Jump the Shark
Nope, not yet. When a show jumps the shark, they’ve done something that has no meaning or sense in the overall premise of the show; Supernatural has not jumped the shark. Adam may be a third brother that I feared and frankly didn’t really want but I contend his life does nothing to alter my love of the show; actually it deepens my love as I want to know more. I’ll be candid; I don’t need to know more about Adam but I do need to know more about how Sam and Dean move forward with this new information. Mr. Kripke knows how to tell a very good story. 
Are You Jealous of the Kid? Are You?
Yep. These two have always known how to get at the heart of the matter; it’s what they do with it afterwards they’re still figuring out. 
Sam’s more willing to be open to Adam being their brother, no surprise there; Sam is usually more open-minded about things. He more readily believed in angels, more easily questioned the killing of vampires who weren’t evil but seeking to survive peacefully. Sam’s openness to Adam isn’t surprising; his willingness to turn the kid into another hunter shows how much he is his father’s son but also how much he is obsessed with revenge…again, his father’s son. 
Sam looks at Adam and sees ‘meat’, true, but that cuts both ways. Yes, Adam died because he had no ability to protect himself from the evil that lurked all around him; he lacked the knowledge and the skills. However, Sam wasn’t only trying to protect Adam he was trying to forge him into a weapon. Sam’s brotherly advice about hunting is a way of life clearly showed that he had no intention of simply saving Adam from this clear and present danger but rather fully initiating him into the life of a hunter with one goal, fight evil. Also, Sam’s obsession blinded him to any possibility that this was a trap.
Dean’s jealousy, hurt and hostility towards Adam is similarly unsurprising. Dean did worship dad and he clings to the memory of mom being the only woman for dad and of dad and Sam and him being a family.  The realization that dad had given into his pain and longing and created in some small way a haven that resembled the one he’d lost with Mary cut Dean very deeply.   Once Adam passed the tests Dean had set for him and instead traveled into the emotional arena for Dean, Dean lost all perspective on the fact that he was right all along, this was a trap.
The fact that Dean wanted to protect Adam from hunting shows how much Dean has come to resent the life he leads. When he argued against Sam teaching Adam about hunting, he was arguing about everything that was John Winchester, at least the John Winchester as drill sergeant that was present the majority of his life.
You Take It Any Way You Want:
Sam accepts Dean’s words in a way that I have done when I think I’ve been complimented but I’m not really sure. For the record, I don’t think Dean meant it as a compliment. I think Dean is starting to realize how much of his father he truly did not like. Dean, in my opinion, is finally reaching the point of realization that his worship of his father blinded him. 
Dad was obsessed. Dad did train them like warriors. Dad did hide things from them that they could have and should have known. Dad made mistakes. Dad gave in to his own weaknesses, not only with Adam’s mother but in his deal with Azazel to save Dean. In short, Dad was human, not the idol that Dean had created in his mind. When one’s idols fall, it is painful and Dean has been dealing with this for a long time, perhaps this is finally the bottom and he can start to rebuild…we’ll see.
Dean is not complimenting Sam; he’s stating fact.
Sam is willing to take it as a compliment even though he knows there is more to it. Sam has always been willing to look for the deeper meaning, the grey in between the black and white lines, however, this season we see Sam seeking to rationalize his actions and he uses both sides, black and white, to rationalize his choice of gray. Sam uses revenge against Lilith as a way to rationalize sucking on demon blood and then he turns around and states that he doesn’t want to be hunting when he’s old and that’s why he’s willing to suck demon blood. It is a slippery slope that many have fallen and never returned. Then again, as Dean said in Nightmare: “…You have something Max didn’t have…me.”  
Here’s hoping that’s enough.
Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin:
I’ll admit, these two aren’t my favorite writers for the show but they are growing on me; they did an excellent job here. I give them high marks that both seem to spend quite a bit of effort on researching the show itself so that they give us an episode that brings in parts from Skin and Something Wicked specifically and much of Season 1 in general. In Skin it was Dean telling Sam that hunting meant turning his back on his friends, his dreams, anything and everything but the job; here it is Sam giving that speech to Adam. In Something Wicked it is Dean telling Sam that they need to use Michael for bait; here it’s Sam telling Dean that about Adam. 
I think, however, Jensen needs to get these guys some cookies or cake or something as a bribe. In all three of Dabb’s and Loflin’s episodes they’ve been particularly harsh to Dean, and by proxy Jensen. Let us not forget there’s been screaming until a voice was nearly gone, there’s been gym shorts and a head band and now there’s been crawling through vents and dirt tunnels. If I was Jensen, I’d spend my vacation from the show making friends.
These two writers do give me some interesting things to ponder, as does Phil Sgriccia. For instance, why does the opening on the brothers show Sam staring off over a grey, desolate looking lake? Is that a hint to the bleakness of the future? Does the placement of Dean scrunched in the Impala and then nearly falling out the passenger door mean to suggest just how disconnected and uncomfortable Dean is with his life, his own self? What does the world come to when Dean can’t even find comfort inside the Impala? 
And why did Dean stare face to beak with a decorative chicken in Adam’s mom’s bedroom shortly after Adam reveals John took him to baseball games. Is that just a random prop piece or is it a hint that Dean still battles the ‘chicken’ inside of him?
I do like that both these writers took full advantage of this seeming monster of the week episode to further cement some pillars of the show and this season specifically. First Dean, Dean is a hunter and he is good at it; Zachariah is right. For nearly four seasons now Dean has always been able to hunt and he is good at it. Despite the emotional agony in encountering Adam Dean hunts. He finds the scratches on the bedroom floor, he tracks down leads at the bar, the cemetery and despite his sense of betrayal by dad with Adam he seeks to protect the innocent. Dean has always hunted through the pain, Home, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, Cross Road Blues, for just a few examples.
For Sam, this episode showcased the change in this character from Season 1, no doubt that’s why it was by design and not coincidence that Season 1 heavily influenced this episode; we were meant to see how far Sam has come, or gone or is going. This episode also sets up some future events and revelations; blood, blood, so much blood. Sam lost a lot of blood during what normally I would consider to be overly long exposition. This time the whole point of the lengthy exposition and gore was to show us the loss of blood. In other words, Sammy needs a refill. Also, the whole point of being bound by the ropes and unable to free himself drives home what Sam declared in Metamorphosis…”it only works on demons.”
That’s good to know assuming another brodown/showdown is coming.
Some other random bits that I loved for a variety of reasons: When Dean’s attention is focused on some demon using dad as bait for a trap, he’s actually rude to a comely waitress; quite unDean like. Rock, Paper, Scissors…just like in Heart, Dean always goes with Scissors. That little moment is worth several rewinds and rewatches to catch all the nuances and facial expressions, it’s also a wonderful ‘bro-moment’. Of course, the tribute to Kim Manners was fun especially since it was embedded into the episode. I have a feeling we’ll be on the lookout for little touches like that in the future. And I love the set design putting that huge painting of a lake and outdoorsy scene to backdrop Sam and Adam as they clean guns. This family is weird or cursed or unique…or freaks.
I do have a nitpick…and I so try not to do that but this one I found so jarring that each time it occurred it leapt out at me. The sound department is either trying something new or going for an effect I don’t yet comprehend [could be both]. When Dean grabs the paper sack of sandwiches in the back seat of the Impala, when Sam hands the computer printouts to Dean and Dean’s jacket rustles after Rock, Paper, Scissor, all were jarringly loud or over-emphasized. I don’t know what or why ‘cause I haven’t that much knowledge about sound mixing other than people do it but that was odd.
Jump The Shark:
So, what do you guys think, did Kripke Jump the Shark?
Are you sorry that Adam died?
Are you sorry that Adam was dead before we ever ‘met’ him?
Were you grossed out by all the blood?
Are you counting down until The Rapture?
Who dies next?