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Dean's fangirl moment at meeting Dr. Sexy was fantastic; wide-eyed and gleeful, he looked like he was squeeing inside. It's Dean's love of his show that tipped him off to the fact that Dr. Sexy wasn't wearing his sexy cowboy boots. I'm sure we can all appreciate the knowledge that is afforded us by our favourite shows. Only true fans know certain details. Sam knows this too and correctly infers that Dean watches this show more often then he lets on. My question? What is Sam doing while Dean is watching Dr. Sexy, M.D.?
Richard Speight Jr., welcome back! The Trickster is one character I'll happily watch every time he's on screen. Richard is in fine form in this episode, as taunting and sarcastic as ever. He explains the law of the land and how he couldn't resist messing with the boys once he knew they were in town and then winks out a-la TV fuzz. Great exit.  
Dean is shot. This scene didn't shock me because I have no willpower and read the spoiler that Alice posted before seeing the episode. So I knew as soon as Dr. Dean blew off the desperate husband (because his wife needed a face transplant, stat!), he was going to be the shooter. What I particularly liked was the surgery segment. Sam's use of floss and whisky to fix Dean despite being in a hospital was perfect in keeping with the characters “ I was hoping Sam wouldn't pull medical-prodigy skill set out of his bag of tricks because that would have been too much,  I like that he used the medical care skills he's picked up from the hunter lifestyle. The icing on this scene was Nurse Sexy-But #1 standing in the observation window afterwards mouthing what looked like œI love you and then Sam reaction to this freaky chick. The guest acting in this episode has to be acknowledged, because they all did a great job. From the Seriously-Slapping nurse to the œWhere's Dr. Sexy? “ they were small parts, but really quite funny. Best part of whole sequence was Sam's reaction to everyone around him. Poor Sammy, from being slapped to performing emergency surgery on his brother - it's just not his day.
Japanese Game Show
Nutcracker! How many takes did the game show sequence involve? It was excellent “ the flashy colours, the outrageous concept, pimping snacks in between and multiple replays of Sam's groin hit, A1, dear writers.
The questions and answers were fun and, had Sam and Dean known what the questions were asking I wonder if they might of known something more than a trickster was at work. Too much insider knowledge for a Trickster, particularly with Dean's question, in my opinion. It was a treat to hear Jensen speaking Japanese. Now we can cross that off our list. Spanish and Japanese. Check and Check.
Only one nitpicky thing about this part of the episode - how did Cas find the boys, what with the anti-angel sigils branded on their innards and all? The sigils explain why the Trickster had to lure the boys to the warehouse instead of just popping them into something but how Castiel lojacked them is unaccounted for. Really, it's not important, but I couldn't help but wonder all the same.
Sam figures out that they must play their roles to survive. Now, it wasn't until a few viewing later that the possibilities inherent in this statement hit me. Bear with me, pure theorizing here “ but is it possible that the boys have to find a way to take on the roles of Lucifer and Michael without actually sacrificing their free will? By this I mean “ can they get the juice without giving up the driver seats?
The commercial segment was so well done that I turned away from the TV when the yoga-Herpes carrier came on. I only turned back at Sam's disbelief that he was in a Herpes commercial and being made to be the one with the STD. Again. Jared is a comedic genius. The way he chokes out œI've got genital herpes followed by a classic Sam bitch-face was pitch-perfect.
The mocking of these commercials was very accurately done “ the cheesy sunset in back of the yoga chick; the older couple swaying and laughing together. By far, the best and most accurate part was the over-voice with Dean documenting the many side effects of Herpexia: œ¦permanent erectile dysfunction, thoughts of suicide, and diarrhea. Sideeffects listed in drug commercials always seem to fall one step short of and death and have the more serious ones bookended by nothings, so this was the perfect parody.
Sitcom Again - œWe now return to Supernatural
The hotel room is their original room, only now it is neon instead of fading and there's an off screen audience that laughs at everything, even death - Vultures! Poor Cas, he comes in and looks like he was put through a blender “ is there anything duct tape isn't good for? I want to know the where that he escaped from too. Now knowing that the Trickster is Gabriel, who's got a thing for family, what's with hurting Castiel like this?
Suddenly, the episode is not only taking a serious turn, but that myth-arc alarm is sounding violently too. This is only the partial reveal scene, but the Trickster tips his hand and you can see on the boy's faces that they're beginning to piece things together but they aren't quite there yet. The Trickster's play your rolesunderscores the metaphor inherent in the episode and, I'll admit, I missed that until he kindly pointed it out.
This was a really lovely scene because against the backdrop of ridiculously bright geometric wallpaper and a two-foot tall sandwich, we have some legitimate drama and emotion happening. In addition to his previously-established chemistry with J2, Richard Speight Jr. demonstrated that he has quite the range “ his anger was palpable as was the threat of power that surrounded the Trickster. He does mischief-maker and snark so well, that it was surprising to see him hit anger so quickly “letting the guise slip“ before reassuming his witness protection identity and changing the channel again. 

CSI: Supernatural
Dean's loathing of procedural cop shows is amusing.  I appreciate the digs at all their major Thursday night rating competition. That this show can poke fun at not only itself but its timeslot predicament tells you how much the writer's must have every week.
Sam and Dean swagger over to the dead body and I'm practically rolling on the ground at this point. Those were top notch Horatio Caine impressions, down to the removal of the sunglasses and sideways standing; saying the one-liner and then turning for the dramatic profile shot. I've only seen one other person do Horatio Caine aside from David Caruso and that was Jim Carrey, he was good but these are better. Such talent on our show and it's a shame it doesn't get more formal recognition.
Good for the boys for not chasing the decoy that was the lollipop cop. I had an œaww crap moment when the Trickster started laughing and I don't know how Sam œGinormatron Winchester snuck up behind him with the stake, but their plan was quite effective. No more TV-time.


# Random 2009-11-06 19:41
Great review Elle.I'm really curious if where going to see Lucifer try to turn Raphael and Gabriel to his side.Since they add this element to show that there is just not hate between Lucifer and the other angels.IT seem to me that Gabriel seem to care about his brother Lucifer. So I could Lucifer trying to use that to his advantage or to that point Michael and Raphael doing the same thing to get Gabriel on there side but I hope he helps Dean and Sam.It be cool to see them try anyway. Idk I just thought I share.
# Mandi 2009-11-07 01:09
Could I please know the name of the song that has worlds, that I think was playing during the Soap Opera scene?
# Karen 2009-11-07 04:19
Wow Elle
What a fantastic review.
This episode is definitely be added to
'My Favourite’s' list.
Thank-you sharing your thoughts.
# Dany 2009-11-07 10:50
Hi Elle!
Felt inspired for this one didn't you? 3 all pages! Not complaining!
Loved this episode, it's definitely going on top 5! Loved your review too, very god thoughts in the end part. I really hope we get to see Gabriel again ( it's always good to see Richard) and hope that he listens to Dean and end up helping the boys.

I did see the original Knight Rider (I'm getting old!) from beginning to end and I've got to say that, aside for the car and the awful hair (thank good they didn't do that to Jensen) it was spot on.
# Dany 2009-11-07 10:52
Hi Elle!
Felt inspired for this one didn't you? 3 all pages! Not complaining!
Loved this episode, it's definitely going on top 5! Loved your review too, very god thoughts in the end part. I really hope we get to see Gabriel again ( it's always good to see Richard) and hope that he listens to Dean and end up helping the boys.

I did see the original Knight Rider (I'm getting old!) from beginning to end and I've got to say that, aside for the car and the awful hair (thank good they didn't do that to Jensen) it was spot on.
# Randal 2009-11-07 11:45
Great review! The ending was so incredibly important for exactly what you stated: they (Dean) is sick of the bullshit, which goes back to last year about the prophecy garbage. Don't sit back and watch, make your own destiny.

The fact that they *do* learn from past experiences, which sounds so "duh" to us, is a rarity on teevee. Hell with servicing the plot, service the characters. I can't believe I just typed that HERE of all places, I meant no double entendre, ladies.

As for Castiel finding them, nothing was mentioned on screen, but hey, not the first time a character has tapped into a cell's GPS. Maybe when not practicing pickup lines on the ladies, he's learning human technology. Though I'd still wager that his VCR flashes 12:00. (do they even make those anymore?)

What made this particular episode work where it could have easily fallen apart with all the gags and rips on other genre shows was how brilliant the acting was. You've got to have timing in physical comedy, you've got to sell the bullshit here and Jensen and Jared have become masters. I think of when SNL was still funny and they had great, over-the-top impressions of celebrities and they worked every time. That's what happened here.

The trickster/Gabri el has to come back, even heroes need help. And where's Raphael? One and done? He'll be back, just wonder how and in what capacity of evil. Yes, evil, both sides have plenty of jackassery to go around.
# Faellie 2009-11-07 13:18
Thanks Elle, great review.

Also about Castiel finding Dean and Sam, as far as I understood it, all the action took place in the old warehouse, so all Castiel had to do when the guys went missing was to find the Impala. Dean won't have allowed any Enochian sigils to be carved into its chassis.
# Maria 2009-11-07 13:19
Does anyone know the music in the background while SexyDoc!Sam tilts his head back when Sexy!Doc1 wants to slap him, and starts all her 'You are a brilliant Doctor' cliche round of cliches?
# Maria 2009-11-07 13:53
Something else. Anyone else adored the way Sam laughs at the Supernatural title after he hits against Dean's back and realises it's just his brother? Brilliantly over the top, I love it!
# Elle2 2009-11-07 15:41
Hi, Elle,

Great review! See, this week you did get one done quick. Whee! This was an excellent episode and I have a 'date' tonight to watch it again...had to stand it up last night, darn. I can't wait to be engrossed in this episode again and enjoying all the wit and reveals and looking for the deeper threads that are surely there.

I agree with your thoughts that Dean is finally growing into his leadership role and his continuing stance that destiny isn't all it's cracked up to be...I don't for one minute believe that just because Gabriel says these two have to battle it to the death means that that's where it has to go...we haven't heard from the true architect of destiny...altho ugh reportedly he will be making an appearance sometime this season.

As for my survival kit? Uh, yeah, gulp, it's here, somewhere...right?

I hope you will be part of the upcoming 'team' of survival specialists who will go forth bravely and help everyone 'cope'
# Suze 2009-11-07 18:05
Good one Elle ( Right one, Hurrah! ) You busy little beaver, you ...

Lots to ponder. I might grow into the idea but right now I hate the Trickster being an angel. One of the things that I really used to love about the show was the way it hoovered up elements from loads of different mythologies and threw them into the mix. They're losing that now. I know it's all hands to the Apocalypse but still ...

Anyway, still a great episode ... "Shall I honk?" was perfect, the whole TV Hell section was just so snidey spot-on wonderful!
# Maria 2009-11-08 09:22
So I could not find that music on Supernatural's soundtrack? Or in Gray's? :sad: It has to be somewhere I can listen to it other than the show! It's too cruel not to!