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Kripke’s Love Letter; Swan Song – by Elle2
Someone wrote [BuddyTV perhaps] that In The Beginning was a love letter from Eric Kripke to the fans. Not fully understanding the concept I couldn’t decide if I agreed or not, now having watched Swan Song, I get it; Swan Song is Eric’s love letter to the fans – if not the entire Supernatural community.
Kripke has been the vision and the voice from The Pilot. Along the way, five seasons and 104 episodes later, others have added their notes, their insights. The tapestry that is Supernatural has been filled in by many and the layers are deep, rich; at times easy to see and at others difficult to know where one ends and another begins. Through it all the foundation has never changed, demons come and go, angels come and go, story arcs begin and end, secondary characters add their bits and leave, resurface and leave again; the foundation of family remains; in Swan Song it was enhanced.
Swan Song is a love letter and judging from the comments from fans it achieved its purpose beautifully. A love letter should make us weep and laugh, clutch it wonderingly studying the words over and over and letting the intent and emotions pour over us. A love letter should provoke such intensity of emotions that at times you cast it aside unable to abide its very presence nor the response it stirs. A love letter should make us reflect on all that has brought us to that moment and leave us longing for the next moment; Swan Song succeeds.
I’ll admit that as of the drafting of this article I’ve only watched Swan Song once in its entirety. The purpose of this article is not to review the episode or to go in-depth at its quality and shines with quality that is multi-faceted and breathtaking. When I write my Road So Far; Season Five, I’ll review this episode.  In the context of the whole I’ll be able to reflect on the individual. The purpose of this article is to allow me to come to grips, to process, to digest, to find support and perhaps give some. I’m on the couch, tissues littered about as I struggle with what I’ve seen.
2010 Hellatus is reminiscent of 2008’s Hellatus. I’ll be able to handle it better because unlike 2008’s I have all of you to spend the time with and that will help. While 2009’s was tough it wasn’t looming as large as this one is. Perhaps it’s the specter of change that grips me and does not let me go. Eric is no longer the showrunner, that’s change. Am I worried? Yes and no. I’ll spend some time these next weeks reflecting on Sera Gamble’s episodes and perhaps share a word or thought but as a showrunner goes I believe we are in capable hands. 
Sera looks at the brothers as a unit. Sera understands family is the core, the brothers’ love for each other the heartbeat of the show. Sera has stated that going forward the story will be more intimate that it will explore the brothers’ relationship in a new manner, going deeper; a story is there to be told. Sera recently stated that “they” [writers and crew I interpret that as] are chomping at the bit to get going on Season 6. I find all of that encouraging.
So what is it that grips me and worries me going forward? Just like 2008, post-No Rest For the Wicked, it’s the little comment, the little thread that worries me. Kripke stated in May of 2008 that Sam and Dean’s relationship would be massively affected after Dean’s time in hell and Sam’s time without him; he was right. On the other side Season 4 was perhaps the most cohesive of all of the seasons from start to finish, with the exception of one maybe two episodes Season 4 was filled with solid episode after solid episode; all that and Dean and Sam’s relationship massively affected to boot.
What catches me off guard, what has me fretting is this one line [paraphrased] ‘This is the last time Dean and Bobby will talk for a long time.’
I don’t know what that means and it bothers me greatly. I understand Dean leaving hunting, he promised Sam he would. Dean has never been a good liar to those he loves; though he tries. Dean has always been a very good soldier, doing what he promises. It’s not surprising that Dean leaves hunting but to leave Bobby too? Perhaps he needs the clean break, fully, completely, leave it all behind, shut the door, nail two-by-fours on it and brick it over. Still, how long is a long time?
Having gotten my biggest fear [that I know of] out of the way I’ll share what I liked.
Carry on Wayward Son. I never get tired of it. I don’t want to hear it every episode because it would become background but once a season is definitely not enough. There’s always the mid-season cliffhanger, play it there too, please.
Every scene on, in, near or about the Impala, here is where Kripke masterfully reminds us that the heart and soul of Supernatural is about family. Put whatever backdrop to it you will, nothing denies that front and center it is always about family; Swan Song put an exclamation point on that.
Legos and toy soldiers, we knew back in Dead in the Water that Dean had toy soldiers, to know that Sam stuffed one in the ash tray; priceless. I love the image of Dean sticking legos down into the heater vent; it’s a playful innocence that we never saw. This is where Kripke shines to let us know all these special moments, not just the ones we’ve experienced over five seasons but even some that came prior. Will we ever watch Faith and imagine that cold drive to Nebraska with the dying Dean huddled in the passenger seat and the heat likely blowing through the vents and not ‘hear’ the rattle of legos? I won’t. Further layering on the love is telling us that Dean put the girl back together after Devil’s Trap restoring all those treasures; satisfying. 
Castiel and Bobby, to say that I’m relieved they’re alive is an understatement. To say that I hope they both reappear in Season 6 is to relive my fear…how long is a ‘long time’ and what role could Castiel possibly have going forward that isn’t awkward? I don’t know. I’ll be looking forward to any spoilers that say Misha is signed as a regular or recurring and any tips of Jim Beaver saying he’s headed to Vancouver to shoot. [BTW, Jared stated at a recent con that Season 6 shooting begins July 1st.]
Bobby’s story continues as he goes back to hunting. There is a quiet strength there that with everything that has happened Bobby goes back to hunting.
Castiel the new sheriff in heaven? I don’t know. Perhaps God is going back to take control and Castiel will be able to have time off, don’t know. I like that Castiel is fully restored and finding his purpose again. And I can’t leave him without noting that only Castiel would be redundant in insulting someone – ass-butt, too funny!
Jared/Sam, to say that Jared knocked it out of the park is to say that the law of gravity is fixed on earth, in other words, obvious and irrefutable. [I’m confident should anyone try to say Jared sucked in this episode will have their comments hoisted high and flayed to the quick – is that possible?] Jared was magnificent. We’ve seen him grow in his confidence and his abilities, the abilities were always there he just needed experience and understanding with the character to know how to fully use them but here he has performed beyond what I expected, way beyond. It was flawless. I’ll enjoy rewatching Season 1 of Supernatural over Hellatus and then intersperse it with episodes of Season 5 at the same time and I know I will be amazed at how improved he is. 
Jared knew exactly what to do with Sam here, as he has for quite some time now. I knew every time I was looking at Sam and every time I was looking at Lucifer. He had so many of Mark P’s mannerisms in his performance that there was no doubt Lucifer was ‘in there.’ It was mesmerizing and when I’m able, I will watch it again and again and enjoy it for the magnificent work it is.
It has been a treat this season to see Jared portray Lucifer twice as well as watch him step up into the leadership role that we last saw him in All Hell Breaks Loose I. From Jared’s incredulous moment of realization that Dean was letting him call the play to his quiet, shame as he told Dean to not watch him drink the blood – he never wanted Dean to know much less see – to his rage as he confronted Lucifer initially, the battle within played out with only Jared watching himself in the mirror – he didn’t even have someone there to look at, just a mirror – to him retaking control and telling Dean that it’s going to be okay. He’s got him – it does not get better than that. May Season 6 bring many more opportunities for Jared to shine as Sam Winchester.
Dean, maybe it’s time I grew up…when you put it like that, I agree. I never thought he needed to grow up as John had once said… “I made you grow up too fast.” But there is truth in the premise that for all that Dean grew up quickly, he never matured in his outlook fully. The transition started in earnest at the beginning of Season 3 in The Kids Are All Right as Dean, in one episode, went from looking for a ‘bendy weekend’ sequel to realizing he was missing out on something bigger; he wished Ben was his kid. The thought evolved and we saw in Dream a Little Dream of Me that Dean actually contemplated a life with Lisa, there was nothing sexual in that dream, it was romantic, intimate, loving – a life.
It’s been a quiet thread building slowly in the background but even Swap Meat – for all its missed opportunities – built on this idea and had Dean wondering if perhaps they were missing something in their lives. To hear him give voice to his longing in 99 Problems… “When I do picture myself happy, it’s with you – and the kid”, didn’t seem out of place. To see him fulfill his promise to Sam and seek out Lisa, into whose arms he allowed himself to be drawn and sob was bittersweet.
A note on that moment as Lisa hugs Dean, I’ve read a comment that someone said they’re very disappointed in Dean for not shedding a single tear over Sam’s death. I think they missed it completely. No, unlike Sam at the end of No Rest For the Wicked, Dean did not sob openly, but he never has. Dean’s tears have always been quieter as he struggles to maintain control, even in Heaven and Hell when the tears are pouring down his face he is struggling for control. As Dean kneels at the cemetery beaten bloody he may or may not have tears, too much damage to tell. When Cas restores him, Dean is immediately swept up into the fact that Castiel is back and then Bobby is alive. After that Dean retreats to anger only to be left with the provocative question…what did you want? 
But when Dean is enveloped in Lisa’s arms, he breaks down.  We may not see the tears but there are sobs, there is brokenness.  Lisa’s repeated words of comfort are those that are said when confronted by someone so broken there are no words but a mantra…shhhh, it’s all right. Shhh, it’s all right. Dean is lost…the glass of whiskey reminds us of that.
That there is a Season 6, I don’t know where we go from here, I’m only glad that we are going on from here. I don’t worry that Sam is Lucifer. Chuck stated that perhaps it was all a test and that Sam and Dean did fine. I think they passed, I believe the test is over. Is Sam an angel? I don’t think so. Sera has stated that they were closing the major storyline here, Sam coming back as an angel doesn’t close the storyline and allow for a smaller more intimate one going forward. Sam as immortal would not allow the brothers to relate on that smaller, intimate scale. 
Is Lisa going to marry Dean? I don’t know. It depends if the story picks up right away or if there is a long, long time [again, how long is ‘a very long time’?] I don’t think we’re going to see Dean married to Lisa and Lisa and Ben killed by evil because that just starts the whole story all over again. What I do believe will happen is what Zachariah told Dean all the way back in It’s a Terrible Life – you’re a hunter, Dean, it’s who you are and you’ll find your way to it in the dark every time.
Does Sam go and hunt with Bobby trying to shield Dean that he’s back and let Dean live the apple-pie life? I don’t know but, if he does, he won’t for long. The writers know the heart and soul of the show it the love story between the brothers. Watching them apart, living separately is not going to bring us running. Watching them with Lisa and Ben in tow is more awkward than having The Roadhouse as a central meeting place and is not likely to last.
My bet is that Dean tries with Lisa but realizes who and what he is and that Lisa lovingly reminds him that she’s always here for him. She won’t wait for him but she’ll always be there should he need her. He’ll have a shining light in his life to get away from the hunt but the hunt will always be in him.
Just as I don’t believe Sam is an angel I equally do not believe he’s Lucifer; see the reasons for him not being an angel for the reasons why I don’t believe he’s Lucifer. Just as God brought Cas back fully restored and allowed Cas to restore Bobby I believe either God or Cas restored Sam. I’m going to go with God on the hunch that either Cas went back to heaven and had a chat with God and God agreed to release Sam or that God intended to do it anyway once Sam passed his part of the test.
By the way, if you haven’t guessed by now, I love the idea of Chuck as God as well as Chuck as Kripke’s ‘voice’. I have no idea if it was planned from the moment the Chuck character was conceived that he would be God or if that just came along by happy accident, either way it works. 
Chuck would never work as a character going forward, just like I fear Castiel will not, but more so because Chuck only has a purpose as the prophet and holder of conventions. To drop Chuck unceremoniously would leave a loose thread just aching to be yanked but to make him the ‘master’ of all that has come before and all that can come in the future makes him the ‘man behind the curtain’ that now having been revealed can quietly go back to performing his magic without all the ceremony but we know he’s there. 
I don’t care that in all the times Chuck and Dean have been in the same place at the same time Dean’s amulet didn’t glow. Castiel stated that the amulet glowing in God’s presence was a rumor, not fact. Also, God can do whatever he wants, if he doesn’t want the amulet to glow in his presence, it’s not going to glow. Joshua gave voice to that – magic amulet or not, you’re not going to find him.
Speaking of the amulet, I stated back in my review of Point of No Return that I believe the amulet is gone forever. I still have no idea but I do have this possible inkling of its future reappearance. Jensen said at a con that occurred just after Dark Side of the Moon was shown but just prior to Point of No Return in response to a fan’s question was the amulet gone and he said – reportedly with a twinkle in his eye and a small grin – that Sam was still in the room after Dean left. 
What lies ahead?  Does Sam have the amulet? Is Sam Sam? I read his expression at the end as sorrowful, not angry. There is thunder rumbling in the background which could be misleading – you know, Bobby sold his soul, a beloved character is killed. Both were true and yet not really, pawned, resurrected, tomato/tomahto [that works better out loud]. Did Crowley return Bobby’s soul? We’re left to assume he did as “for the record, next week Bobby will be hunting a rugaru.” Still worried about ‘a very long time’ don’t like that – that and the fact Jim Beaver stated after shooting his scene he went and cut all his hair off, something he hadn’t been able to do in five years. Still, he’s alive, he’s alive, he’s alive. 
Does Meg reappear? She could; her own demon, not toeing the line for Azazel or Lucifer. Demons are still out there. Will we finally see a chupacabra? No, don’t think so. [Still hoping, for Suze’s sake, for a zombie alligator – especially as Suze is a bit blue about this episode. Sorry, Suze, love ya, sib….huddle on the couch with me anyway!]
I do not plan to rewatch Swan Song for a little bit, as Datafrom Star Trek NG would say, processing – processing. I will rewatch it before too long. In the meantime I’m finalizing a five-part series in which I examine “the” pivotal episode for each season. I’ll also begin working on the latest installment to The Road So Far series – Season 5. I’ve got ideas and outlines in mind to ensure I provide an article per week of Hellatus. They’re no love letters to be sure but they’ll help me and hopefully some of you through the wait.
Mr. Kripke, you may be stepping away from showrunner status but you’re not stepping out of the realm of Supernatural, not when there’s still so much blood and gore to splatter and so many more urban legends to blenderize. You may never write us another love letter but I’ll eagerly await any postscripts you do decide to bless us with.
Thank you, Eric Kripke, you are a Magnificent bastard as Alice affectionately likes to say, and Damn You, Kripke, very much!
Thanks for reading, Elle2


# joelsteinlover 2010-05-15 17:22
Ooh, I like how you did this without rewatching. You focused on those things that stood out most as one was watching the episode and not what were actually "most important."

And aww, Kripke, we love you too!
# Jasminka 2010-05-15 17:30
Elle2, I don't know what to say.

I loved this, read this and tears came welling up again and a smile, too, for having found this show and this site. I'm not scared of the hellatus,as we will spend it together here and get it behind us in no time.

I am so proud of the acting abilities we find in this show, and the development Jared has achieved in that department.

Thank you for this. For now, and I know most unusual for me, I'm at a loss for words. This piece was wonderful. Thank you.

:-), Jas
# Suze 2010-05-15 18:52
Huddling away here til September, thanks for the empathy. I'm just a fool for Ride-Into-The-S unset-To-Swelli ng-Music sort of endings and tend to get all snappy and cross when thwarted ... Nothing a few Zombie Crocs and a new season wouldn't fix, though! ;-)

PS. Mr. K might love us now but if we give in to his silvertongued wiles will he still respect us in the morning? ( Possibly it's about five years too late to worry about that ... :lol: )
# Freebird 2010-05-15 19:22
Elle2, loved your article! Thank you for sharing.

# Evelyn 2010-05-15 19:48
Elle2, this is beautiful. Thank you for your words and insights. I am still very emotional over this episode. I have to say I have rewatched this episode a couple of times and the last time I watched, I didn't cry as much or as hard. So, I am getting better. But still, as I read your wonderful words the tears still fall but a smile reaches my face now.

This was a great episode and I think, once the heartache goes away will probably become my favorite. It occurs to me that our favorite episodes or moments in episodes always revolve around the brothers relationship and what happens between them. That is the way it is for me. So, once time has passed, I look forward to being able to watch this episode without breaking down uncontrollably and just feeling and reveling in the love that exists between these two brothers. Which is why I am very excited about Sera's comments about Season 6. I am so looking forward to those intimate, smaller moments between the boys and excited to see what will happen. I hope they don't disappoint.

Question about the last scene. We see Dean go to Lisa and as he walks through the door, he grabs her and he lets her hold him and comfort him. I am very sure that there were tears and sobbing involved in that embrace. We just didn't get to witness them. The next scene we have is Dean at the dinner table staring into space, obviously deep inside his well of pain, when a concerned Lisa comes to the table with the rest of dinner and asks if he is okay. Dean snaps out of it and tosses a roll to Ben and they settle down to dinner. So, my question is: What amount of time do you think has passed by since Dean first walked in the door and them at the dinner table? There seemed to be a little familiarity in the routine, so I don't feel it would have been the next day. Maybe a week, a month? I don't know. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Just wondering.

Thanks again for this wonderful article. I am looking forward to your posts this summer as we struggle through another tortuous Hellatus together.
# RedBird 2010-05-15 20:01
Hi Elle2. For what it's worth, Jim Beaver tweeted today, " I'll be back. Ease your mind." in response to a fan's tweet asking if we'll see him again in Season 6.
# Bevie 2010-05-15 20:09
Thanks Elle2 for this article and for all your articles to come during this hellatus. They will be such a help to get us through it.

I too felt a little nervous over not talking to Bobby for a long time. Maybe its just 4 months? Hope so. :-?

I fear Dean will be into a deep depression if Sam takes off without seeing him. He should know how Dean would feel if he thinks about how he felt when it was reversed.

Maybe I worry about things that will never happen. I'm just so relieved it seems everybody is still alive with the exception of poor Adam. Maybe they can find him next season.

Love Alice's idea that Dean find his amulet somwhere that Sam stashed it. I want that amulet back around Dean's neck where it belongs.

Loved that Chuck was God/Kripke.

Damn you Kripke. Thank you for the best five years ever! ;-)
# elle2 2010-05-15 20:22
Thanks for the comments...I feel better having shared my 'pain' and spent some time in like company.

Joelsteinlover, sometimes if I just do a stream of conscious thingy it all comes out so much better. Glad you liked what I wrote, thank you.

Jas, I teared up drafting this, proofing it (still missed two errors at least) rearranged, edited and then even now reading your comments. I'm stunned, you're speechless -- I take the compliment. :-)

Suze, oh, huddle away, my friend. I agree with your thoughts/hopes, in the end I hope the 'ending' is the trunk slamming and a dual, we've got work to do.

Freebird, you're welcome! It helped me.

Evelyn, I'm emotional like you. I know if I watch it again I'll fall down into the pit of my own making and that if I keep at it it'll get better but I'll suffer in the process. Instead I'm going to immerse myself in Season 5 start to finish giving myself two weeks to complete. That way I prep two to three (or more )articles as well as get some time and space. Regarding the final scene and how long before dinner? I have no idea. Like you I wonder if there's been a passage of time.

Redbird,, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. How sweet of Jim Beaver to add -- "ease your mind" for the eases mine!

Still glad there's a couch to huddle on but I managed a few stretches today (yeah, and potty breaks and a's a long hellatus, we gotta keep it smelling purty you know!)

# BagginsDVM 2010-05-16 00:13
Ditto for all that you said, Elle2. Wonderful article. I am very relieved to hear about Jim's tweet confirming that he will return. That line about Dean not seeing Bobby for a long time had me worried, & yes, how long is long? I want to believe that it is just Sam, fully & only human, Sam there outside Lisa's house. I expect that some time will have passed between Sam's fall into the pit & his reappearance on earth, but it should only be months & not years. I don't think Dean could survive that long thinking that his brother is in Hell nor stay away from hunting (& continuing to save people in the process), no matter what he promised to Sam.
I've watched the episode 3 times, & I'm still processing. I'm glad y'all are here to share our thoughts with each other!
# ElenaM 2010-05-16 00:49
Don't have much to add, elle2--you said it all beautifully. Thank you. Krip's love really came through, and i so wanted to hug Rob Benedict at the end of the ep for conveying his voice so beautifully. Part of me wishes this had been the series finale... but I can't help wanting more! And Redbird, thanks so much for the tip!
# zoni 2010-05-16 01:29
Thanks for this blog elle2! I had lots of questions after watching this episode, and you helped answer a few of them. I was wondering if Chuck = God or if he just got assumed to Heaven like some other prophets have been, so I was glad to see you say you thought it meant he's God too. After watching this episode, I couldn't help but think that Dean would keep his promise to Sam to stop hunting demons by starting to hunt God instead. Dean told Cass to tell God if he saw Him that he's coming for Him next. I figured this would keep his innate need to hunt under control, since God is probably the only one (in Dean's mind) who could bring Sam back safely.

I can't help but wonder how Sam did get out without setting Lucifer free? Did Lucifer shed him once in hell, and Sam eventually died down there, and was then able to be resurrected on Earth without dragging Lucifer topside too? If so, will we see Adam again? After all, he is also family. Bobby's like a father to the boys, so I couldn't imagine him not returning next season. I hope Castiel will be back, though I can't imagine how he'd fit in.

Once Dean founds out Sam is alive, what will they do? It's hard to imagine them going back to hunting demons at this point. That feels like going backwards, not forward. I can't wait to see what the writers have in mind!

I've re-watched this episode about 7 times now, and plan on watching it at least that many more. It was truly brilliant, one of the best episodes I've seen of any show ever. EVER. I love this show so much! Thanks again for your insights! :D
# Supernarttu 2010-05-16 02:01
Elle2, this is so lovely thank you.

And I couldn't agree more, this is Kripkes love letter to us, it makes me so very happy (well, with the final shot of Sam standing there, if that scene hadn't happened, I'd be quite miserable and a weeping mess) and fills me with so much love and renews (or just purely strengthens) my devotion and admiration for this show :-)

And Impala love? OMG YES!! *heart*

That (heartwrenching ) scene with Dean at Lisas doorstep is so sad and beautiful (one of my top3 fave scenes of that eppie btw), the way Deans voice quivers and breaks, I can see he's barely holding it together and once in Lisas arms I can see that he breaks down. I can't believe someone has allready complained about that, (like I can't believe someone bitc.hed about that Sam wrestling Satan -scene that what brought Sam back was, and I quote, "a stupid toy soldier", I really wanted to emerge from my lurkdom and say "Did you even SEE the episode???") I could 'feel' his pain, grief and sense the feeling of lost. I doubt that he'll be able to keep away from hunting for long, but I'd like to think that with Lisa he could have something one day or just a really close friend to turn to when needed. The guys sure could use some friends, not-hunting-rel ated even.

I'm so psyched for another season, I can't tell you! I really, really loved this mytharc but I'm glad (and feel so so satisfied) it's over and that we get something old and something new (and borrowed and blue, heee). I have confidence in Sera, I think she can pull it of.

I can't believe you get these great thoughts after just one watch, I was a puddle on the floor, speechless and had to rewatch like RTFNOW, :-) Overall, I've watched this eppie like a hundred times. It seems I can't stop, it's just pure love and every time I watch it I feel this little tingle and I smile. Sad one? Yes. But I feel hopeful. This would have been a great series end too.

Thank you Kripke and damn you very much too! What a way to go :-)
# Julie 2010-05-16 09:01
This was a really beautiful and moving article Elle2, thank you so much for writing it .
It also has given us all a chance to say a huge `Thank You ` to Eric Kripke for the wonderful gift he has given us. Thank goodness we have September to look forward to , but this does feel like an end too , I really admire him for sticking to his 5 year plan and completing `his story`. We have praised him and cursed him and damned him but always admired his genius.
I just hope he knows how much we all appreciate him.
# elle2 2010-05-16 14:01
Bevie, I missed you the last time, was writing my post as you were posting. :-) I too wonder if Sam stashed it in the car or in his belongings. It's possible/probab le that he did, you know, once he pulled it out of the trash can. ;-0

Leslie, so glad you're sharing this time with us too, the more the merrier -- and the fast time will fly by.

Baggins, I don't know what to think how Season 6 begins. Are we going to get a one year later up front or what? I'm trying to imagine it...better to let the creative genius behind the show take care of it.

ElenaM, I'm torn as well, it was a beautiful episode and a fitting conclusion to the story but in the end, I agree with Suze, I'm hoping the 'true' end is not really an end at all. Trunk slams, "we've got work to do" and they continue down the road, music rocking.

Supernarttu, I saw that too that somebody said 'stupid toy soldier' some people don't get it and some people want something really huge when in the end it is the little things that remind us of who we are, remember Dean packing his meager belongings to send to Bobby, leather jacket, keys to the Impala and his fave gun...those define him. For Sam it was the toy soldier that triggered the flood of memories and enabled him to 'swing harder' and get the upper hand...but it was family and the bond and all that came before in the episode that won the fight.

Julie, I whole-heartedly agree, Eric stuck to his guns and I admire that very much. He told his story. I'm thrilled there's another new direction to go and am eager for the ride.

I've always said I chose to get on this ride and I choose to stay or hop off. I'm willing to try a new direction, wherever it may go. (as long as Sam and Dean are brothers, riding in the Impala, hunting things, saving people, Bobby is there, Castiel is there, rock music gets a know, as long as all that's there, I'm there. :D
# RedBird 2010-05-16 16:22
You're welcome, Elle2. I was just reading an interview with Eric Kripke from earlier this year (in USA Weekend), and it gave me an idea about Bobby and the "very long time" that he and Dean won't be talking. Here's the quote from EK:
"But if their emotional storyline for, say, season six is to save a loved one, then that’s something you can really understand and get behind and actually have some really emotional storytelling that takes you through a lot of the scary episodes."

So what if something happens to Bobby on that rugaru causing him to be MIA for a while. It let's Jim Beaver cut his hair and come back later in the season.

The Rolling Stones helped me crystallize my thoughts on what happened to Sam and Dean. As I drove into work on Friday, I heard "You Can't Always Get What You Want." I began to think perhaps the boys needed these current events; they obviously didn't want them. Dean said he needed to grow up, to mature as you point out, Elle2. I think Dean's time with Lisa might be like a vacation - a necessary break to recharge your batteries - to help you gain perspective - and something you might really enjoy, but you know it's not your real life. Dean might need this time in a "real" family setting to help him come to terms with the fact he truly is a hunter and that is his life.

I think Sam may have needed this, too. Everyone else around him has sacrificed themselves, many times for him, but he hasn't done that. Letting Lucifer in to put him in the cage would be that sacrifice, or more importantly for Sam, it may be the redemption he has sought. Just my 2 cents.
# Freebird 2010-05-17 16:41
Evelyn, if I'm not mistaken, they all wear the same clothes, so I guess dinner is the same night Dean arrived at Lisa's house.
RedBird, THANK YOU for this info!!! Love to know Jim will stay! Off to read Kripke's interview now, thanks for the link, too!
# Evelyn 2010-05-17 18:20
Freebird - I just checked, they are not wearing the same clothes. When Dean arrived she was wearing a plain shirt - in the next scene she is wearing a floral print with her hair tied back. Also, when Lisa gets Dean out of his reverie and they settle down for dinner, Dean tosses Ben a roll and starts serving himself some potatoes. I get a sense that he has been there for awhile - maybe a short while, but at least a little bit of time.
# Freebird 2010-05-17 18:37
You're right, Evelyn, my mistake, sorry. Well, I have very good eye sight, I just don't look closely enough, happens all the time ;-)
In that case, yeah, it is a mystery how much time has passed between Dean arriving at Lisa's and Sam showing up. Really can't tell, can you?
I just thought, given how quickly Show tends to resolve things and answer questions, we might even get the answer right on the first episode of S6. Just remember S3 cliffhanger (Dean went to hell, nooooo!!) and epi 1 of S4 (Dean's back, OMG!!!!!). Can't wait!!!
# elle2 2010-05-17 19:49
Redbird, I went right to the twitter account and browsed away...whew, big relief. Glad to see others are just as relieved as I am.

Having not seen it again I didn't check out the clothes of the others but I did notice Sam was in the same stuff.

We still may very likely get resolution early in the first episode. I remember all the speculation that Dean wouldn't return until a few eps into Season 4 and that the bros. might be separated for those first few and voila they were together within 15 minutes...I believe the creative minds know that what is best if the two together [they better!]

I've already watched the first two eps of S5 again and have 3 and 4 on tap for tonight as I work on my Season 5 wrap up. Within two weeks, three at the most I'll be catching this eppie on the rewatch...I'll be better able to handle it by then, especially as filming will only be a few weeks away at that point!

Freebird...I'm with you, can't wait (have to and plan to enjoy it but can't wait!)
# Evelyn 2010-05-17 22:31
It will be interesting to see how quickly they resolve this situation - a la S3 to S4. I am very excited to see what happens and how long of a time will have passed. I read a fan fic yesterday that portrayed this scenario exactly like between S3/S4 and had the time be 4 months. It was a great fic - my favorite so far of all the Codas I've read to this episode. I'm with you Freebird, can't wait to see exactly what they do.

I am also going to start watching S5 episodes from the beginning again. But somehow I keep reverting back to watching Swan Song. As heartbreaking as this episode is, I just love it so much. It has by far become my favorite of all episodes, besides the fact that I cry like crazy with each viewing. I hope that with time, the tears will lessen. Oh my!
# Randal 2010-05-18 08:28
Sam is going to get a job as a pizza delivery guy and that's how he'll show up at Dean's current residence.

No one likes that idea?

Great stuff here, elle2, and I agree with 98.7% of it (my rewatching Swan Song accounts for the 1.3%).

As much as I like Bobby and Cas, even if they didn't appear in many episodes next season (which makes extra sense for Cas as given how powerful he is, he could save the day while reading the paper on the can), as long as they aren't Officially Dead®, I'm cool. That said, don't be waiting until 6.21 to bring Bobby back, dammit.

Of course Dean isn't going to bawl everywhere. Hasn't been his m.o. for as long as we've seen him and who the hell could complain about a toy soldier? Someone's missing the boat on the human condition. Physical touchstones, smells, all kinds of stimuli can get the emotions flowing. Yikes.

What they set up so beautifully is that there IS still stuff to resolve yet it's not going to be weighed down by such globe-spanning lunacy because when you've got that, you feel compelled to service it at the (sometimes) expense of that intimacy.
# Karen 2010-05-18 09:44
Hi Elle2
Loved the article and everything you had to say.
I loved this episode and what it represented, the strong bond between family and friends.
I too am happy Castiel and Bobby survived and hope to see them both next season, even if its just a couple of episodes.
I was bothered too by that statement not seeing Bobby for along time.
I agree staying away would help keep his mind away from hunting but it also must hurt to see Bobby, reminding him of what they went thru and that final day with Sam and what he lost. Although the Impala would be a constant reminder of Sam, but I think it probably brings back more of the good memories and moments of their lives.
As for season 6, I can’t see Dean staying way from hunting, it’s in his blood. I just hope Lisa and Ben don’t get too hurt over his leaving. But if they love him enough, they will probably understand.
As for Sam, to me he’s just Sam, no demon, no angel. I do however believe he is different. That his resurrection has cleaned out all the demon blood from his system and he is now able to be at peace with himself. No longer worried about turning evil and his doom destiny. Well I can dream.
Either way I will be there in September watching with baited breath.

@Randal. You crack me so consistently up.
If life was only that easy, to be able to resolve all problems, while doing your morning constitutional.
# Rufus 2010-05-18 09:51
Castiel did say he was improved which made me wonder if he is now one of the Angels who has actually seen God? God has made it clear that people have to sort things out for themselves but isn't adverse to evening the playing field. So, Sam is back full circle to where he was before and I can't wait to see what they do with him as returns aren't easy.

Swan Song may not be perfect to some fans but I think that emotionally it did what it set out to.
# Evelyn 2010-05-18 11:13
Karen - I am with you. I hope that when Dean leaves Lisa and Ben that it will be a mutual decision between them and out of love - I would definitely hate to see them get hurt, as we do know that hunting is in Dean's blood. He won't be able to stay away from it for an extended period of time. I also feel that Sam will be different. The mytharc of him with Demon blood ended with Swan Song and I feel (hope) that when he comes back he will be cleaned out of all that and although it will always be a part of him (the experiences, not necessarily the blood) he should be able to put that to rest and no longer feel that he is the "freak" with demon blood (a worry and fear he has always had).

Randal, you are right about Dean. He is not the emotional one - although we have seen him cry numerous times, he always tries to hold it in and never, ever felt comfortable with the chick flick moments. Which is why he is always so snarky - as a coverup, of course. The true macho way. So, his "toy solder" status I think is still fairly intact. :-)
# elle2 2010-05-18 20:05
Eveyln, Randal, Karen, Rufus, Leslie,

I'm with Leslie, I wouldn't mind reading that fanfic either. I'm going to assume it's on so I'll have to make some time to check for it. I'm sure the creative juices of all fanfic writers will be working hard.

Randal, you do crack me up as well and I love your writing (we'll be getting some goodies you during Hellatus, right????)

I'm working my way through Season 5 start to finish so I'll be back at Swan Song in a couple of weeks (and we'll be that much closer to Season 6!)

Rufus, it's an interesting, very interesting, point about Castiel saying he was 'improved' hmm, is that something for Season 6? I wonder, wonder, wonder...time will tell.

Karen, family is what the show is about...and it's something Sera has consitently stated she understands about the show so that makes me very comfortable for going into Season 6.

I'm so grateful for all the has helped me 'cope'.

# Evelyn 2010-05-19 10:51
elle(2) and Leslie92708 - the fan fic I was talking about earlier is entitled "Peace In Your Freedom--Coda 5.22" It can be found on LJ and the author is borgmama1of5. I really liked this one. There is also another fic I'm reading now (it is a WIP) on entitled Legacy by Kadysn. In this one Dean keeps his promise and has stayed with Lisa, started a family and Sam finally shows up 5 years later. It's pretty good. I love reading all the fics - it helps ease the sad heart from the heartbreaking ending of Swan Song. I watched just the last 15 minutes last night and still cried buckets. I don't think I'll ever be able to watch that episode and not cry. It was so epic. Well, enjoy the fics.