1** "How? You may of noticed he's got a slight height advantage"

2** "I'm not just going to walk in here naked!" 

3** "Human Mad Cow Disease." "Mad Cow? Wasn't that on Oprah?" "You watch Oprah?"

4** "If it's any consolation I think you're a truly awful person."

5** "Man, I'm trying to thank you here." "You're welcome."

6** "One sip of Jesus juice, this evil bitch is gonna be in a world of hurt."

7** "Hey guys! Is your father home?" 

8** "There you are!" "Yeah sorry, I stopped for a slice."

9** "What kind of Kool-aid you drinking man?" 

10* "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Easy Van Damme."

 Round Five Answers:

1** The Point of No Return

2** Night Shifter

3** Bugs

4** Bad Day at Black Rock

5** Devils Trap

6** Jump the Shark

7** Swan Song

8** Fresh Blood

9** Chris Angel is a Douchebag

10** All Hell Breaks Loose Part#2