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1** "Well I'll say it again! What the hell is going on in this town?"

2** "Dude! Who are you?!"

3** "Crap! So what now?" "We could tell them the truth." " Really?" "No, not really"

4** "I normally don't get this friendly until the second date."

5** "Call off your dog Please!"    

6** "This can't be happening!" "Well trust me it's happening."

7** "So we've got a blast-zone of weird and inside fantasy becomes reality."

8** "Come on! Smile Sam!"

9** "You okay?" "Yeah." "If you're gonna hurl I'll pull over the car, you know, because of the upholstery"

10* "Alright listen here chisel chest, okay? We were here first" 



# Bevie 2010-09-18 13:13
Geez! I only got two for sure so far.

2. Hunted

3. Salvation ????? Everybody Loves a Clown ??????

10. Ghostfacers
# boobula 2010-09-18 17:59
1. Wishful Thinking or Monster Movie(not sure which)
2. Hunted
3. Family Remains
4. Dead Man's Blood
5. The Devil You Know
6. Roadkill
7. I Believe the Children Are Our Future
8. The Kids are Alright(Cause after 24 hours with "Gumby Girl", Dean will be smilin')
9. Nightmare
10. Ghostfacers

Thanks for helping pass this very long hellatus with all these! I love the quotes. You came up with some really good ones that you don't hear that often! Thanks again. :D
# elle2 2010-09-18 20:11
These are really good -- and I'm really bad.

1 Wishful Thinking
2 I thought Dead in the Water but Hunted makes more sense.
4 Dead Man's Blood
7 I thought Changing Channels but agree I Believe the Children is better.
9 Nightmare
10 Ghostfacers

(Just watched the Ghostfacers webisodes last night on my DVDs...very, very good!)

Now I'm off to watch Ghostfacers the episode!

Thanks for these
# maggie 2010-09-21 15:39
wow! this is getting tougher, I just have two: