valentine...and Friday the 13th..totally worth it by the way!! ;-)
i knw....weekend ends Friday u are like..yay weekend..!! thn Sunday ends..u are Monday..!!

take care..
# Jasminka 2011-07-27 03:00
Aha... you are a bloodthirsty gal then :lol: .... nothing wrong with that! I tend to be one, too.
Blood and gore films are great after a tough day at work... You don't have to think much, just switch of your brain and relax. After a day of high concentration, that's quite enjoyable.
Best, Jasminka
# divya 2011-07-28 16:28
heheh...bloodth irsty I'm..!!! :lol:
like my Movies Bloody...!! hehehe..and the funny part is..horror movies don't scare or gross me out anymore...its like..hmm..i have seen this on SUPERNATURAL(sp n does it better by the way)..wht's new.!!?
and spn helps whn u are down..and it just lifts u...heheh...!!
SPN fits every mood... :D
# Julie 2011-07-20 14:41
Hello divs and ams!
I just wanted to come here and join Jas in welcoming you. :-)
It is so lovely to hear your obvious excitement, positivity and love shining through when you talk about our show! I hate all the negativity so really pleased you have joined us Ju
Ps I don`t speak any Hindi!!!! :sad:
# divya 2011-07-22 04:33
:D Thanks Julie for the begin here...!!!
heheheh...don't worry like Ams said we will teach u biggie!! :lol:

Take Care..