I have a little game for you, it's silly I confess.
A person, place or thing, lets see if you can guess.

1* I've been served for many ages as a dessert or a main dish.
Depending on my ingredients I could be what ever you wish.
I've been seen in many movies, commercials and TV shows.
But I don't recall being referred to what Supernatural had propose.
I was called out on only one episode but was never seen.
But what I was referenced to, could be considered quite obscene.

2* I only had one boss to which I liked to impress.
Speed was of the essence, which I could master I confess.
I only had one rival, who was obviously insecure.
Always trying to out do me, laughable for sure.
I was only in three episodes when I met my tragic fate.
For I was crushed under some unforeseen weight.

Do you know who or what I am, by the given clue?
Tell me your answer and I'll tell you if it's true.


1) Pudding

2) Sam's Charger