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Granted it went out at 11:45 last night, but I did finally get my review out of "I Believe The Children Are Our Future" out on blogcritics.  I'm really proud of what I came up with this review, far more than "Fallen Idols."  I even wrote in under miraculous circumstances, in between the Chinese fire drills going on at work these days and the fact that Halloween is next week and the temporary insanity has already kicked in with my children.  So, enjoy it, and please tell me either there or here how full of crap I am.

Also, I'm thrilled to link to Mo Ryan's review in her The Watcher blog.  It seems this site got a very positive mention and a link to the Sam Fans vs. Dean Fans article.  I wrote that after the fighting broke out in her blog, so I really appreciate the mention.  Even though I've gotten many accolades and appreciate them all, this is the first time a member of mainstream media has recognized this site and my work as a blogger.  I'm truly honored.

Also, Sablegreen provided the link to Buddy TV and their speculation about season six.  While I agree wholeheartedly with the analysis, I was pretty vocal on this subject this summer and then put it to rest, but I'll give my two cents. 

Season six is a done deal.  The economics are too good, ratings decline or not.  This comes from my knowledge of the business.  If a show makes money (no matter what the network), it isn't going anywhere, especially if it is made by the studios of one of the network owners.  Now, it might not be unheard of that it ends up on Fridays with Smallville (which is likely also getting a tenth season) or in place of that show should it be determined to be too expensive to renew. 

The CW can finally claim that it has a hit on its hands in The Vampire Diaries.  It's big in demos and ratings, something a home grown CW show has never done before.  Their prior successes have all come from the old WB and UPN networks.  No matter what the hype, Gossip Girl is not a ratings hit. They have some bold new ideas in development that are more reminiscient of the old WB.  Teens are still king, but rich teen skank shows are not.  They know they have to phase out the old shows.  Smallville must go first and the one show in the biggest jeopardy right now believe it or not is America's Next Top Model.  It is not an in-house show and the contract with Tyra Banks' production company expires this year.  It's already getting very expensive and it's losing ratings.  If it's not cost effective, they will cut it loose.  One Tree Hill isn't getting any younger either and eventually the cast and crew will want to call it quits.  However, it still has some shelf life.  

So, given that and holes created by The Beautiful Life and the likely death of Melrose Place, there's still plenty of room for a solid performer like Supernatural in the lineup.  Especially since the only show that could possibly take the crowded competition of Thursdays at 9pm is The Vampire Diaries, and that would get clobbered by the shared demographic of Grey's Anatomy.  The show creatively is doing well too, which means plenty of International and DVD opportunties for Warner Brothers.

Of course I agree with John Kubicek, it's way too early to be talking season six.       

That's all for now! 


# Sablegreen 2009-10-21 13:34
Liked your review, Alice. I look forward to yours with the episode pictures, if you have time.

I was surprised that of the reviews I've read, all seem to remark about the confusion about the 'virgin' demon birth concept. I just thought it was supposed to be a reference to Christ's birth which is also written as a 'virgin' birth. Guess I need to read up more on that.

Did anyone else notice the slip in the show where the demon acknowledges the boys as the Winchesters? Seems that he would have make good marks with Lucifer if he had let all know where Sam was. And they would have gotten Dean as a bonus! Course that would have been a series ender, so that couldn’t happen. Just was surprised they used it at all. AFAIK, demon!Julie didn’t know them by that name anyway.

Glad you feel the series will be renewed. Just wondered if the ratings slump would affect this, but you seem to feel it won’t, so I that works for me. I always thought if a show was making money, you don’t end it to ‘go out on top’…not if you have the main stars already signed for an additional season. Course the show would go on without Kripke, as I’m told, his contract ends this year. Maybe they will renew him for another year also. I was thinking maybe the loss in ratings was due to the show not following Smallville this year. Kind of thought, they may have hope Supernatural would pull in fans to the Vampire Diaries, which is why they moved Smallville. Not in this business, so don’t know how that works.
# Jasminka 2009-10-21 14:38
Alice, hi and hello,

really – I haven’t found the slightest hint on your site or in your excellent reviews that might make me think that you’d be ‘full of crap’.

When I try to imagine to what extent the ‘temporary insanity’ of Halloween might have seized your kids (I always forget how big a thing Halloween is in the States, but some dear friends over there keep reminding me –whereas it is a completely different day here in Europe. Where my mother came from they put a plate with food on the table on Halloween, so that the spirits of our dead might come and dine on that night… It’s a tradition I keep up. Thank Heavens so far I haven’t found that someone took a bite on All Saints’ Day morning… With each year I watch Supernatural, my suspicion grows ever more… what if one of my dead is actually hungry…? Hello rubber room…)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the temporary loss of sanity…

Your review was as elaborate and eloquent as it always is. I ever love to read what you have to say, as it comes from a bright mind… Love that! Brains and humor (I don’t think one works without the other…).

You rock.

I’m thrilled to read that your site has been recognized by mainstream media! This is a great success for you! And you deserve it! Congratulations!!

With your fantastic site here you have given us, no, I should say: me a place to talk about this tv-show that I love with other fans on a mature and reasonable level – which does not necessarily exclude the occasional sigh and raving about the episodes, the leads, the breathtaking storyline, etc.
Everyone here respects the other’s point of view, and we are able to discuss the show with a variety of aspects, which is great. Everyone finds something in Supernatural, and we can exchange opinions without the bashing that goes on on other sites (I haven’t seen them all, of course, but the majority of those I looked at was of a kind I didn’t feel good about).

It’s amazing to discover facets of the show I haven’t thought about before – thanks to a comment someone posted or to your marvellous articles, Alice.

So this comes with a heartfelt thank you from all over the ocean – it’s a lot more fun being a fan when you can share thoughts with others, and you provided me with that opportunity here on The Winchester Family Business.
Thank you, Alice. Thanks a lot.

Thanks also for the link to the-pros-and-co ns of Season six. It was an interesting read, though I’m not sure what I think, yet. Of course I don’t entirely like the idea of parting with the Winchesters by the end of this season. Season six? If that happens, will it be with Kripke on board and with all the staff that made this show so remarkable? Will they be able to open another storyline for one season only – or will there be even more seasons, because ratings might still be there? So many points go into that…
One part of me wants this show to go out with a huge bang. Another would like to follow their adventures till I’m an old gal…
But on the other hand I would like Jensen and Jared to have the chance of expanding their repertoire and move on to other tv-shows or movies.
But, yes, the business works in its own spheres, and those actors I’ve known for a while tell me that they are happy if they get a show that will provide them with the means to pay their rent. A regular tv-series does that. There are so many struggling actors out there.
And both, Jensen and Jared are not yet in a position where they can tell their agents ‘get me a romantic comedy’ or ‘I need an Academy Award worthy drama’. But maybe they’ll get there one day.

It is not my place to say what they should do. I don’t know what they wish their careers to be like. Or what kind of roles they would love to play.
And what ever they will be up to, I will follow their path as a loyal fan and hope that they are happy and content in their professional and personal lives.

I guess we will all see what will happen. But until then – let’s enjoy what we are getting. And, well, what a hell of a season this already is!

Best wishes to you all, be well, Jas
# Randal 2009-10-21 16:13
Another great review and yes, glad I'm not the only one who noticed the recycled Zeppelin. Osbourne/Iommi? Gillan/Blackmor e? Fogerty/Cliffor d? Jagger/Richards ?

Re: Antichrist. There's even that weirdo crap in 2 Thessalonians about the 'restrainer' which might not even be the Antichrist. At least the writers provided themselves with an out to make stuff up.

And man, yes, yes yes, let's stop with the wall garbage. Sam should be immune, it wasn't the feather, Dumbo, right? Unless he's completely trying to shut off any remnants of his powers. At least the episode was damn good overall. And I'd be just fine with a season six, but please, no supersoldiers, damn you, Chris Carter.
# Faellie 2009-10-23 03:39
One advantage of catching up late with an episode is that I can watch it and then read your review immediately afterwards, Alice, and all the other commenters on the site. It makes up a bit for staying away to keep unspoiled.

Lots to think about in both episode and reviews, but the first that came to mind is your concern about Sam being pinned against the wall with demon powers. Perhaps I've missed it in my rather erratic viewing of Season 5 so far, but I don't think we've had a full indication since Sympathy for the Devil of what physically happened to Sam when he was translated to the Soul Plane. We know he was cured of the physical addiction to demon blood. But do we know whether he was also cleaned of the original demon blood infection, and so cleaned of the powers it provided as well?

If Sam hasn't tried to use his offensive powers since Sympathy for the Devil (and it seems to me he hasn't), we've had no test of whether those powers still exist.

Sam's powers also had the defensive element of being immune to other demon powers, but was this a conscious or unconscious thing? If the immunity had a "conscious" element to it, then Sam might still have it, just not be activating it, because he's shut that part of himself away so completely. But if it's an unconscious thing, it would be an indication that he might have lost it when translated to the Soul Plane.

I hope we never find out the answers, because we would probably only do so by Sam falling off the wagon. But while I can think of possible logical explanations (that is, logical in the Supernatural world, which is it's own whole new level of logic) I think I'll go with them while waiting to see if Show itself comes up with the answer.