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Wow you are all amazing I must really say.
ou answered the last questions with out delay.
So what do you say about going for round two. 
Could you guess the episode, if I gave you a clue.
So once again I have recited lines and chose two per season
And listed them randomly for no apparent reason.
So are you up for some fun, are you game.
To name the episode from which it came.

1** "That's the beauty about improv Sammy, you never know what's going to come out of your mouth"

2** "You sure it's him?"  "Pretty sure" "Dean considering our circumstances I'm gonna need little better than pretty sure" "Really pretty sure"

3** "You think someone planted these?' "Middle of all these weeds" "These are um. What do you call them?" "Yarrow flowers" 

4** "Well I feel stupid doing this, but I'm fresh out of options. Please I need some help" 

5** "You know I've got to say Dad made it just fine without these stupid costumes. I feel like a high school drama dork"

6** "And by the way you seem less and less worried about offing people. You know it used to eat you up inside" "Yeah and what has that gotten me?" 

7** "What time is it?" "Same as the last time you asked. Here caffeinate!"

8** "Demons don't get cold. Makes you wonder what they're burning"

9** "Sam loves research. He does. He keeps it under his mattress right next to his KY. It's a sickness. It is!"

10* "Maybe we can tell them there's a gas leak. Might get them out of the house for a few hours" "Nah and how many times has that actually worked for us?"


# RLwgsd 2010-08-16 20:03
1 two minutes to midnight
2. i should know but don't (bad Reba)
3. Crossroad blues
4.the monster at the end of this book
6. i think malleus maleficarum
7. a very supernatural christmas
8. i don't know (bad Reba)
9. metamorphisis
# Julie 2010-08-17 04:06
Karen I love these little quizes, thanks for all your hard work putting them together
I think its ---
1 Two minutes to midnight
2 Folsom Prison Blues
3 Crossroads Blues
4 Monster at the end etc
5 Shadow
6 Malleus Mal.
7 Very Supernatural Christmas
8 Good God Y`All
9 Metamorphisis
10 Salvation
I love the way these quotes conjour up the images in your head hope you can find time to do more Ju
Marie Winchester
# Marie Winchester 2010-08-17 09:39
1. Two minutes to midnight
2. Folsom Prison Blues
3. Crossroads Blues
4. Monsters at the end of this book
5. Shadow
6. Malleus Maleficarum
7. Very Supernatural Christmas
8. Good God Y'all
9. Metamorphisis
10. Salvation
# Bevie 2010-08-17 12:14
1. ?
2. ?
3. Crossroad Blues
4. ?
5. Shadow
6. ?
7. A Very Supernatural Christmas
8. Good God Y'All
9. Metamorphosis
10. Salvation

I can hear the voices in my head, but the episodes aren't
coming to my brain today.

Nevertheless I love these little quizzes.
# elle2 2010-08-17 13:01
Great job, as usual, Karen!

You stumped me this time on a few.

1 ?
3 - Crossroad Blues
4 - Monster at the end of the Story
5 - Shadow
6 - Malleus Maleficarum
7 - I was thinking Home or Salvation but I agree that A Very Supernatural Christmas is the right one
8 - Good God, Y'All
9 ?
10 ? I was thinking Home or Salvation and since the majority thinks Salvation...I'l l go there
Christine Apple
# Christine Apple 2010-08-17 13:37
Oooooo Karen....Very nice. I had them all but #4. Was thinking "When the Levee Breaks" But then realized, after reading other comments, same premise, different speech. I don't miss quotes often, but you got me! Good job!
# Evelyn 2010-08-18 01:05
OK, I got 7 of them.

1. 2 Minutes to midnight
2. Folsom Prison blues
3. Crossroad blues
4. The Monster at the End of this book
5. Shadow
6. (can't figure it, but know it's from S3)
7. A very supernatural Christmas
8. Good god ya'll
9. (know the statment and know it's in S4, can't get episode)
10. (same for this, know the statement and that its' in S1, episode escapes me.)
# Ardeospina 2010-08-26 16:50
It took me a while to get some of the episode titles, but I could picture the scene for each of them but number 9. I had no idea which episode that was from!

Thanks, Karen, that was fun.